OUR MOTTO FOR THIS CLASS: if you must eavesdrop, then let it be on angels.

ENGELEARS LOG: You can get a free radio friday Feb 26 from WQXR in NYC and of course you could probably listen to the LOT radio or YSAX or whatever you like on that free radio if you wish.
A metaphsyicalword on language, floods, and memory.
The angel URIEL guarded eden with UR or fire, and abraham was from UR but thats another story.
Language is a vehicle like an ark of Noah, a vehicle of the memory of human experience, even perhaps of Paradise which is why if Jesus is speaking the truth, jesus is the LOGOS, the true Logic, the Word of god who said at the mass, do this in MEMORY of me.
Music is an exalted form of language because it has more heaven in it, and it is easier to remember therefore. He who sings prays twice--Augustine.
Tolkien was obsessed with Atlantis and sometimes we think heaven is either in the blue sky or across the blue water but not both...but what if the blue sky and the blue water were once upon a time both roads to Paradise? Klee was obsessed with Blue..what is blue anyway? If you put blue and yellow together, that is the rain and the desert, you get the GREEN GARDEN OF EDEN.
in Tolkiens account of "Akallabeth the downfall of numenor" the flood sunders or separates the HAVEN of HEAVEN from earth. The flood of foolish forgetfulness of the fruit of fenomena? the MASS of MEMORY? This theory works if heaven is nothing but unfiltered reality, ie the unfiltered blazing UR, or fire of Gods love. It's something worth considering.