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the baloney bitcoin billionaires flanked by their puppen the long island lamborghini liberals sashayed into the cathedral while the humble anawim were praying their morning angelus.
BWAAAAAAAA said besos what a bunch of schmucks. If you don't tattoo my face on your forehead, forget about buying berries anywhere on the planet.(this is where the term mark of the besos originated, besos means kiss jeffs Boot. sorta. )
Look here said Pope Leo I'll thank you to remove your gucci hat whilst in the church. Producing a pie from his pontifical parka, he pitched it powerfully at the puppen and power brokers. OK im just playing but you know its true. Dud then poked her pate over a parapet and purloined the pie which was loaded with blackberries OH YEAH
in todays readings, David has not yet become the baloney billionaire who would discard the demos in favor of his own deadly dictatorship.
Uriah was in fact still alive and David was humble and grateful.
Jesus said to the pupils, don't put the lamp under A.a manhole cover. B. a cloud. C. Bushel basket.
Sure there are secrets now but they will all be A. misquoted. B. revealed C. sold for two cents.
And so I say to you if you have ears A. buy more earrnigs. B. wear earplugs if you swim gowanus I mean!! C. hear!Neocities.

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