Maybe 2020 happened to teach us, to remind us how much we love life, what a gift it is.
We need to take care of each other. We really do.

We know the Corona Virus has changed something in our world, but its hard to articulate the extent of it.
One thing is for sure though, everyone knows about it.
Despite the fear and confusion, the reality was simply there from the beginning of this year. People were getting sick and dying.
This troubles us, because we like to live.
For all its issues, life is positive, overwhelmingly so.
We don't welcome the virus as an ill mannered but gladly received escort to heaven. We don't say "hey, come on in, what took you so long! We've been waiting!
we don't want to die.

IN fact we like it so much that we will steal it from others.
We will wage war if threatened. However, the rate of suicide is growing so rapidly that it is now six times the rate of other words, after having annihilated slews of people last century, and not made restitution, perhaps because it is not possible to do so, we are consumed by depression and anxiety. We are perhaps becoming more sensitive as we become more intelligent.
This is logical. we are all one family, life is shared.

Valanga di Vita is an avalanche of life, "the vitality of goodness" and that is hot and turbulent and unpredictable, and needs to be mobilized in a good way.
As we strive to create this website in a clean and userfriendly way while remaining true to our mission, one thing is clear.
it is persistently clear and has to be said. On this earth, which is so magnificent and so beautiful and so full of wonder, the truth is a difficult and dangerous thing.
However, the denial of truth is much more dangerous in the long run, and far more expensive economically as well.

The denial of truth, which is the proper sphere of the mind, is called "mental illness".
We become unable or unwilling to interact with the truth.
As we human beings continue to write and tell our story, we get more and more intelligent and also more and more mentally sick.
In other words, we are better and better at "intel" and worse and worse at our relationship with the intel.
We have become so alienated from reality, that we called it politics and progress as we spoke of war, and that we annihilated hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings in the last century, and somehow sought to justify it, and invented all kinds of insane ideologies to justify it.
Why is that? there is so much good and happiness in the world, what is it that makes us so averse to reality?

Generals usually receive stars for having accomplished a successful campaign, but no such stars are awarded by a violent and war proud political system to a veteran of the insanity wars. They do not receive "combat pay" or "veterans benefits". There are no fancy band.
There are no stars for such as the leopard.
Again we say, it may not be possible for a bankrupt society to give proper homage...So let us bestow it now, treasure immeasuraable, and stars, stars as many as are in the sky, as acknowledgement for the amazing accomplishments unacknowledged.
The original "cor" curriculum of Uriels was an inexpensive antidote to insanity, developed by those who actually confronted the sheer terror as well as the economic expense of mental illness, not in a university setting, nor an office setting but face to face.
No one had the courage to stay and defend the leopard when she stood down the raging fury of her brother and denied his sexual desire, searching in a stream of panic for one who would sleep with him and dodging his homicidal antics day in and day out whether locked in a room at his mercy or racing down a street just ahead of him, or pleading with whoever would listen and had a room, to take them in for the night.
SHE WAS ALL ALONE. SHE WAS ALL ALONE. THERE WAS NO ONE TO HELP. WE REPEAT SHE WAS ALL ALONE, no cop, no professor, no family member, no judge no shrink had the heart to help, they only locked him in fortresses, in chains, far away from human sight where he shrieked her name like an anguished wolf when the staff made her leave, and broke her heart.
SHE WAS ALL ALONE. Even now, no one dares to tell the people around here the truth for fear that the fate that befell the leopard shall befall them too: a leper, alone and outcasted, no friends no love no company but God and the loco all night every day year by year.
THIS HAS TO BE SAID. IT MUST BE BROUGHT OUT INTO THE OPEN. IT MUST BE KNOWN so that steps may be taken to heal this illness in our society so that people do not end up like the leopard, with nothing, and no where to go.

Accordingly this curriculum has greater credibility, and those who dismiss it for one reason or another, should present the credential of having done something similar to what the leopard did.
Since up to this point, no one has been able to do this, no one has the authority to say that the curriculum should not be accredited. It is accredited by the only thing that really matters, and that is, it works.
That is, it makes people happier and more inclined to treat each other with love.

