A traditional transcript will be shortly appended hereto.
Why a musical transcript? The priciple behind this sort of a musical transcript which follows is a philosophical concept known as Phenomenology, which is really postulated as a way of truth to life, not through faith in fantasy, but rather, a faith in fenomena
First observed in Greece millenia ago, as a way of updating the old tales of kerfuffling wind gods and fire gods for a people that had begun to "grow up" a little bit after too many wars... but popularized in our own time by the German mathematician Edmund Husserl. Husserl while ethnically Jewish was a psychologist of his times, and like many did not believe in God as an immanent nor a transcendent entity, believing instead that something else was the foundation of the "fenomena" that we experience and relate to
Math and music are very closely tied together, as seen by the Fibonacci sequence for example (cite). Husserl was Jewish and was understandably seeking an academically sound philosophical alternative to the insane ideologies that were driving mass murder masquerading as "war", but his understudy Edith Stein took the doctrines of phenomenology to the Christians of Europe through her synthesis and analyses of the trends of philosophy in history.
Stein was not an artist but phenomenology caught the attention of an Italian artist Pier Paolo pasolini who advocated strongly for a visceral, existential phenomenology to counter what he considered a global rejection of reality in and of itself.
Just as the puissance motrice du feu fire of a volcano was harnessed to cook pizza and later to move magnificent muscle cars as well as machines of murder. The fire is good but we may choose to misuse it.



The picture is by el tony, all credits to him, of a lamborghini canto or "song."
The image of an Italian sports car from a former tractor company, which got mired in Zagata and Diablo feuding, and never graduated from the prototype stage (though, it is rumored there are a few prototypes that were rescued from being destroyed) is key to understanding this transcript for several reasons.
Please bear with the extremely realist philosophy of Milk Dud, it is difficult for me to view anything as purely symbolic. Either it is a phenomenon in reality or it doesn't exist to me, in some sense.
This is why the philosophy of Husserl attracted me so intensely when I began to study philosophy.
Platonic philosophy, where the highest form of life is some bodiless ideal, holds no lure for me whatsoever.
but I digress...One, the Elijah and the golden chariot theme.
Two. The Mount Sinai versus Mount Tabor theme.(volcanoes versus canticles.
The Cain and Abel Luther and buntz vendetta theme, which spills over into the Von Bora/bergoglio/buela chastity versus celibacy theme which is so very misunderstood in our times.
Finally the canto was canned in 1999, the same year that the "Robert Rearden" miracle occured in the midst of "Varcare la soglia della speranza."
Cain the farmer killed Abel the Herdsman after God was pleased with Abel's sacrifice and not Cain's. The first known case of Vendetta and homicide.
Some ancient historians speculated that God, being a meat eater who preferred blood sacrifice (why else would people be thrown out of Eden and killed), was dissatisfied with the beans and cabbages offered by Cain. However, this is lilely a superficial reading of the tale.
The origianl canto project inspired by the OG zagata, was tabled, relaunched, tabled again and canned but it is rumored that a total of five cantos were built.
In case people are unaware of the historical truth behind the scene in analyze this where Dominic "hijacks a tractor", read this:LAMBORGHINI TRACTORS
This is important because all too often, the internal combustion engine which was replacing animals was funded by the government and for war not for peace.
preface: Bergoglio, Buela, Benito and Bavaro.
Martin Luther was the inspiration for Pasolini's Lutheran Letters, (and pasolini wrote the poesia in forma di rosa presumably to honor his childhood devotion to the Madonna.)but fewer people realize that Luther likely entered the Augustinians to avoid being killed in a Vendetta. He had apparently dueled with his fellow student, Hieronymus Buntz, and inadvertantly given him a fatal wound (this happened often enough that duelling was a bad idea.) This explains a lot about Luther's theology. who could blame him for wishing asylum? Who in a similar position might not have done the same?
The Leopard for example, bumped into the whole Bergoglio brou haha by accident, seeking asylum from various perils in the friary of a Franciscan named Bavaro. Since Bergoglio had been squawking with Buela, he had been banned from his home diocese two years prior, in 1994.
The holy spirit was trying to get me to listen to all this and when I checked the Bible readings for today sure enough it was about asylum cities. NOT THE CATHOLIC READINGS BUT THE READINGS FROM SOME OTHER DENOMINATION NOT SURE WHICH ONE> Heaven, is the ultimate such city.
Milk Dud October 26. 2022



The Swiss painter Paul Klee was fascinated with angels, and with music.
As he died of schleroderma he painted more and more angels, not in the traditional style but angels appearing more as ghosts.

