Matto da Legare

The refugees of El Salvador's civil war have a choice between two sorts of asylum, one recognized and approved of by the US government, and one not:
Political asylum, which was intended to allow wealthy refugees from Europe to come here during WWII, and economic asylum, which creates a class of "illegals" who resort to criminal activity.
It is psychologically comfortable to speak of these, because we do not feel responsible and can "shoo" the refugees into court.
The third sort of asylum originates here within our borders, though: asylum from the insane, who often exert power over others who are not mentally disabled.
These refugees cannot so easily be "shooed" away.
A good example of this is illustrated in the cult classic: LEON THE PROFESSIONAL, where a young girl seeking asylum from an insane, murderous man who happens to be a government official, ends up living with an illiterate hitman.
We here at the valanga are constantly examinig the dynamic between reality or "phenomenology" and the academic study of the same and as we develop this relationship we will strive to introduce material in moderation. Merci beaucoup.
We also strive to be serious but humor often takes the edge of sorrow, and sarcasm results when people odn't take us seriously and allow situations of injustice, econonmic and otherwise, to continue based on their ability to gaslight others.
This is nothing new, we acknowledge, and it will be a long time before @metoo is taken as seriously as it should be.