Let's make this a any other.
The level? SEMINAR level, just like the thesis the leopard had to do on her own.
The topics? the Puma, the padrino Pio and Pope frank all through to Pasolini we could even put Panzram, list will be the first seven weeks, then the Valanga List, including Pier Giorgio and other notable figures in our origins, the L list will include lepers, leopards, lynxes, lava leon and the listening angels, and the U/V list, VOLCANOS VALANGAS VANGELOS URIEL UNIVERSITIES THE UNIVERSE AND UBI. This course would last all year, 32 units for the brave souls who really want to know. Who will be "few in number" like Macnamaras band, but also "the finest in the land" LOL.
if you already know, you can do a speech on it, or a paper and get the credit which would be 128 credits.
the Listen List and then, URIEL andWhy Uriel? Yes, Uriel is a controversial figure in angelology. Sometimes however, a controvery may have its roots in political rather than theological questions. Let's take the case of Pier Giorgio Frassati, who has been beatified by the same church who burned his beloved Savonarola at the stake for a heretic. How could this be? The church makes mistakes, as when they also burned Joan of Arc and later realized she was a saint. It may well be that understanding and rehabilitating Uriel, the patron of many Eastern and african churches as well as the prestigious pre-reformation Oxford University, is an important task to reunite faith and reason.In any case, a true story wants to be told, and the story of our university wants to be told as well.

Why a university? What makes a university a university? This is an important question, for, universities have contributed greatly to the advancement of human life. They represent a cultural phenomenon that cannot really be economically quantified in any precise way. Yet, despite this, it costs a set sum of money to attend a university, since the creation and maintenance costs of a university can in fact be quantified.Many famous universities have endowments that rival states or even countries--the endowment of harvard say, versus the GNP of El Salvador.(25 billion for El Sal, to 40 billion for harvard) (see below for a form the IRS provides to the public to declare a charitable trust, which is not subject to taxes and would be a clear way for millionaires and billionaires to influence universities and get tax breaks at the same time)

So to return to the question. What exactly is a university? A university must confer academic degrees..this is a rule, but the degree should also be real.That is, it should represent something real, a thesis expounding a theory that has been tested.As we have seen, powerful influences are able to completely ignore obvious realities, such as of climate change, even those who have been to university.This is due to the fact that universities while laudable institutions, are often unable or unwilling to insist on their theories being tested in reality. In order to meet expenses, they are obliged to accept money from biased parties, who do not wish for the truth to come out, and thus, cannot be independent.

The origins of Uriel are nothing if not academically rigorous, at least, if academics is the study of what is real.
They are also dark and hot and scandalous.
One of the scandals of religion is that it often unwittingly or not equates holiness with "good behavior" or "being a good citizen", a phenomenon which Harold Berman has written on extensively in Law and Revolution.Thus, the leopard often was bullied and excoriated and continues to be in fact, by members of her own family, whose actions are often supported by church and state.However, we are confident they are not supported by Jesus, who in fact was legally executed by the state, a fact we shall return to often.The government is not God, and the "right of kings" invoked by authority as if they spoke in Gods name, is only true if the authority is similar to Jesus, who eschewed political power in favor of other goals, namely, love and truth.

The leopard (leper) having been made a leper by the return from college of her mentally ill relative, threw herself with all her precocious heart into the study of what makes people crazy.
THis was a 24/7 project, which was to continue for many, many years as the problem raged unchecked like a wildfire.
She was 15 years old at the time, and began to cut class in a profligate and shameless way, which only grew as time passed.
When she did attend class, she gave speeches on topics such as depression, and the separation of church and state.
She spent her time reading philosophy and history, theology and psychology, books of her own choosing, which she believed might actually help the situation, instead of what was being assigned, and her class rank went from number one to somewhere in the top 25%.
Her friends pointed this out, but she had more important things to worry about, like living another day.
(One of her best friends had a mother who was also "crazy", but the father had quietly divorced her and installed her in a government funded apartment in another town, and no one ever spoke of this, so the leper could not consult with her friend about what might be a possible solution. they did not know each others' common problem, and the friend took to dating popular guys and acting as though all was well, while the leopard, unable to date at all due to the monster breathing down her neck, became more and more "wild and unruly".
This, is one of the origins, perhaps the most crucial, of the volcano that became the Valanga di vita.
Years later, when the loco forced the leopard from her studies at college, she decided to throw herself into a solution even more controversial, into "I giovanni infelici" by Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Once again, it was a matter of life and death and she reasoned that she had nothing more to lose, (except my life, said Hamlet).

the leopard became familiar with Bad faith, gaslighting and scapegoating at a young age.
The high school served her detention after detention for truancy, though she was never drunk or high in class and never used disrespect with her teachers.(this school is now defunct.)
At a prep school program she attended one summer, her plan to expose the hidden scandals of the school,whether economic, theological.or sexual, resulted in her being labeled a "psychotic genius" and blacklisted amongst top flight universities.(much later, this school was finally sued by the family of another student).
The college she ended up attending promised her as much time as she needed to solve the problem of her brother, then after years of struggle to get the degree, they did an abrupt about face and said that all the money and time was lost (the leopard had been a scholarship student, working at a local supermarket and borrowing books to make ends meet.)

