This page deals is not for the fainthearted

The ritual of Mass is one big memorial, "Do this in memory of me."
But that means we are all responsible...we don't like to dwell on that, it's too awful.
It's easier to celebrate war memorials where "we won" or even Covid memorials where the enemy is "coronovirus" than it is to celebrate deaths, both homicide and suicide, relating to mental disease.
In these cases, nobody "wins" and there is no enemy outside the human heart itself, so strange and so easily harmed and incited to hatred and violence.
A memorial to this sort of death is surely not for the faint of heart.
THe religion of Christianity is also not for the fainthearted if you believe the stories.
The Christian church was born in the martyrdom of its founder.
Jesus was arrested, tortured and executed by legally constituted authority, and the original disciples of Jesus were all executed violently for talking about Jesus, except for John the brother of James who took care of Mary after Jesus was executed, and was eventually exiled to Patmos where he died.
this pattern of martyrdom has continued.
Looked at in a certain way, this elevates any kind of suffering to a certain level of holiness, particularly death, even if the person suffering does not believe in anything.
As Christ says "greater love than this no one has, that they would lay down their life for their friends."
and he had the right to say that because he did that.
It is one thing to speak of this, and another thing to do it.
prayers will be said every day for the martyrs of mental maladies, beginning May 1st 2020 until further notice
O Heart of God pour down upon the mentally distressed and those they harm the healing medicine of mercy so that no more will people be at war with each other forever.

Those who try to occult the truth are immortalized in milk dud's mashup "Nobody haffi know."
If each brick is worth about a dollar (the prices have gone up and these are high quality bricks) and the whole thing is a hundred feet by four feet more or less of paved area, then if the labor is excluded from the calculations, the project is worth about two grand. You have to figure in the risers and the spikes and the stone dust which might be necessary.
But if the bricks are engraved, it's another story...the engraving is extra.
Additionally, the hope would be to plant flowers.

The word real once referred to Spanish coins, probably what was real or royal was also real currency (guessing).
Hence, el cammino real, the royal road. but who built that road? was it gonsapos? guessing, yeah.
The road to Uriels mission is Romero's royal road. El cammino too re-al that leads to truth's abode.
Its no easy walk to freedom, the road is long and hard.
But fear not, weary traveller, follow the gatto pard.-O. lol.
The physical plan would require about 1800 bricks to begin, which is less than the deaths from 9/11 and far less than the deaths in NYC from covid. So the challenge will be, can we find 1800 deaths related to mental disease about which a story can be told?
Well, there's only one way to find out. We are going to try it. And maybe it won't work out. Thats' phenomenology by Husserl.

This page is not for the fainthearted.

But we have a right to an LLC where every single person gets their fair share. Meaning, if one person has a fine coat thast not illegal but they have to share, thus ALL THE MEMBERS get a fine coat.
Nobody walks around shoving anybody else out of hte way.
This is not about Richard Nixon's economics. It's about the economics of Joe Babbadoughnuts..

The true and real connection between drugs, immigration, prostitution and domestic violence.
The movie Leon depicted the horrific consequences of a drug addicted government official, who effectively prostituted matilda so he could feed his habit.
most wealthy (by this we mean, not hungry or thirsty and if you think that thirsty refers primarily to sex that just shows how spoiled you are) americans who use dope or horse or cocaine are as alienated from that supply chain as they are from any other agricultural product.
They have no picture in their mind as they lay out thousands of dollars a year to snort the blow of the short, muscular form of the indigenous farmer to whom shoes and toilet paper are a luxuries, on the mountain where the cocaine is cultivated and chewed without a laboratory to make it deadly. These farmers have no money for meat, much less for smack or horse.
But also the wealthy americans do not think perhaps of the young male hookers who prostitute themselves for drugs, then become violent and pound on weaker people, taking everything for themselves and wrecking all else, to requite their shame and rage.
If they themselves are hookers, they will stuff this into the furthest corner of their mind, where it will never be discovered.
the fear, suffering, exile and poverty htey inflict on others, will never be understood.
It is possible that some form of this scenario took place in the life of Aaron Hernandez.
HE may have been "loved" by a coach, a talent scout, a burly bodyguard...We should have the courage to ask the question instead of bullying each other over the guilt and the money we spend on drugs.
The lynx speaketh it as a messenger from the "dirty wars".
My friends, this is a dirty war, but one which we shall win.
The judges shit all over the floor and we clean up their sin.
The locos choke our windpipes till we beg them to let go.
And then they do their business and "nobody has to know."
But God sees every little thing, like a Neocities tail.
And Judgment day is coming, for Gods justice cannot fail.
So climb up on the rooftop and announce the coming thunder.
You can get caught up in the love of God or get buried six feet under.

This is our answer to people who want to tear down, harrass and destroy, our effort or any other human effort in the service of love.
"with these hands" we will build a memorial to humans who were rejected.

