THE PEDAGOGY OF PHYSICAL BODIES and the CHARIOTS OF FIRE--where does good news galloper Phaidippedes fit in the garden? (yeah the phaidippedes page is a thing.

We probably take for granted that Vangelis means good news and he was famous for linking the olympic runners with Elijah and the Chariot of Fire.
Vangelis is from that part of the world where these things actually happened, where Ahab got in his chariot and tried to beat the bejeezus ouf of Elijah.

On a quiet saturday one might rush to see how the Navy Seals PT is going and whether or not your marathon time is up to Phaiddipedes,
That is, if one was a restless Wildwoood/Holywood High student wishing to get paid to be untouhcable, and kayak and run around greenways in garden parks.
(this is probably not a good assessment of what seals do for a living but you can't blame an ignorant kid or maybe you can).
The original punishment, "thou shalt die the death" is physical, not in the mind.
The body which is necessary for the mind to function, feeps out.
In The childhood of the human race, we associated Gods and mount olympus with warrior kings, and the ultimate phyisical beatitude, defying death, beautiful as the fixed stars (which we now know are anything but fixed.)
the champions of our world were physical and the losers got fed to the dogs.
We know Saint Paul like Elijah who beat Ahabs Roman Chariot with the Holy spirit blowing at his back, in fact like all assimilated Hebrews loved the gymnasia in its way since at the end of his life he said "I have fought the good fight I have finished the race".

Pier Giorgio had trouble with the isolation fo book learning, like Jesus, and also like Jesus he loved to "ascend mount olympus" as it were.

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