by milk dud.

as carneval weekend was winding down, bie al ze beeber wandered over to Union square fruit market early monday morning to stock up on fruit. Excuse me, he said to the weary vendor, who himself had been up since 4 am, are those peaches from Georgia? They are, said the vendor, Kentucky farmer done trucked 'em up hisself in that truck right there. He pointed to an old flatbed truck with a few peach pits strewn in the passenger side. Must have been snacking, the vendor observed.
The lettering on the side matched the sign above the stall. GOAT. greatest of all time, said Beebs. The sheep are on the right, and the goats are on the left. thats why baphomet needs extra self esteem. no no Goat is Greenhouse options are trending, said a trendy tourist munching on artisanal peach cobbler. No no its greatest of all time, beebs remonstrated. You're both off, said the farmer, coming out from behind a bush. It's gabuzzos of american territories.
Fiddy cents for the following farcical fable. If you can afford if if not just read it anyways sheesh. we can always put the pancakes on Sacbantanis tab. In the wee hours of stroopvaffel Tuesday, dud could be found Awol from Mass, stuffing herself with Joes coffee doughnuts, and last minute flapjacks at the union square mcdonalds. She had been cut off by the line cook at the chelsea diner after requesting "flapjacks, straight, no syrup" one two many times.
the Joes barista was a bit cranky as well. You get me out of bed at four thirty for this fried dough nonsense, she grumbled. Doppio espresso, dud belchedits my last hurrah.
meanwhile the devil who had in point of fact gone down to georgia had come back up to iron out the new contract with mefistofoles. He unwittingly sat on a woopie cusion left over from fart in the club, left on the union square bistro chair by a prankster Jesus. BWAAAAA said jesus, as the cusion tooted loudly into the early dawn air covered by a light snow. who died and made you king of anything, said the devil sourly.
I died and made myself king of everything, Jesus said. Neocities.

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