As this black moon rises, the new moon of August, we can hope for a new reality, because the holines of god is present to us even when we are not aware of this.
This company indirectly was inspired by Pier Giorgio Frassati,and we should always honor him for that,even if it came about "by accident".

PRESENCE AND EDUCATION: Why is it so important to be present, to learn to be present before we undertake any program of study? Education is about listening--it is about a love of reality, and as Paul Tillich said, "the first duty of love is to listen". So, in order to be educated to love what is, we need to listen to what is, to listen to the voice of existence, and we will not listen well if we are not present.

THE ECONOMIC VALUE OF BEING PRESENT: As is told fully in The Leopard's Tale, the origins of this University are intertwined with the presence and effects of mental illness in all areas of our culture, and the inability of even very expensive and elite education to find an adequate response to this.
In other words, the culture is "in denial"-fearful and ashamed, we are paralyzed. This is a very costly problem. Just as inadequate preparation on a construction project results in a lot of economic waste, so too here, an inadequate grasp of reality results in billions being spent on mental illness that could be spent elsewhere. What is mental illness after all but an inability to participate positively in reality? We need to limit our effort and expense as much as we can, we need to be economic with our education, so we can handle our responsibilities toward reality and not slough them off on others, causing them to become mentally ill.

BEING AND CONSCIOUSNESS: We do not know to what degree reality participates itself, and that is what Gaia theory is about, but without citing any philosophy and using only simple human reasoning, we are conscious beings in a way that a rock is not.
We are also aware that we are conscious and we express this, we are able to express both our consciousness and our awareness of it.
Thus, there are three levels of awareness, being, consciousness and awareness of this distinction.
This is where deviation from eternal goodness and happiness is allowed an entry point.
For, reality itself being made by "life" or "god" or "energy" is good in and of itself, and this is proven by our own heart, which did not choose to exist at least not in our own consciousness, but wants to exist, clearly, and is willing to endure quite a lot to continue to exist.
The mystery of rebellion from this initial premise of goodness has to do with being conscious and forming ideas and somehow allowing an idea to trump reality.
This is what happens to any ideologue.
Thus without going further, awareness of our own participation in reality which is described by Owen Barfield in "saving hte appearances" is key to any program of education.

THE PROPHETS OF REALITY: PASOLINI. Nothing speaks quite so eloquently to make a point as a life.
Pier Paolo Pasolini was a controverial filmmaker, about whom a documentary was written, "whosoever tells the truth must die."
He often wrote tell all letters to the news papers accusing high ranking politicians of crimes, he picked up prostitutes in train stations, and was arrested more than 30 times for corrupting the public morals and other similar charges.
Before he was murderered, he directed a movie on the life of Christ that the Vatican has given the highest praise.
He also wrote an essay called the unhappy young people which was oddly prescient.
Perhaps if Pasolini had lived to see the protests of our times, he would have been vindicated.

THE PROPHETS OF REALITY: FRASSATI. Before the Leopard was effectively denied a diploma based on her original thesis, she was studying the life of Girolamo Savonarola,the controversial friar of Renaissance Florence.
Though she did not realize it, as she was not attending a Catholic College, Savonarola's mighty influence had reached into the 20th century and touched another Italian who was born before Pasolini.
Pier Giorgio Frassati, a wealthy man from Turin who died about a hundred years ago, is not particularly well known in the church, though his fame is growing.
The pictures we used for our movie are taken from a short film we found on youtube called "Pier Giorgio: let him roam your mountains."
And he seems to have roamed into our mountains of his own accord:
The Sicilian barber of deville at the secularized college often blasted DEUS by Celentano (the crazy proponent of Universal Love), a harry belafonte mashup in which the elvis like italian singer begs God to "come down and fix the world" because the politicians and rich people have "ruined the venice of our grandparents".
Perhaps Frassati, seeing that the leopard knew him not, came instead.
The name of our company was supposed to be something generic like "Triple Z" or "Triple G" which would be easy for everyone to remember and would not signify anything in particular.
The agent who was helping us to register our corporation said, no, no no no those are all far too common, you need a name no one else will have."
Someone had been reading a book about Pier Giorgio called Una Valanga di vita, and cried, here's a name no one will have.
What might that be? Said the agent.
Una valanga di vita! was the response. ANd it stuck.

Prior planning prevents a poor performance.Are you looking for the Path to Paradise? What's the price for a passport? Are you prepared to pay?
some people believe paradise is in the PANE eucharistico...what is the metaphsyics of this? If we eat pane and the paraklete breaths on it and it turns into a mammalian creature, namely, us, catholics believe Jesus turned His own mammalian meat back into bread, and through him, bread becomes not just the highest form of primate, but a divinity.
You can't get much closer to the gardener concept than this.
this is the metaphysics of eternity in organic economy...we could save so many lives and live so much better if we understood this better.

We promised to comment on the public service nature of your donation if indeed you plan on paying to prop up the the project.
Schedule A is a necessary form on your 1040 in that case.
Since we feel odd about accepting something for nothing, but you wont get a deduction if we give you something of monetary value, how about a Green gardens card? Anyone who donates could get one of those, which technically has no value in the monetary sense.
One might say the P page represents the Paperwork of the "patriarchy" of Princely Policital Power, which did not exist until after the "fall" or "exile" because no one needed a passport to the garden.
Remember the word "paradise" meaning walled enclosure only happened after we ate the wrong fruit, or failed to eat the good fruit as the case may be.
we all know what happens if we don't eat any fruit...we get a vitamin dificiency.
Still, if we are still playing with the letter P, P also stands for the paladins of the pentacostal paraklete where pentecost is the first harvest of fruits -- did someone say watermelon three for a dollar?-- or the first pile of pesci....any event, we need to be prepared to propose the paradise plan.
So get your paperwork and your PT in order!
We are all Phidippedes and he has a job to do. PROMOTE PEACE AMONG PEOPLE.
Sometimes for example a person might ask, why all the regulations surrounding cars?
well, simply put, it's money: if your car causes a collision which presents problems for property or persons, some person has to PAY THE PRICE
If people were kind and reasonable, ninety percent of these problems would disappear along with the budget.
But its hard to be kind when you're paying several hundred a month for a car payment and insurance on top of that.
Of course as Curtis croons, "keeping up with Mr. Jones" sure requires a hefty loan.