of course the files are disorgnized.
people were trying to hound the Valanga right out of existence and they nearly did, by accusing it of appropriating money and property they had appropriated, and by trying to kill someone and forcing the valanga into the streets.
Its hard to tell the truth under those circumstances.
So the news is, this is the only class we are focusing on right now, because we have to learn to comply with the standards of the government as far as we are able.
Anyone who was following us privately knows this, they will get it.

Hope those of you in Ethiopia, land of uriel caught the Ring of Fire last night! now we know its a perfect day and the last thin you want to hear about is anything to do with being inside but we have to remind you all, this is the Summer Solstice, and Uriel and Engelblau are so proud of their achievements! This is a school and there are guidelines, we have to have a regular curriculum that you don't have to dig into mount doom to understand so remember, if you want to enter Engelblau college or any of the programs you'll have to take the requisit exams, plus dont forget your plant and your song, and figure out who Engelblau, Uriel and Pier Giorgio are.
Why not write an amicus brief defending Uriel's position in the church canon? Did you know the leopard wrote an amicus brief defending Mumia in law school?
Always one to be too dang phenomenological...The professor rejected the brief, saing "that's not what the assignment specified, to which the leopard replied, Mumia is on death row HELLO?
Also in the spirit of from here to Rockaways, check our sunshine track HOW ARE IS HEAVEN, a soundtrack for climing mountains with Pier Giorgio to be closer to God, and to listen to Sermons on the mountain or still small voices.
It is well known that the leopard failed to makie the chollege choir due to bursting out laughing several times at the stodgy faced judges. Music, always made her laugh, even classical music. Thus she was waitlisted three times (the same as with Harvard lol) and ultimately said "WHO CARES" and began to listen to the a capella groups instead, and became familiar iwth another song about heaven "Up the Ladder to the Roof, so we can see heaven much better".
Her dear friend made the choir, and although the choir got a free trip to Hawaii which made the leopard green as the grass of a garden with jealousy, the friend quit because the choirmaster was so mean, that evnetually she had developed anxieties to the point the leopard had to make cheat notes for all her friends finals because the friend was beset with panic and could not study. Yeah.Neocities.