let the paraclete be our professor as we put paradise into practice

Those who are familiar with the stories of the Hebrew Bible, the law and the prophets, know that they resemble many other ancient myths.
in that creation story the Spirit "brooded over the waters". Then God made the light and eventually, the garden.
The sequence is worth noticing: the water, then the light, then the garden. Lourdes, Fatima and Guadalupe if you will.
Blue, and yellow, make green.
In the beginning, the garden was a gift which we did not earn, and did not have to labor in pain to maintain. Money and suffering were both unknown.
Much later, after the exile from Eden, the people were baptized in water "like a fontana" when they crossed the Jordan river into the promised land, and then they were given the light of the law, which they frequently failed famously to follow, frustrating the Father to a fare thee well and prompting him to send the Figlio.
Jesus was not the first person to predict that he would "ascend into heaven" and release an outpouring of energy. Elijah who was the de facto founder of the carmelites, did so as well.
His friend Elisha asked to get a "double of this and a double of that" portion of the Spirit,and he did in fact receive this.
It's easy to see then why students graduating the Liceo Lungomare in its incipience full of storms and strife, might try to hitch a ride with angels in a beautiful chariot, a bugatti, say or a mazerati, or a ferrari, lamborgini...attempting to jump the gun like Icarus and fly straight on to heaven. Elijah did that too, he ran to Horeb and attempted to shortcut to paradise, but God said he had work to do first. : Neocities.