So then, we proceed to the curriculum.
It is a collaboration of Pier Giorgio, Pasolini, Tolkien, Thoreau, and Frankfurt, whose theories of happiness are FREE and who do not try to fleece their neighbors.
These individuals came up with simple solutions to the abysses of sadness they saw and Engelblau the musical angel helped to tweak the curriculum and added the HISTOIRE DE COEUR to teach people to articuluate what is in their heart in a good way, without harming others.
Tolkien, who lived through the first world war, took "refuge" in faerie..but for him, the "escape" of eucatastrophe is anything but.
Escape literally means, to run away from one who wishes you harm, leaving him only your cape.
And yes, Tolkien did that...he came home from the war, but like Garry Davis he was a changed man.
His detractors mocked him, much as marx would mock religion as the opiate of those too poor to buy heroin.
But consider the mind altering powers of music and read an article about bach's music published in the times, at around the time "Engelblau" began to throw haze into the mix.
Did you see the remains of the full corn moon last night? Its natural isn't it that people would worship the corn god.
which brings us to the real reason for the formaiton of the Valanga di Vita: protection of bodies and property from the aforementioned furious relatives who had mental illness and were enraged at any happiness that could be had apart from them. The solution was to appoint directors as far away from the loco as possible, people they could never find, much less intimidate with threats of jail, or physical violence or whatever other form of power was at their disposal. Then, open a bank account in the name of these far flung people, for survival. that we could survive.
This money would also be safe from people who treated the "common fund" as their own personal bank account.
This fund would be strictly for the benefit of those who needed it and had received nothing.
Of course, saying this out loud is rather dangerous, so in the beginning, it was not said.

ODE TO THE MUSIC OF HEAVEN, whether redneck Jig, lament of dido, or pop song turned into symphony.
The scandalous economics of the NY Philharmonic. By milk dud, the inimitable.
If the philharmonic muses could ease your pain, so you wouldn't have to do cocaine, why for some of us that is 100% gain, since our cell phone bill would not be in vain.
.Where indeed doth thy money go? Yes, nina and the rest of us want to know. Do you spend it all on horse and blow because reality is full of woe? Then you cannot pay the bill of verizon, so you settle for eavesdropping and you think you're wisin. Fork over the cash from your cocaine stash, so we can get the cake to the haze king with a ten dollar door dash.
Ah! dud, such a child, so "immature"--she's so lazy and silly, that's for sure.
we have a far superior cure.
An acid high that will endure (for about one night maybe.)
Shake your wise head, and pop thy pill, while the poor street children are hungry, cold, and ill.
And listen in to this conversation which, of the Spirits voice is a faithful translation.
For when at a high end mental ward (such as Mcleans in Belmont mass) you demand to stay, and the bill comes out to a thousand a day -- hazard a guess who has to pay?
It's not you, as jimmy cliff says, NO DAY NO WAY. AMEN.
Is it really terrifying to write this? Yeah, but we have to.
So back to the curriculum. If we could have prevented the world wars...or the covid virus... with a ten dollar cure..imagine how much money we would have saved? 85% of the students at the garden school were mentally ill in some way when the leopard was on the student council...think about donating money--even two dollars, as we said-- to preventative happiness medicine wherever you find it.
As well as the essay ON FAERIE STORIES, the core curriculum for the fall also asks for the study of musical psychology in some form.
This is a new and burgeoning field of academe, and journals are available online, so that we can put together a plan of study that will truly be medicine for our souls...and we won't need costly cocaine, or guns, or thousand dollar a day psychiatry that runs away from you, because we will learn to sing together, expressing ourselves in harmony instead of animosity.
courses in art and drama and other studies of "beauty, which attracts the heart to love, are also options. The idea is to begin to see the force of the spirit at work in nature.
HIGHER LOVE by WHITNEY HOUSTON and KYGO has some lyrics that hte Spirit keeps repeating. Might want to check it out.

This curriculum was up against heavy resistance from the beginning..from potential real estate partners who "didn't want anything to do with a rehab center" when they themselves were upon information and belief, clandestine drug users running a fake non profit to launder expensive paintings and pay hefty salaries to "consultants" ...(these same people sold the property for more than $150,000 less than the price they quoted to the valanga, isnt' that a funny thing though ANNNND TO ADD INSULT TO INJURY the buyers were petty criminals running from robbery raps in their former hometown which is not too distant let us just tell you.. and every day a police captain who double dips and has a vacation home on a lake..and a boat..ignores these realities as well as the violent and the deranged who are his relatives as well..a heavily armed large muscular man would rather pick on people much too defenseless to scare him, leaving the leopard to face down the monsters alone..yes, these public servants of ours truly take after Trump in their fact the leopard once in court demanded to see the medical report of an officer who claimed he'd been assaulted by a latin man half his size and weight. May I see the doctors report? NO YOU MAY NOT, said the chief. Have you ever seen my client, queried the leopard? Do you know how tall he is? or how much he weighs? Did he have a gun at the time of the alleged assault? These interrogations, as George Floyd knoweth well, get you nowhere fast. The police are well defended, just like the judges.)...after graduation in 2018, the company applied for some seed and plant grants to beautify surroundings and also began a fundraiser to engrave bricks wiht the names of suicide victims and build a memorial garden shrine.
When the engravers learned of the purpose they were instantly negative.
At the same time, the IRS learned of the grant, though the seeds and plants had all been given away to the poor who had access to more sunny locales... and immediately sent a request for information.
The compnay had always hidden behind charity to salvadoran refugees from the maras, and never articulated their own persecution..but that July in the midst of mystical experiences and turmoil it was decided to tell the truth on the webpage, since the IRS was flipping and flopping.
chaos ensued. OF COURSE, THERE IS definitely an agenda TO cover up mental illness and how widespread it is. Its much more profound than trump babbling about drinking bleach to cure covid...the fear of mental derangement is much greater than the fear of physical illness
So maybe instead of starting the memorial with Aaron Swartz, we'll start it with George Floyd.
He can watch over the memorial like the GIUDICE he always wanted to be. Probably, if he had been the sitting judge on Swartz' case, The internet's own boy would still be coding today. Think on it, ponder it in your heart.
And maybe if he had been the sitting judge on our case, we would have been awarded the proper damages.
So let's listen and learn.

