pront a mangiar!


why not be frank? we all like doughnuts, right?(franks too but its early)
in a foul mood 'cause the bakery sold out of fruit tarts already this morning...?god gets that.
this is a mass manual for people who don't grasp theology very well (hello, here we are!!!) are hungry and who are initially attracted to the mass for the bread aspect.
jesus gets that, he was the one that invented it. the memory and mission.part comes later.
Today is the announcement to Zacariah who was so baffled by the angel's word--guess what? the time has been fulfilled and Paradise is headed your way!
He just wasn't down with it.
maybe if he had been hungry that day and Gabriel had offered him a doughnut it all would have been so much easier.
Acts of the Gabuzzis.

High on the mountain of Gargano, or Rotondo I forget, Father Proposito was startled to find Pippin Took (so named because at supper he often took whatever he could get his hands on) in the commuion queu a second time as the fellowship was packing up their rucksacks. THe long treck from hobbiton had worked up his growling panza
What about second breakfast? pestered the hungry hobbit who saw no distinction between ciambelle and caritas.
You already had communion, Proposito admonished the unquenchable hobbit.
"we've had one yes" Pippin conceded. But what about second breakfast?
if you enjoy these anecdotes, why not buy a hobbit a doughnut?
or grow some wheat to make doughnuts or something liek that.(author goes off to find breakfast.)

Facciamo un bel proposito, said padre proposito to padre concludo in a rash attmept to give second eucaristic breakfast to the whole world at the same time they downed an ethiopian ranch worth of caffe musetti and a truck load of "fine colombian" azucar, then blitzed into the cathedral, stood up and shouted COME TO ME ALL YOU WHO HUNGER!
The diminutive if effusive Pippin was immediately mown down in the piazza by a metallic gold muscle car pictured above driven by FLO RIDA who in true hollywood fashion, got insanely jealous and misheard the title, thus thought the Lord of the Rings was Lord of the Bling and angrily wanted to defeat all challengers.
Stan fans of frassati in their turn thought FLO referred to the lava of the valanga, and this whole chain of events This inspired a new top 100 hit, "the cattedrale can't even handle frassati right now", which was performed in various calabrian dialects by the Benedictine monks of Frassatis childhood hero Santo Domingo de Guzman.

Meanwhile erstwhile dj Gemmy of the Blowhard Bible Bashing Baptist Bunch had gotten stuck in teh portapotty on his way back to paradise Via park slope. Hoping to pass by park slopes,his old hood on the way back to heaven, he ate too many dunkin doughnuts due to the fact, Concludo and proposito's line at San Damiano was too long, Vax was in negociations with the city council over the portapotty hygene (they had no idea it was a time portal) and it was raining, causing Gemmys sneakers to get waterlogged.
He fired up a pizza oven at Mccarren only to be bombarded by horse junkies, where upon he fled to the can and He got stuck in the portapotty, forgot the time code and the door was jammed. Dammit, he cussed, as an early morinig cop heard the rattling, looked through the keyhole and saw nothing
IM a ghost jemmy explained, the damn portawarp is stuck.
I got to stop with the triple shifts, said the beat cop, Neocities.

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