THinking about black history month, Biden, Bernie, BS generally, and Brooksley Born. This is just a blog so read at your own risk.
The Leopard's tale perhaps needs a context just like Bernie, who was too much reality for Bollywood Washington. I love MLK and I think he could be Man of ht Millenium, why not? But thinking about Yanis, about Bernie, aobut black history, @me too, OJ and Ray Carruth, it’s pretty obvious that white women are below black men in terms of agency and power. Obama got to be president before any white woman did. And while Carruth murdered a black woman, and crippled his own child for ever, he was convicted on the testimony of his hitman. Oj went free after murdering a white woman because..no witnesses. If I raise my fist as a white woman is that unladylike? So I want to talk about Man of the Year, Brooksley Born.WHO? yeah, that's right you dont know who she is. Robin Williams starred in a movie called Man of the Year shortly before the Crash of 2008. In this movie, a computer glitch elected the president because of double letters. A woman discovered this and the government put out a hit on her and nearly succeeded. Was Williams trying to say that Brooksley Born (double B) was really "man" of the year? She was the poet laureat of 2006 but because she stood up to men, they threw her out. 2 years later the global market which was built on a computer screen as Yanis explains, crashed just as she had predicted.