yes, the reference is to the chariots of Elijah on the "mountain of milk duds" or mount carmel. Plus, while I was lazing aroud somebody stole my shower stall and now I have to wait to take a shower.

There's always a week off at the end of the trimester and two weeks at christmas,
So whether you took the whole summer off or not, you get that!
So far the highlights of this break which is peppered with job hunting and apartment hunting and all this other stuff about Uriel's etc., have been the little island, which is lit up at night like a castle. the moon was full Monday night, to make up for the hurricane and there was a free concert from someone named "rose" which is what instigated the whole "ROSE IN SPANISH Harlem thing." the leopard was kidnapped by Colombian drug dealers and brought there but that's another story.
The whole experience was good, even if I didnt' get to go to Rockaway beach yet.
Since my phone was typically dead there are no pix of the moon but maybe someday Ill just paint little island and put the moon in the sky myself.

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