If you want to read something in Englsih read "Capitalism and Schizophrenia" by Deleuze and Guattari. Then upload a quiz for that and we'll put it on here.
The existential crisis which causes so much grief and costs so much money, is brought on by a lack of hope in paradise, which results in, a profound despair.
Some people may study Pasolini as dillettantes, but others, for survival-not because they are Gotti girls with manses and muscle cars, nor because they like to fart about Chelsea or the Bay area quoting dostoevsky--but because of survival. -and be forced into hiding for doing so, frankly. But viva cristo rey, etc. to learn more read "the leopards' tale" which is not BY lampedusa but written FROM lampedusa so to speak.

Pasolini like Frassati is one of the accidental cornerstones of the project.
He asked the question Frassati answered.
what is the question?
HERE IT ISEnglish and Spanish, and French and German etc. hopefully soon.