That's my lawyer

part of the "legit" series.
every Saturday afternoon, the confessional is available for those who want to "take a dump" so to speak.
Let the Holy Spirit advoate for you, and plea bargain your way out of purgatory
If you have no access to a confessional just make up a song from your heart.
This song is on tik tok but just the refrain, the version you need is LESLIE GORE. 1970

That's my lawyer, we'll try the case if we want to, try it if we want to, try it if we want to
you would try it too if the defendant stiffed you
Nobody knows where the hitman has gone but the superintendant left the same time.
why is Flimoir holding the keys to the lambo when they're supposed to be mine!
get rid of the hazmat, keep dumping all night, You sure are making a pile.
then cover it up with some hay, they won't find out for a while!<(chorus)
Willie and Seanie just walked through the door like two Saudi Arabian kings. O what a diva surprise! They're running a prostitution ring! (chorus)

leslie gore side b for veterans day in the manner of time to bombsaddam--thats my lab we're gonna nuke if we want to, you would nuke too if the superpowers nuked you, by shamalama dindon.