Patriot's day is holy to the valanga because of a seemingly mystical experience that occurred on the morning and in the afternoon of the marathon bombing, (which is a holiday in Massachusetts) before and while the bombing was transpiring, which would suggest the words of Hamlet "o my prophetic soul".
Phidippedes is a martyr of the vangelo, of the good news of Victory. His deed of mercy had its effect.
Incidentally, the suicide of Aaron swartz caused the Massachusetts courts last year to overrule the doctrine of XXX what is that word ab inizio, which means, that his estate could not swag around on his Patriot's earnings. So the word "Patriot" is significant today and always for a nunber of reasons. Phaidippedes' honor perhaps more than for any other reason, because a true martyr doesn't have to be Christian. Why should we not do this? We should not fear to do it even if it is only a plan and nothing more.

These stones that the builders rejected, the suicides, (and of course it goes without saying, their VICTIMS, but we have to build a context because the truth is very bitter sometimes and hard to grasp. TMZ has reported in 2020 that hte Lloyd family was blindsided and hurt by the documentary on Hernandez. Our purpose here is not to glorify anything. We are trying to justify and explain the existence of the Valanga di Vita in general by situating it in a cultural context of stupidity, celebrity worship, sexual violence, greed and deceit to name a few.). are perhpas the most poignant reminder that mental distress is everywhere in our society. Where is the love? It is a very expensive problem in many ways, a painful one, one that is avoided .
The leopard in order to save the life of her tormentor and anyone he might be trying to kill, could not leave him alone, not for 15 minutes. She worked three eight hour shifts a day in the most difficult of combat situations, for many years. This isn't the kind of thing that translates into economic compensation or social acceptance. The ones who receive money for this are often unwilling or unable to do anything for the money they receive. in the case of the leopard, shrinks often fled in fear from the loco, leaving her alone to figure out a survival plan. The good deed is often met with betrayal, denial, hatred and humiliation. (think Rambo).Where do we begin? By putting the story out there. By naming the suicides. By telling their stories, one by one even if people don't want to hear it.
We are tentatively starting with Aaron Hernandez, the Boston Bombers and their victims, which comes to six bricks. if we add one for Phaidippedes as the martyr of mercy, we get seven.
By May 8th, we have 108 bricks or 6 bricks times 18 days.

take a coffee break and chill.
For every brick there should be a flower planted to cheer the hearts of everyone.
Aaron died on April 19 2017. He was a public figure and so, many people are familiar with his situation. you can read more about it by clicking the brick; we make no judgments about Baez, McPhee or even Hernandez; the point of this memorial is mercy, not judgment.
it just happens that this year, the Feast of Mercy is on April 19. May God bless Aaron and all the suicides and let their spirits rise into a beacon of light from heaven. And it goes without saying, may God bless the victims who are honored above all else in our hearts.
THe next six bricks are suicides from amongst acquainances and friends of hte Valanga, whose suicides/homicides are hushed up and not discussed; we begin with CD, GG, CM, DD, the husband of LT and the child of the P family, all of these people are from or family of the same small neighborhood.
The third group is saints who were women and died in connection wiht some kind of sexual accusation or assault: because this is the group which is at the center of our context: Joan of Arc, St Agatha, St Agnes, St Lucy, St Philomena, Maria Goretti,
The next six, high profile suicide/homicides in some way linked to sexual issues: Jeffrey Epstein, Pedro Gaspar, Gianni Versace, Andrew Cunanan, Jill Messick, Natalie Wood.
SECOND BLOCK: the "brothers, brother of Samantha, brother of cheryl, brother of Anne, Brother of Bill C, brother of B mobile, and He aint heavy he's my brother.
The Next SIX: biblical lynch mob victims who were imprisoned and/or executed on the basis of False testimony: Jesus, Stephen, Susannah, Naboth, Daniel, Joseph the patriarch.
doctor Lorna deserves a mention but also The fathers: Father of the santa Barbara shooter, father of David H the tennis player, Father of Mike R who was so rich, we could put Bri here and also the guy who was featured in salon, of scott W, of that famous preacher whose son killed himself also can't forget the Wife of Jerry R and the husband of Lucy P and the child of judge about Bri, too,and Mike and YB, and SR, but we better leave that for now.
Since tomorrow is 'laurea" or graduation day, the next twelve bricks could be the friends of Jesus, who, whether you believe the Resurreciton or not, they were all martyred except John.
So, if they were suffering from a delusion, then they all suffered the same one and you could say they committed a form of mass suicide.
WEEK THREE block one: Sexual serial killers and mass shooters: Santa Barbara, Virginia Tech,Panzram, Bundy, Dahmer, BTK,
Incredibly, ted bundy looked upon his sexual hatred as an art, saying "if you work hard to do something right, you dont' want to forget it." Bundy was an unthinkable monster but he was no idiot and can be studied all over the internet.
He is also a good example of how cold blooded predators can pass themselves off as something else for extended periods of time and not "lose it" or have a breakdown which would tip people off to their mental derangement.
Chill, have a coffee, take it easy.
Let the violent and the victims be a valanga of vita and a voice from the volcano to light the way to Paradise.


