A diploma at Holywood requires 120 credits, or 40 courses which is how you build a collegiate credits castle similar to the one on Lake Garda.
yes the bricks will have your name with a star. Shine anyway, Gennariello.
you could start out with Acutis, click brick.
Ther was a rumor that you could boost a bugatti and get credit. This erroneous belief was propagated by the song "You boost that new bugatti, and you graduate today."
Unfortunately, this is not the case.
you could however get credit for building a bugatti, or a castle, as the cas(tle) may be HAHAAHHA

Those who think that Italian studies at Uriel's come from out of touch ivy league intellectuals and are an exercise in dilletante are quite mistaken.
Pasolini was eminently practical, and at times admittedly so disgusting as to be unwatchable. going straight to the heart of the problem, which is both economic and spiritual.
It was a search for the roots of the widespread unhappiness and violence in society, that had time and time again altered the course of history both personal and political.
holywood high, inspired by Caro Gennariello

People often go to dance parties on las islas bonitas, or the movies, on sunday afternoons, or soccer games, which Pasolini called the last religious ritual of his times.
Pasolini begins the quesiton about the unhappy young people by admitting that while in high school, he was eminently bored by having to read Greek tragedies, which seemed outdated and irrelevant. Cite passage. this makes a case for Tolkien's theory that in his fantasy, he would not name God as such, as he noted in an interview (cite) that people had advanced in anthropology to the point that they would consider the ancient Greek pantheon ridiculous if described as it was in Athens 3000 years ago.
Thus Pasolini remarks that now he perceives the relevance of the Greeks, as they blame the fathers for the sins of the sons, just like the Old testament. He goes on to say he agrees with this, as his generation is solidly to blame for the despair he sees in the streets of 1970s Rome, the government that had been influenced by the Greeks, and ultimately crucified a Jew who claimed to possess eternal life and joy which he would gladly give to anyone who asked.
They will teach you not to shine, says Pasolini famously to the fictional Gennaro. But you, you shine anyway.
Not like a star on Hollywood boulevard but like a star in the eternal heavens.

the liceo liricale lungomare. It came from Pasolini's dream to have a school where consumismo was not taught as the highest value, and where movies were a form of communication to community, not consumption.
He freely admitted that having enough cash to buy a medieval castle was kind of cool. Still, he did not stop slamming the politicians, until he got run over by a car. Twice.
Engelblau tweaked the school because Pasolini is just a tad too controversial for our purposes...and made it into "Liceo Liricale Laguardia LUngomare" which is more than a tongue twister. It's just really cool and is a good way to enter the spiral. lolNeocities.