APOLOGY. Education literally means "to lead out", to lead out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of truth.
It is no mere accident that the light of the sun appears in a blue sky. our eyes are evolved to perceive these phenomena as such.
Accordingly der weg ins blau.
The black sky becomes blue as the sun rises.
This transcript illustrates some of the experience and education of Milk Dud in a musical way.
Even in art school, academic transcripts are intended to be a mere list of courses completed, and do not usually take the form of a catalogue of songs. Yet, it is increasingingly evident through the study of music and psychology that people with the leisure time to study and practice the fine art of music are often the first to realize and articulate its power over the mind, even those parts of the mind previously believed to be "non emotional" such as mathematical reasoning. For example the Blau Reiter artists Klee and Kandinsky were quite musical. Tolkien showed the world as being created through music in The Silmarillion. Faure believed the language of music was "so far above all others" (see the second faure quote herethat it had to be dragged down in order to be translated.For this reason, when dud felt overwhelmed trying to catalogue all of the material she had studied, it seemed it might be possible to put it into a musical format, since music often helps with memory-how much easier it is to remember a poem if it is set to a melody!

The supernatural foundational idea of this is, musical angels inhabit the universe.(cf St Paul, the belching volcano with lightning versus the angelic festival canticle
Aside for rosary fans, It's also interesting that in the Rosary, the "poor man's psalter"--so called becuase farmers had no time to recite the liturgy of the hours, (unless like Pio's padrents they committed it to memory, so they could sing it whilst tilling the soil)each decade lasts about three minutes which is the same as a pop song, more or less. This is not rocket science: music is the quickest way to a human heart, and the angels know this, whether they happen to love us or want to harm us to spite Jesus. Just saying.
As for the bugatti, see the book of the Prophet Elijah is it kings or chronicles or wherever it is written down.
Elijah was given bread by an angelic ubereats which delivered in the desert, then when he died he was picked up by a golden chariot, as testified to by his understudy Elisha.
This is the origin of the song, Swing low sweet ride, coming for to carry me to Carmine Street. Jokes aside, the beauty, velocity and glory of an angel whizzing through the galaxy is something difficult for us earthlings raised in skepticism and silliness to grasp.
It is perhaps best represented by a glorious supercar, painted with a horse on the grill or a bull or a merman's trident... The diabolical lie is that tales of faerie are only for kids. When we grow up we stop believing in the kingdom of heaven and then we die of grief or shoot up a shopping mall because we can't afford to buy it. Leaving aside the cost of this in our society, it's just not a good education by any means.LOL

The root of psychology -"psyche" -was a greek Goddess, and some would argue that the concept implies a supernatural dimension. Nonetheless, for those who are hesitant to believe in something invisible (though Music itself is invisible in a sense),this may be regarded merely as a musical psychology practicum, which presumably would work for anyone.
A word of advice, though, it makes you tired so you neeed to take it easy after you articulate something from your heart so your heart can just be peaceful after that.
as for the Underpriced oocaine lyric, thats not about using coke, its about selling it to buy train tickets.
So it should really be "selling underpriced cocaine" but thats a felony so yeah. Furthermore, milk dud never did any of that.

For those who "just want the bread" as it were, in other words, the only logical point of music is fame and fortune otherwise why bother--certainly Pasolini encourages the graduates of Holywood High to shine--and anyone who wants to shine like a hollywood star is certainly welcome here---Tolkien says we are all creators becuase we are made in the image of the creator, and that the true Christian is always an artist.
one of the surprising fruits of Uriel's University is that, this happens.
The musical conversation is in all of our hearts,if we listen.
This transcript was not planned, but is interesting nonetheless.
A copyright is claimed by the Valanga di Vita for charitable purposes--this is really just because we need to eat, like everybody else. hi, Padre MG. besides how can we get a copyright when we have to pay for the fee.
If you are rambling about eating wild apples, well, so are we I guess I HAVE NO IDEA.

The songs can be divided into heart songs, mind songs and body songs, just like life.
The comprehensive list including skandalon songs, but not yet organized: these are maybe forty songs of a possible two hundred or so

Try to alphabetize them for the moment, (chronologically organize them later into the story.)

