We do not live here but it's beautiful, isn't it? We hope to foster beauty and peace wherever we live, and encourage the crew to cooperate to build that dream.

To be part of Leon's "Cleaner nation", we need to be clean ourselves. We may not be called upon to die to save someone, as Leon did.
But we all strive to to clean our hearts and minds so that the air, the water, the streets, fields, woods, rivers and seas of our countries and our world will be clean again.
If you want to feel a sense of community with the crew, you can check here for what the crew has been eating and doing for fun and stuff like that.
Weekends, we usually try to get pizza and orange soda. The bill for this AT COST is $2.50 per person for half a small roni pizza, and a dollar for a can of orange soda.
Sometimes we score a box of brownie mix for a dollar, meant to serve ten or twelve people, but you have to add two eggs to that which comes to an extra dollar, and some oil.
So ten people, could run you $35 dollars or so. Slightly more with the brownies --and milk which is like, the flip side of brownies :)
We just put some strawberries in the brownie batter (strawberries are cheap right now in the spring, we got a box for $2) and a few almonds which are NOT cheap but the combo is SICK
The oven pictured we got for $100, it's now $180 on ebay. It uses wood, and smokes a lot so don't use it inside unless you have a good chimney!!!

This view is actually a real view from an Italian castle.
The ancient culture of the Italian regions is a powerful force for goodness.
To learn more, go through our curriculum of Italian. Authentic paesan tutors available on request.