The tale of Pinocchio has been called "a manual of childhood" and is intended for all grade school students of the Uriel University system.
The story also helps to introduce participants to the theory of eucatastrophe by proposing the sort of "willing suspension of disbelief" discussed at length by Tolkien in his analysis of faerie stories.
It is easier for children to believe in faerie, but remember the words of Christ on this matter: "amen I say to you, unless you become like little children you shall never enter the kingdom of heaven."
He further said, the angels of little children always behold the face of God. Children are candid and have no guile.
Pope Pius X was a humble farmer who had a vision of WWI, and wrote against the deadly consequences of certain secular ideologies, and his writings can be analyzed by serious scholars in light of Pinocchio without being at all ridiculous.