This ABERCROMBIE ANTHEM, a sort of satirical squib, is dedicated to Abercrombie gangsters who hang about commercial districts and for reasons unknown to Dud, believe themselves to be actual gangsters. Hollister floral pants really are the bomb, tho. the hoodies ain't too shabby either so I guess the hoodie hoods have a point.



(the Phidippaedes Theme)

The battle of marathon which refers to the Marathon plain in Greece, was a very important event in greek history, which is important to our own history for many different reasons.
The Persians were invading Athens and Athens sought the aid of Sparta, sending a day runner named Phidippedes to ask the Spartans to help.
Over the course of 2 days, according to herodetus, Phidippides ran 150 miles.
which leads some scholars to say that it would be more accurate to say Phiddipedes ran a Spartacathon. A TRANSLATION OF THUCIDIDESCultural background to the whole Alexander the Great era.
The battle of Marathon was about 500 years before Jesus, the first Persian invasion of Athens (is this correct) which means it was far after the revelation to Abraham.
The Greeks were approaching the Jewish Idea of One God, but doing so through intellect and not via revelation as the Jews had done, they arrived through a long history of the Pantheon, at Socrates who was born shortly after the battle of Marathon, and suggested that "THE ONE" was not Neo, not a messianic person, but an abstract ideal, beauty, truth goodness in the abstract.
Aristotle ended up teaching Alexander who had little use for these things except as propaganda...he did not so much care if the Moon ruled Jupiter, either, in other words he had little use for the ancient pre socratic myths.
He wanted to rule the world so it would not rule him and he was obsessed with Persian customs and politics, which was notoriously brutal apparently.

This song shows that Dud is not utterly ignorant of ancient history, the origins of the marathon,(how beautiful on the hillside are the feet of one who brings good news)
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle the tutor of alexander the great etc etc
It is good for the Visitation, or the Resurrection, if you use these songs for musical rosaries.
If you research the issue you will find, the sybils arguably prophesied the birth of Christ in some way, though, they had no idea what it was.
The song is good for the Visitation if you are using it for Musical Rosaries, because the "good news" is received and immediately the receiver sets out to tell someone else.
This sense of Messengers is the Greek translation of Anglos, and bears a strong resemblance to the anglo of anglo saxon, some historians feel this is because beig blond and white, the mediterraneans thought they looked like angels.
History studied by Milk dud:
Ran down to Sparta, I had my battle boots tied on
I had to tell them all about the fighting in Marathon
Some senator was squawking about their astronomy
They had a full moon, you see
It's a sign of religious piety.
There's a Delphic Sybil on top of a temple stand
One more sad prediction's one more than I can stand.
Just once, how I'd like to hear the oracle say
Not much to prophesy today
Can't find nothing bad to say. Because...

TWO: ALL ABOUT THAT GRACE by Meghan Traynor, anthem of Augustine the Doctor of Grace


All about that Grace is important because it positions the grace/works debate solidly at the foundation of Christian theology. God came to the exiled earth to announce "I AM THE WAY" back to heaven. All of the labor we could do would never be enough and that's a blow to the ego, but why not let Jesus save us?
The angelic salutation "Hail full of GRACE" is much more sublime than we realize, as it means, the woman was completely full of the presence of God.
Whereas the angel greeted Gideon by saying Hail mighty warrior and greeted ELijah by saying get up and eat, he greeted the Virgin with the best compliment an angel can give a human: not, Hail, Mary you have achieved employee of the millenium, or wow you sure are a good chariot mechanic but hail full of GRACE.
Aurelius AUgustine of Algeria's long road to Ambrosia (stop me now) led through the whole intellectual development of philosophy at that time, while his mother Monica fretted in woe.
The Empire gave AUgustine an education and he gave them an existential expose of the Eucatastrophe.
Philosophy studied by Milk dud: St. Paul and Grace,
St Augustine,
Harry Frankfurt,
Greek philosophy,
Medieval Philosophy,
German and French existential philosophy and German Phenomenology with Husserl and Stein.
the French turn to Phenomenology,
Post modern/late 20th century. Yeah, its pretty clear
I aint no Jesus Two
BUt I've been praying praying
the way I'm supposed to do
Cause I got that Dream dream, it's joy that I chase
It's alright if you guzzle, it's alright to titrate it.
Some people think they're judges
Some people think they're cops
But aint nobdy perfect
The only judge is God
If you want glory, Glory
Then, listen up,
Put the ring into the fire
Got to make it to the top.
You see, my mamma she told me, don't worry if you capsize
She said that God gets a little more glory when you get it right.
You know I dont think we're living in heaven before the fall
But the world needs some fixing so listen when angel calls.
Because you know its all about that grace, no devil.

