Carmel Mountain alfa testing

(eats all available carmels,mount carmel is reduced to rubble and angelic ride shares can no longer access the portal, project is ruined. This is a joke ok, it just takes a while to figure out how to do this.)

IF you would like to buy a box of mount carmel milk duds from us, you can also get a free scapolario from Elia's carmels, which guarantees entrance to paradise, plus we will put your prayers in the "milk dud mystical munchable prayer mountain".
We are still trying to figure out the logistics of storingg and shipping the duds, so stay tuned.
Valanga: we need about $4 a month for admin plus an annual fee for whatever so if we could just get a hundred boxes of free duds and sell them for a dollar a piece. Last year, you guys told us to get the duds from CDMX but we didnt know how to ship them without them melting.
HErsey donation division: yeah, we ---we really don't--"end of live chat session".
The first box was purchased at the Duane Reade after somebody (who knows who) was patronizing the store, and complaining loudly about the lack of duds whereupon a pack mysteriously showed up the following day at the appointed time although no scapolario was in the box at that time.