We have to have some sort of security so that what happened last year, does not happen again. It's worth noting that "charlie dont need no gun" and in fact no guns were involved, just pure unadelterated physical violence.
find memorial guarden page. The midnight moon, the Uriel Lamboon, A rag to laugh at Limosine Liberals and Balony Billionaires
Because in the end, who doesnt want bergamot and a lambo? only Jesus, who stood at the top of the mountain and refused the devil's offer "all this I will give you if you worship me.".
Maybe I'll just borrow it while he's not looking, dud mused. O GAWD said "whoever."

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this is stuff that makes one laugh at three am. It may sound like the author is on drugs, but such is not hte case. One of Klee's early paintings is called PERSESU overcomes grief with wit.
it's just sad how much bs there is in the world. But if you know that Perseus (the name probably means, Persia and is a reference to warriors coming from Persia, cf Alexander the Great. If you dont know his story where he walks around killing his dad and whoever else, with the Medusa head, you can always do the studies suggested by Uriels. The parody here that hopefully kills grief with wit, is that the political parties really don't matter. Money is what matters in politics, and however you may feel about musk at least he doesnt try to hide his money behind some progressive facade.

It was three am on the full moon and dogged EFFE BEE EYE and papparazzi were determined to find the place. they had over heard people discussing the place in a wiretap of a portapotty on rockaway bech not far fro the leaky nabisco..
nothing to see here said the warring twitterbots of helium musk and quikrete sabbadoobi.Neverthe less, said st paul, our struggle is not with twitterbots but with constiptated demons in smelly places.
Paul said the procurator Festus, your excess education has addled your antipodes.Neocities.

for a while the feds thought the place was a pizzeria on seventh and nineteenth where gattuso was drinking nondescript hawaiian punch and listening to dud perform miley mashups from the late aughts. was that good? said dud. Sometimes, eesa good. said Gennaro. etcetera.

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