she always wants a double

Was PGF teasing when he "named" the company for himself with the double letters Valanga di Vita, which just happened to coincide with the "W" company, our original pick? He probably was because he's just like that.
The thing is, the woman in the movie was a whistleblower, and she got gaslit all over the place-
Was Jesus himself insane? Did he simply have a "messiah" complex? Many people believed he was, and tried to remove him from social situations because they said "he is out of his mind."
Because if he isnt who he says he is, than he was in fact insane. Take a look at some of the statemente He made: I am the Via, the Verita and the Vita, That's only one of the grandiose and crazy statements made by Jesus. Some others--I am the alpha and the omega. Befor Abraham was, I am. Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up. I saw you under the fig tree. I saw Satan Fall from heaven. You will see the son of man coming on the clouds.
The people who gaslit the hero of "Man of the Year" (who ironically was a woman) basically said "she always wants a double" in other words, she's mentally unwell, and a substance abuser, who can't be taken seriously.
Matilda, another hero of this Neocities.

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