A question to be considered by this class.
This is an example of how the cauldron of faerie, angelology, economics and history all fit together, actually.

A subquestion of this quesiton would be, does Uriel haunt Oxford University?
(According to stories of Tolkien, the man was quite devoted to his guardian angel, who supposedly reassured him that though his original rendition of the cauldron of faerie in Silmarillion had been rejected, the Lord of the Rings would be loved by many.)
Tolkien, whose mother essentially gave up a position in English aristocracy to become Catholic, attended Mass at the chapel every day.
Furthermore, he lived in South Africa as a small child, and Uriel as we have seen was never banished from the Ethiopian church, though how much communication that church would have had with Dutch South Africa is a question as well.
In any case, to return to.Oxford, Logically if Uriel does exist, he would be happy to watch over any territory consecrated to him, and ancient stained glass windows at Oxford indicate that he had fans amongst the architects of the building.
Furthermore like Pier Giorgio, Uriel if real,as an angel of love, would be happy to announce his message of love to whoever is listening.

First of all the schedule of the Garden residences doesn't advocate for writing thoughts on forgotten archangels in the middle of the night, but if one has to go to bed at eight pm because one is mistaken for a small child by confused relatives, and there's a thunder and lightning storm going on and if one was reading about how Bishop Chaput writes about Tolkien as well as so many other discussions, one has to ask oneself, is Gandalf Uriel?

This is important for economics since coins were often made of gold to mimic the light of the sun; presumably because the sun is equated with God and money can get you "whatever you want," so its an imposter of God.
Furthermore money is a vehicle of labor and energy and this increasingly is associated with the puissance motrice de feu or electricity which powers the internet and ai.
The question also is important form a socio-historical point of view, becasue as we have seen, Pier Giorgio was a fan of the oft maligned savonarola, and Uriel has often been confused with Lucifer and even banned by the Roman church.
It is a hallmark of the devil as St Augustine says to be a parasite of goodness, having renounced out of pure pride and hubris the vocation of all of God's creatures, gardening and subcreation, he is unable to create, he merely wrecks.

Let's make a list of the points in favor, then research it.
one. Gandalf is associated by Tolkien with fire, Gandalf wields the ancient flame of arnor, as he says in his battle with the Balrog.
He says the Balrog is a flame of udun who comes from the shadow--a dark fire, in other words, or Hell.
Tolkien also associates fire with the holy spirit, as does the bible (tongues of fire descended upno them and they began to speak to all of the marvels of God.
Does this not sound like Uriel was passing the spirit out upon the fellowship of Jesus?
Uriel the angel of fire is associated with Gold, the sun, whereas Gandalf is associated with Silver.
These also correspond to the two trees, the tree of the sun and of the moon.

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