Frankfurt mini class

Harry Frankfurt,

a college philosophy professor, wrote a small essay on Bullshit Theory in 2006.
In the essay he uses the academic tone of.a professor of analytical philosophy, which he is, to examine bullshit as a phenomenon and suggest to his readers that our society needs, and lacks, a theory of bullshit.
Uriel Univeristy offers this intro course as an intro to the longer coure in BS theory which is part of the "cor", because it is in line with the mission of the Valanga.
The essay is actually quite apt as an intro to the mental health crisis, since mental health depends on a recognition of reality.
if the Smith of Wooten major afforded participants a week long visitors visa to the valangaverse, this class gives you two weeks-one extra week to vacation in the valangaverse. even if you have no money. It's free, just like it should be. Again, is there any record of Jesus saying "I am the Way to heaven, so pay the five grand for the travel package and you get the tickets, the room and the rent a car." If there is, please advise. What you need to do is engage your heart, mind and body with the materials.
Of course we have to get some way to actually fund the university, but this class only requires about a week of your time.

The first time we offered the class publicly, it was in response to the Dept of Ed querying us about the public service mission of the company the prior summer.
Since we were anxious to prove we were not sacbatanis as it were, there is too much stuff on the page but here it is, anywayHERE