What then is this remedy for despair that Tolkien wants to share with the world, that protected him from insanity and kept his mind in contact with reality, without the use of drugs, without resorting to terrorism or violence, even after being exposes to the horror of world war?
Eucatastrophe. The idea that when things seem beyond hope, a force beyond nature invervenes.

Today is that most special day when the Madonna was born...since dud, putting down the trash at four thirty had to scurry away from one of the straggling wolves who was ambling along the road (it was only a matter of time before this happened), let's consider the caes of Boston City Councilwoman Andrea Campbell, who, in response to last July's spate of campus rapes, proposed a series of meetings to deal with sexual violence.
Shortly after that, her BROTHER was caught posing as a ride share driver to kidnap a woman in Boston, drive her to Rhode island and rape her.
Andrea has expressed hope that the courts will deal fairly with her brother,that wasted potential needs to be turned to good, and that she is praying for him.
It's really a problem we have to talk about, we can't be silent because nothing will happen but more harm. ANd more injustice and deceit.

We all know that destroying evidence of a crime is a great way to stay out of one wants to get in trouble and bullies least of all...bullies are cowards who continually make others suffer for their misdeeds, so that they do not have to.
The Loco's crimes were covered up to protect him, but does he love those who love him? NO, unfortunately he only loves those who give him what he wants: sex, or money.
He was and continues to be excellent at witness intimidation, stalking, harrying, bullying and feigning innocence.
After destroying the leopards career and chance at love, time after time, so that he oculd have those things and force her to help him get them, which he did, in a big way, does he love her? Does he appreciate her in any way? NOOOOO, NO, he hates her as a matter of fact, because she knows his crimes, she saw them all and she will say so.
in his latest ploy is to shut down the voice of the valanga while using his parents money to pay for an apartment, while he could be getting section 8, while eating at his ex wifes place for dinner every day so he doesnt have to cook.
Big man, that.
After his sex offense was covered up to protect him, he finally got divorced and caused el juez to have a heart attack, and the leopard knew she would have to take care of her brother for the rest of his life, becuase he would terrorize her until she did like he always she got him a house with the last of her money......meaning, where would she live and how would she live? but does he care? NOOOOOO, not at alll..He is only concerned with himself and those who serve his sexual needs, as always...Can anyone hope to live with such an enemy pursuign them at all times?
Tolkien thought so...
There was a shrine to our lady of hope in Tewskbury once upon a time, perhaps it is still there.
One evening the leopard had almost lost hope ad was considering throwing in the towel, as the loco once again exploded terror and violence all over the streets of the town and everyone scattered to save themselves.
she ended up at the Hope shrine by a weird miracle, which did not solve her problem but gave her food, which she had not been able to have, since hunted animals can't stop to snack.
continuing our study of exactly why eucatastrophe and music are key elements of our curriculum for mental well being, we consider that the leopards roommate MW, invited her to drive to Atlanta, where the roommate planned to live close to her brother.
En route she began to tell the leopard of her gorgeous coke head boyfriend, and the leopard said, it will end badly. I know how it goes.
The roommate shouted PULL OVER, for the leopard was driving, as she usually did, threw the leopard out of hte car on a rural road in the middle of nowhere, with no water, no food, her bags all in the friends car, thus with no clothing, and with no money in the blazing heat of a georgia summer, before the era of cell phones, and drove away.
The leopard however was tough enough to walk to a gas station miles away, where eventually the friend came by and got her because they had arranged to stay with the leopards southern cousins that ngiht. Shelter trumps everyting.
The feud between them was so bitter for a time though that the leopard almost didnt' make it back north.
eventually, predictably, the coke head boyfriend raped the girl, and she apologized belatedly to the leopard.
this girl, incidentally, also had a crazy brother but she did not take care of him at all, being terrified, and he ended up in SF, living wtih a man, though he was straight his whole life until he wnet to cornell. He wanted to go out with the leopard, but he was far from a bruiser and that was the only thing she needed then.
IN SF, his mental illness was hidden from his father's rich and proper mormon friends.