nights in bergamot the new vatican drama on gabuzzovision starting whenever!

remember, this is a. joke. The valana di vita loves Jesus more htan anything.

Milk dud, frustrated at the poor battery life of the old iphone, wandered down to Bergamot at two am.
The place was locked up but pope john had gotten in much like Jesus got into the cenacle when the door was looked.
Hey said Dud can I borrow your cell?
HOld on, the pope typed away furiously. Im' just tweaking this latest encyclical, mit stupender sorge.
That sounds off said dud wasnt that pius the twelth? Dont tell me you're plagerizing popery!
no no no its not plagerizing, the other one was brender mine is stupender. so what's up?
My phone is always conking out and I need to listen to that bee gees tune about the bell.
Can't help you there said Angelo, is it a church bell?
probably I mean who else uses bells?
Well does bg stand for bergamo? my cousin might know it, he's in town for some thingy.

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