These are a few of my favorite things.

MAMMA MARIA GUADALUPEthe movie tais toi, one of my fav films and its free.
solves the problems of melancholy, malandrini, the mob and mental illness with a simple friendship.

This is Milk Dud Damiani's personal page aka the Milk dud galaxy. You dont have to look at it if you dont want to its not "mandatory" but M, before it was a letter, used to be a symbol for waves on the mare which I love. In fact while PGF loves the mountains for some reason I myself love more the sea, and the cerulean blue of the mare mediterraneo.
The Maldives even has a phenomenon known as the stars in the ocean.
Milk duds are cool candies, not only because of Mount Carmel where you can get a ride to Paradise in the golden chariot (no ticket needed).
my version of Paradise would be more the boats that Bilbo Frodo and Gandalf took across the sea of love.
(But more than anything else, paradise is in our hearts).
Maseratis are also cool and music...and moschino...and liceo lungomare or Holywood preparatory high school where you can set life to music and paint angels all over the place. But we digress. This page is MONETINE MONDIALI where money is for all of us and not just for some.

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