El juez is my father and I stuck up for him NO MATTER WHAT HE DID
until the day he screeched "You want to f___ me, you b___?" (Im sorry for the coarse language but that's what he said, and we have to remember he IS LITERALLY el juez and in the eyes of society his word is law.
He admitted to me that he was furious that I could live without a lover, (he was addicted to pornography in addition to being married).
Of course he would never admit he had said this in front of anyone else.

Why is it easier for women to abstain from physical erotic love?
Is this seriously a question.
It is not easier, but consider the reality of the situation.
Imagine two people who are presented with an incessant yammering of desire, from which biology will not easily release them.
Let's call it "hunger".
Then they are offered a million dollars to buy as much food as they wish for, to silence this yammering.
Of course, they will have to buy the food, cook it, wash the dishes, clean the kitchen and then use the facilities
and bathe themselves AFTER THAT and then clean the bathroom too--but the yammering drowns all that out if they are stupid.
So the woman, in order to get the money, has to agree to carry a heavy sack on their shoulders FOR LIFE,
and the man gets the money and GETS TO CHOOSE if they wanted to help carry the sack too or terrorize the other person into carrying it.
I don't care how noble a guy is, that's the reality and we have all seen it happen in real life.
Thus women are like the SEALS of suffering, they are the undefeated champs.
Even if they abort the child, they have to live with THAT on top of all the hatred and ridicule.
So, when the sexual desire is presented to men and to women, the force might be equal but the consequences are galaxies apart.

When the Columbian jewel thief, jail breaker and sicario in training
asked me to let him take a picture of my privates, claiming we could sell it for big bucks, I said no of course.
I had never slept with anyone (and still never have except for him, and he forced me.
Oddly, though, he never forced me to submit to the photos.
Maybe he was afraid of his mom, who was living in the raunchy Queens apartment with the rest of his crew).
I believed that Jesus who requested purity of his followers would bail me out if I was good.
Why I thought this when Jesus was not himself bailed out I have no idea.
I guess naive Christians think Jesus will take the crap upon his own shoulders and we wont' have to see any of it.
At least if I had done it and split the dough with jail breaker,
then when my dad asked me to F him after watching all that porn I could have said, maybe it was me you saw on the internet, dad.
I still dont' know if el juez paid for the porn or if it was free.