English rendering of the Valanga di Vita Varcare La Soglia della Valangaverse.
TS Eliot might have said, O do not ask what is it, let us go and make our visit.
This is a line from a poem about the existential crisis of a bored, aimless character named Prufrock so it fits.

Hello, and welcome to Leon's Landslide of Life.
We are glad you are here, and invite you to come as often as you like.
We have been attending to many tasks for the past six months
At this point we are returning to tidy up the website. Cheers!

this is the one we did for the D of Ed right?
One thing for sure, fans need not fear,
for Leon knows how to disappear,
and live as if he were not here,
until the coast is oh so clear.
The full moon passes overhead, (Feb 5, 2023)
his enemies are filled with dread..
they thought that Leon must be dead,
but he was in Paradise instead, or was he talking with the dept of Ed? Nuff said.