ABOUT URIEL'S: Uriel University is an ivy league quality educational system spanning primary level through post graduate, and scaleable and applicable to any educational context. Prep school? charter? Homeschooled? Self-taught? No problem, all are welcome.

THE MONEY: As technology advances, the cost of access to knowledge is lessened; however, there are some baseline costs associated with any human endeavor. As a formal institution, the University is in its incipient stages, and going forward, will be funded by The Cherry Moon Charitable Trust, whose books will be viewable to all so that all may know "where the money goes".
Ex: A simple three dollar donation will keep our domain online for a month.
Ex: a five dollar donation will pay for neocities data space for a month.

THE MISSION: A lack of happiness has cost the world more money in recent times than any other problem we have faced. Thus, this university's mission is to contribute to the advancement of whatever is good and fosters happiness. The system makes use of popular theories to mobilize the vitality of goodness that inheres in the human heart, in order that people harm each other no more, and waste all the goodness of the earth, but pursue paradise together.

THE MANDATES: To receive a diploma from Pinocchio Primary, in addition to the standard curriculum for grades 1-4, you must be familiar with the story of Pinocchio, the lesson of which is "be good", and pass the Pinocchio exam. You must also present a minimum of 36 credits, or, 36 courses each worth one credit.
At the next level, you must be familiar with the story of the Fellowship, the lesson of which is "together we can" and pass the Frodo exam. Here, each course is worth 2 credits, and you must present 72 credits.
At the high school level, you must be familiar with the story of Pier Giorgio Frassati, the "man of the beatitudes" (and for those who come from a history of sexual scandal of any sort, we recommend also the story of Pasolini but check with your parent/guardian if under 18) and pass the Tipi Loschi exam. Here, 108 credits are required.
The core curriculum of undergraduate studies consists of 3 trimesters devoted to beauty, truth and goodness. Here, the required texts are: On Fairy Stories, by Tolkien; On Bullshit by Frankfurt and Walden, by Thoreau.

Thus, entrance to the college entails an exam on these topics to make sure everyone understands what's going on, (including prospective faculty).
To graduate from the college curriculum you will need 360 credits.
At this point, everything is on your honor, we simply provide the requirements but of course, you can cheat--in which case, "you cheat yourself."