Lynx Letters:

(PS V IS VOR VAN VEELEN, Music therapy in nonviolent struggle.
That guy agrees that we can count music as Sunday school, right, Jemmy?
Yeah says jemz but you might actually have to check what he says, instead of assuming its just like Civil Disobedience for therapy.)
Dear friends, if anyone is interested in the lynx listening to the angels.... they are not easy to hear but we may as well try...remember the realist rowland review?
Here's a "gem" from Dexys.
L is for Little Flower Laguardia Liceo di Lirici lungomare..ok maybe its not lungomare but the rest of it is a legitimate intention because we humans need to learn the art of listening to the angels..the good ones, that is.
This is a Sal Maida Sunday Strawb spin cycle special for anyone who needs a smile.
Anonymous Angelic Asylum..after the exile which lets face it was economic, it was, it was economic. we were all trying to find the promised asylum, find our way back to zion not just the rastafars ok.
If we could all be happy enough not to hurt each other, then we dont have to be afraid someone is going to violate us kill us or take our food nad we dont need a fascist government to enforce that.
LA is for LOS ANGELES but also for LUNATIC ASYLUM.
There is another way that people have used the word asylum in the past, and that is "lunatic asylum" meaning, home for the mentally ill.
This came about because society was AFRAID, ASHAMED and AT A LOSS as to what to do, so they pretended the millions of people who are mentally ill did not exist.
Because of films like One flew over the Cuckoos nest, society gradually has become unable to gloss over the troubling realities of these asylums.
Now oftentimes, society uses an alternative resolution far less expensive than the approx: $1500 a day charged by for example the state of Oregon to house the mentally ill: to tranquilize them with taxpayer dollars, and pretend they are not ill.
Jesus encountered the reality of mental illness in various forms, not only was he himself accused of being crazy,--for predicting his own death among other things, which actually happened of course--and when he expelled the demons from a graveyard lunatic, the people in that city asked him to leave, presumably because the loss of all the swine was an economic burden they could not bear.
Mental illness and its cure, is expensive-a gigantic collective burden on society often laid on the shoulders of children like the leopard who have no idea what to do.
(This is a song called ONE THIN HOOKER about the consequences of economic injustice , the lynx is listening to it, you dont have to if you dont want to. The other one is about sexual abuse by privileged people that gets covered up so they can keep their priviledge, as in the case of Madison cawthorne, but not only.
Sadly, the many girls harmed by Cawthorne were allegedly locked in the car with him and could not escape.
Still, people neeed to know these things about their "elected officials" to check the BS vibe.

  • But Jesus says the kingdom of God is among its here if we want it unless Jesus is insane.
    do the angels play with music? Well Jemmy do they?
    You tell me. Listen.
    Well Im not that good at listening yet but...when you think of it, the way people spin it, angels (some traditions name the specific angel as Uriel) "barred the gate" to paradise but maybe that was not really how it was, maybe they just said "leave the hatred at the door" and we took that as an insult or something.
    In fact if Uriel took lucifer's job he probably did what he usually does, and started spreading rumors that the gate was locked because Uriel was on a power trip or whatever..., when in fact it was open but you had to leave your weapons behind or something like that.
    V is for vuvuzela, L is for the Lance of Longinus and the Logo is the Logos... and Lockdown Looms again and Leons's Landslide of life is a Labor of Love.
    "But knowing you foreignors it'll probably be banned"--Quote from video #3
    The second video--the lynx is just learning about Zeno so watch if you wish.

    Dear friends, although he may speak at any time, Engelblau often speaks in the quiet of three am, when no other noise is heard and your heart can hear him better.
    The moon is shining down...What is the engelblau connection? It's listening he says, and anyone who truly listens to their heart and to others will find that communication, that connection.
    So if you want to participate in this discussion, let's talk about the Vuvuzela of the world cup 2010.which was loud, simple, and easy to hear. Engelblau says it's connected to the jubal, and the Jubilee, and the corona virus. But how?