THREE: All MY CRUSHAS by One Republic

Like Candy Isn't Casual this song emphasizes the heart taking precedence over the mind and the body. Why? Our body is moved by our mind but our mind follows our heart, which is why our heart needs to be in the right place.
Corey Richards the First american mountaieer to summit 8000 without oxygen (is this correct) was so exhausted his mental illness came to the fore and he could go no further.
He quit mountaineering to tell stories. And

I need another story To take the javelin out of my chest There's something that I must confess Blue's standing right by my bed He's looking right in my head He wants my honesty, I swear. I thought I saw him wink because the dog pee really stinks but I know what he wants to hear Eerybody hides their tears I gotta put aside my fears It's not abuot the cookie jar It's not about the muscle car It's all about the way you are.

FOUR: AMOR by Arzu

FIVE: A NASSAUby Ritchie Valenzuela

SIX: ANGELby Shaggy, Eru and Melkor's theme in The Silmarillion.

This song shows that dud is famliar with Tolkien's epic history of Middle Earth, The Silmarillion.

What is interesting about the Silmarillion which Tolkien wrote after the Hobbit (see: It's time, below) is that it is really the foundation for LOTR, yet so deep and rooted in music (in teh silmarillion, God creates the world through angelic music)and in norse myth that the publishers laughed Tolkien out of teh office so to speak even though he had sold a lot of copies of the Hobbit.
TO understand the Silmarillion it helps to study global myths through history, because what Tolkien wished to do was th create a mythology that modern English people could relate to, again, he was fighting for teh fenomenon of the reality of God is it real or not? because if not, as St paul says, we are the most silly of all men.
In the silmarillion, we lost paradise through a war with angels, that satana tricked the elves and people into fighting because Feanor got greedy about the Silmaril a precursor of the Ring which had the light of the sun and the moon and the stars. Satana, hateful of the light as always, ruined the two trees of valinor but not before someone saved some fruits from it.
Melkor, you're my angel, you're my darling angel
Wrote you this piece will you sing it for me, baby?

SEVEN: BOOST THAT LAMBO by Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons



This is important because Stracci is the Icon of Pasolini's critique of materialism also satirized in the short "big bad birds, cute little birdies" in which two friars attempt to convert the birds at the insistence of St Francis of Assisi.
The friars, kneeling and praying to learn the language of the rich, and the poor, did not prevent the rich from devouring the poor.
Pasolini's questionable behavior and outspoken criticism of both the Church and marxism for failing the rising generation and leading them to violence and suicide, led to his murder on November 1, 1975
TEN But I Said It by Selena



Talk therapy as advocated by the controversial and perhaps selfish RD Lainge, is very, very expensive if done in the office at McLeans. But why? Why is it so costly to talk about our hearts? Can't we do this with each other? If not, why not?




This song is an anthem of consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by St Louis Grignion de Montfort,
according to the methods of Eraldos del Vangelo father Manuel Roddriguez Sanchez. September 10 2022 Carmine Street Basilica, Greenwich Village.
at the time the song was written dud had never heard of Padre Manuel or his crew of marian devotees; but the song was prophetic nonetheless since dud by a weird series of events, ended up on Carmine Street just in time for the consecration.Actually she did it on Sunday 9/11/2022 at the 11:15 AM mass on Carmine street, which just happened to be in Italian.
If you speak English instead you can always listen to Father Mark Goring, he has a lot of funny videos too he has a funny finsta.
Of course if you speak Italian padre pio tv is always on 24/7 from San Giovanni Rotonda. we have to find the page with all the religious links that we made before, with Pope Leo and st Ignazio and all that. Anyway, Padre Manuel wants to promote the consecration so here: click yon link

There are soldiers who fight and there are preachers who pray
Invisible men who could go either way
because it's never black and white,
it could be wrong, it could be right,
only God can say.
The song that I sing is an aubade that I write,
a song to the stars, a serenade in the night
There's a javelin in my heart,
it's like a cupid super dart its an arthur blade.
Via Serafin number nine,
the oath shall never be broken,
respect the family,
celebrate when the water turns into wine
the Pompei on Via Carmine.

CLEAN YOUR HEAD UP by Andy Grammer