Monetine: the explanation


Just as uniting in a University style community is the safest living arrangement, keeping the assets in an anonymous common fund trust is the safest way to avoid angry agressors and assailants.
As an additional safeguard, the identity of the directors of the company who decide how the money is spent is unknown, or his/her location is so far away as to be beyond the reach of these agressors.
In other words, it is effectively impossible to get at the money even if the agressors killed the members of the company, so it would tend to dissuade such types of assassinations.
To avoid abuse of power by the directors, each house submits a list of expenses BY HOUSE and not by person, identifying each resident where necessary by some encoded means.
It will thus be obvious that the residents are not living a lavish lifestyle, only taking what they need and not taking more than anyone else.