    Anyone who knows about football culture outside the US which came late to the party, know about the vuvuzela.
    But The world cup shouldnt really be about winners and losers. it should be about the whole world coming together to have a party.
    We want to be united and loved and acknowledged and appreciated, our hearts are so hungry for this love.
    and we will use any road that leads to unity, and with over a billion viewers across the globe, the world cup for all its game fixing and bs shows that we can come together as a planet. We can and the internet has made this more possible than ever before.
    The world cup is like one humongous drunk as a dionisio jubilee.
    In fact jubilee comes from JUBAL, the horn blown by Jews at the time God said, all slaves are to be freed and all debts forgiven.

    Engelblau is the voice of love, that calms and soothes vendetta and anguish and in the night, says "Joy and Pain are like sunshine and rain." and says "oh, but its alright."
    So the Vuvuzela is the Vino, the wine of joy that Copa Mondiale 2010 offered the world.
    The Mondial is its own history, the Vuvuzela being the perfect Voice of the Vento of the Vita, the Gust of the Geiste of Joy, the Giubileo. Lets face it, it just doest get any more splendid and joyous than the whole world exulting together.
    thats' the Mondiale, and thats where Monetine Mondiale comes from.
    But veterans day is about war.
    the World cup is not the only way we get together. We also got together in world wars. V is also about the misuse of our vitality, turning it into Violence and Var, the Warres or Guerre Mondiali.
    somehow Vuvuzela doesnt go so well with November 11. especially not 2020.
    So the obvious V for today is Veterans Day. and What about G for George Floyd?
    V is for the Virus of Spring, the Violence of Summer and the Voice of the Vote this fall.
    The Virus took away the wind that goes into our lungs and lets us breathe just like violence took away George's breath..
    and in fact, the valanga is about vietare la violenza contra venus, or women...
    So we learn to use our voices to blow the Vuvuzela of worldwide joy and love.
    Let's make a resolution that politics aside, someday soon, instead of species going extinct, violence within our human family will be extinct and will be replaced by universal love.
    Speculating a bit further on trump and his insistence on grabbing and keeping power, he says he loves God, has he considered the goal? the government of Paradise, we know it will have neither authority of any kind, neither domestic nor civil, but only divine authority, as Jesus said in regards to patriarchy, "ye shall call no man your father for you have but one father" and also in regards to who owns the woman in paradise, "in the kingdom of heaven they do not marry nor are they given in marriage, for they are like angels" and finally in regards to government, "ALL AUTHORITY has been given to me, in heaven and on earth, therefore go and announce this".

    Sometimes the engel is just there to listen.
    L is for a lot of things, and even when you say the word ELEVEN ELEVEN which many people did yesterday, it starts with the sound of L. ENGEL ends with the sound of L. So Lynx...if the leopard is the eucatastrophic version of the leper, it turns out that the lynx is kind of like Ken Kesey or anyone who sees an unutterable truth and reveals it.
    Wikipedia says, the African bushmen even believed that the lynx was married to a star, an angel of the "early race".

    G is for Gabuzzo, and as rhi rhi says, we want to shine all of Uriel's Lights on the Gabuzzo University,


    listen to the lore of the lynx in these mashups


    Leo's Bensonhurst Graduation, because people go to school to earn money so they can buy bugattis.
    But some people are not given this opportunity, so they steal cars instead.
    When Richard Prior went to work for the gabuzzo brothers, he discovered a lot about them, one could say he went to "gabuzzo university" and some of that is expressed here in musical form.
    Its like the vuvuzela of corleone.