Ok so we're going ahead with this in a more methodical manner so that the message is mixed with milk duds. Why? because a heavy dose of reality is harsh at times.
This is why Matilda's attmepted suicide was so scandalous.

So suicide is far from a sin, it is the person who sneers at the suicide that should think twice about their heart.
let the spirits of these suicides or homicides be built into a lighthouse, a light to lead people to love.
A good place to start, a famous person whose name begins with A and whose life was intertwined with thugging and clubbing,bookmaking, threats and violence of the kind that people get really scared about and so the truth is hard to discover.

Aaron Hernandez was a football player from the Patriots whose death was ruled a suicide.
The loco was in a band called Leopards Piss, and that is exactly how he treated the his own piss.
He used David Lee Roth style rape tactics to humiliate her howard Jones hopes.
Thus she could have grown to hate van halen with the same hatred they displayed toward women who do not pander to their violence, and men who try to sympathize or identify with women, such as the colorful boy george. She could have sought to "shoot to kill" because In these two men we see alternative responses to the Panzram/Pasolini syndrome (for it is likely that both men were sexually dont get those kind of visceral reactions without some kind of antecedent violation.) but the response should not be to pound on the victim with blunt objects because you dont want to recall your own trauma. The response is to articulate the trauma and to call out the behaviors that cause it. Stop the violence.
So lets talk about Aaron and the fall river new bedford triangle and the bristol county jail where a lot of poor immigrants end up. have you been inside? Becuase the leopard has, walking the streets disguised as a nun, and the jail disguised as a hood, and as she assumed a humble demeanor the CO sneered, you are no lawyer.
What if I weren't said the leopard, but as a matter of plain fact I am,producing the all important "bar card" and passing through to pray wiht a very holy illiterate mexican bricklayer known only as A.B.
This can be thought of as something akin to the Shoah memorial, or the 9/11 memorial, or even a donation wall like Bernie has.
THIS COULD EASILY BE A CASTLE. And no worries that the idea was rejected, the stone that the builders rejected has become the stone of the corner.
We'll put milk duds too and merry music, one box per death, tunes to commemorate, since Jesus let us eat himself to make us feel better.

What is the monetary value of a human life?
If someone saves the life of another, how much is that worth?
Is it even right to speak of life in this way?
We should consider these questions, since a great amount of human resources is spent on mental illness.

Jesus who was famously sold for "thirty pieces of silver" (and later, his betrayer committed suicide so that should tell us something) told his friends to "do this in memory of me" and deaths have always been an occasion for memory.
However, deaths due to mental illness though staggering in number, are often covered up due to pain.
this can lead to generations of deceit.
Some day the Valanga may make a memorial chapel dedicated to all those who have died in the drug war or in a death due to mental illness in some way, whether suicide or homicide or even an accident caused by mental distress or disease rather than physical.
The idea is to place a brick for each death.
We have run into opposition in pitching this idea.
For now, bricks are placed here to commemorate loved ones who have died in this way.
And may they be blessed and may there be a good resolution somehow.
The plan is, if you click on a brick you will hear or read the story of this person because A true story wants to be told wasn't that the bowie thing.
RC-distressed at son's addiction and life of crime, drank lethal chemicals.
CD, hung himself over family troubles and alcohol problems
PF, childhood friend of MB
brother of WC, shot himself for unknown reasons
brother of A, had been a popular football star, family in denial
brother of CG, friend of Father M
brother of E, shot himself and his kids, family in denial
daughter of a law professor, shot by drug dealer
brother of WC, shot himself for unknown reasons
X, a priest from Asia and veteran of the Vietnam religious persecutions, shot himself
wife of JR, a wealthy developer
lawyer, and husband of LP,
"el abuelo" liver was destroyed,
tio R, liver was destroyed,
friend of MS, heroin overdose,
friend of WM, heroin overdose,
GG, son of a flashy car salesman, Cocaine overdose
JH, son of a wealthy web developer, hung himself (or bridge jump?) after 20 years and a family fortune spent on his mental illness


community college embezzlement scandal and professor mental illness
graduate school administration scandal
European catholic school run by highly respected people, embezzlement scandal
ivy league schools (CM, WC, HC etc) administration scandal
law school administrative scandal
seven sister school administrative scandal
preparatory school scandal number one
preparatory school scandal number two
seven sister school scandal
primary school psychological scandals (sexual, racial and domestic violence)
middle school scandals
catholic high scandal,