    Lament of the Detention Center,
    Quiz yourself
    So why doesn't the engel just use twitter like Obama? the trump obama twitter war is kind of like the Christiano Selena Gram war..couldnt the angel just take over twitter and talk to everybody? That way he would be easier to hear.
    He does I guess, tweet in your heart.
    So happy heavenly birthday Engelblau, friend of Eros and carrier of Javelins and haze. We salute our guardians who love us.
    Overheard in the haze: why did you think I was such a blowhard? dud: all shrinks are blow hards. Jems: not shrink musical psychologist.
    .Dud: so what now you're the second coming of Jesus rn? Jemz: No actually the third. HAHAHAHHAHHAHAH besides have you ever actually met a shrink or you are just prejudiced? AHA!
    Overheard in the haze: Scallywag? Is that what they call you? Scallywag, isn't that a pirate?
    gemz: well, yeah its
    dud: this whole fame school thing, is that what they taught you how to be, famous? Like all of the lights?
    so it's like the anti-Paul viti, where he goes "what do you wanna do get an effin' website?
    Its ok dud there's...there really is a lot you don't know, the world is a big place, you know? I mean, bigger than nyc even.
    dud: yeah geez.
    Anyways, The second P song was the Padrino's wine song,
    The Anthem of Lot,
    another kind of cray
    Note that Tolkien theorized that everyone is a creator with God and so everyone needs to express ourselves with songs and art and all that.
    It seems like the trauma comes more from the hatred and violence of other people than from any other single source. So, for the record, these songs are just the voice of the lynx's heart.
    as for the jacking and mashing up, its for articulation, and was part of the jemmy sessions. It was for musical psychology, ok.

    OK? the gabuzzo money paid for the sessions but it got returned back. I"ll say no more.


    panzram's epic poetry,--credits to Engelblau for articulation sessions
    The Engel is a better guard than the padrino, but the padrino is a better guard than nothing.
    So..haters gonna hate.
    More jemmysessions from pre corona

    Still More jemmysessions from pre corona

    Still More jemmysessions from pre corona
    L is for Longinus...and it's not what you think, it's not a reference to the sexual "spear" or even the javelin of Eros but the saint whose feast corresponded to the first lockdown, who has the infamous honor of being the guy who speared Jesus right in the heart.
    If you're interested, do a search for "Longinus saint feast day"
    March 15 is the week the "world shut down" more or less.
    Its been eight months and just when people were feeling fine it seems a lockdown is looming again, but even if lanced, even if the world gets locked down our hearts don't.

    the lynx is just going to mention the problem of Marcel Maciel and Theodore Mccarrick because the Mccarrick report got lost in the election shuffle.
    Some of us may not know that the bishops caucus or rally or whatever, just like political parties...and they had a live session where they discussed MccCarrick.
    Wojytla's negliglence or whatever it was (was he afraid of getting killed like Albino?) allowed Mccarrick to abuse a lot of people.
    Sexual abuse by presidents and padres, whether social, biological or religious,is part of the reason for protection from Padrinos. It has to be said. It has to be talked about. It should ever happen again.
    We want to listen to some tracks over and over, but not the tracks of trauma in our mind.
    They need to be brought out in the open and dealt with, not by bad language, not by bombs, but by just saying what it is.
    It's just not right.

    So short and sweet: Three lines. [The valanga di Vita Company Inc. was created to protect persons and property from violence by people who had never formed a corporation and had no interest in doing so other than, that the government forced it to happen.]
    uriel university was created to provide education to people who were exiled from their lives due to mental illnes and violence in their famiies, which is a more common situation than is generally acknowledged.
    It was placed online to allow for easier and more economic communication.
    It was made public to satisfy the goverment which was concerned that the company might not actually be real. It is real, and if the reason it exists is offensive, please excuse reality, which was here before we were. Ta da. Three Lines.
    Did you ever see the yard of an expensive University?
    YURIEL YARD is like Harvard Yard but it's got more cool fruit trees.
    There's a fountain in the middle, on Sundays it flows with wine instead of water.
    Best of all you can get in with a simple offering of 16 beans. LOL. Ta da..Lynx letters are not formally affiliated with the Valanga di Vita, nor with Uriel university.