In order to prepare American particiapnts for ,Pasolini, which is all very strong stuff, we recommend the histoire de coeur be approached very slowly.
We also recommend the essay of An English speaking philosopher who vindicated many of Pasolinis points in 2005, Harry Frankfurt in his essay On bullshit.
We encourage all prospective students at the university level to begin to develop their own theory of bullshit.
It would also be helpful to review the below sample declaration of a charitable trust taken from the IRS website.

ANother thing we present to participants is, especially given the mission of our university, The importance of a routine.
As the leopard assumed more and more of a motherly role toward the loco, creating in her a maturity not often seen in a teenager, she began to recognize the importance of routine.
While farmers and bricklayers live by the sun and the moon, and rise before dawn, some others have been up all night, staving off sleep by the use of chemicals.
While the leopards mind was kept tightly focused on the problem at hand, the loco's chemically saturated mind and suffering soul, exploded into a volcano and veered all over hither and yon like a boat with no rudder, or a skidding car.
At times he passed days and days without sleep, and then would sleep for a week on end.
This was exhausting to the young leopard, who gradually developed a schedule that she insisted the loco follow for his own mental well being as well as hers. in the end, she was only moderately successful in having him follow it, and was often obliged to back up her suggestion with bruisers to avoid being bruised herself.

Robin Williams...a sometime political student of claremont college, where the loco attended classes for several months, was strongly in the air this morning, AUgust tenth, and as it turns out he died on the eleventh of august a few years back, of suicide due to a ravaging illness and a long battle with manic depression.
Anyone who has ever seen Williams perform understands that he was hyped up on cocaine much of the time, and he himself has said, "cocaine is God's way of telling you you have too much money."
Indeed the children of california culture, of which claremont seems to be a somewhat staid satellite, are very often children of privilege to a degree not seen in the Brahim gardens. Just as the money of the Protestant revolution, of the printing press, of widespread book learning, was poured into the East Coast universities, into waspish culture, into law and government to bring down Papal authority, so the money of tv and the new pop culture, so much greater and vaster in its reach, was poured into Hollywood to vacuum all possible money into its massive maw.
For a current comparison, think of the power of the internet and how it has taken down hollywood and sucked money into its black hole as into a spririling whirlpool to the depths, while 30 million americans have lost their jobs.
The loco told stories to the leopard of his classmates, who were unthinkably spoiled and had no concept of the consequences of their actions (think of what F Scott Fitzgerald said about daisy and tom after Gatsby died.)
fantastically rich and discontented student drug dealer known as C.A., whose ridiculous inherited wealth did not stop him from looking for more, by selling pills.
He prowled the halls all night on no doze and other stimulants, selling to his classmates in the quad on a skateboard and unable to sleep because after a night of studying he had to go to "water polo practice."
One night the loco stole his no doze to see what would happen, and the unfortunate spoiled child went into a fit, and went out on a ledge of the dorm, pounding on windows shouting for a fix.
Had he fallen to his death, the loco could have been charged with negligent homicide.

THE CHAIN OF EVICTIONS The loco was soon evicted from this school and dumped upon the hapless teenaged leopard by a bevy of terrified wealthy, cowardly adults who could not face reality.
. Now, it was her turn to be evicted from her life, and sentenced to the streets with her crazy brother.
She was never financially compensated for this, never protected, the problem was never even pronounced.
She was only rejected and left to figure out on her own what to do. As mentioned, this responsibility began when she was 15 years old.
There really is no convenient way to house hell, whether in the mind or not, liket he lava of the volcano, the truth will out
Recently, the upper west side made headlines over a hotel that had been converted into a sexual predator homeless shelter during the pandemic.
Rich people righteously assume they have the right to live far, far away from this sort of scary, "horrid" little inconvenience.
Just as Rich people do not believe in hell, and refuse to look at it, they also tend not to believe in heaven.
Instead, they abstract it, for example, in the film industry hell and heaven were abstracted into" neorealism" which was "over there, where we dropped the bombs and threw money at the graveyard cities" and "hollywood where we all where manolo blankis and everything turns out ok
in our present day world, we have "fantasy justice" economic rules that protect the rich and continue to force the poor to live cheek by jowl with the truth.
In the real world, the poor see hell, as it is, and so they tend to have a natural hope in its counterpoint: heaven.
It takes centuries of war and secularization to thrash that hope out of them--.and replace it with a chemical hallucination.
Hell and heaven may coexist in truth, though, reasoned TOlkien, if the supernatural intervenes to show us how. This he called, "Eucatastrophe", and was the philosophical foundation of his fantasy stories.
THe leopard could have made millions with the narcos, she was offered all kinds of gifts which she declined.
Alternatively, she could have claimed hte reward offered by the federal police, which was also millions, since it would have led to the capture of high profile fugitives.
She turned this down, prefering to protect the family that did not protect her.
Now the lynx suffers the consequences of eviction, from a chain reaction that began long ago.
Do you feel outrage? You should, it is outrageous, but unless we are prepared to face the consequences of mental illness the injustice will continue.
This is the economic justification of our university, founded to explain and remedy insanity without paying ineffetual Phds all the inheritance of generations, and turning innnocent girls out into the street.

consider that years ago, a video camera used to record the insanity was deliberately smashed,(after it had been first broken by another relative's boyfriend on a chair lift, while he also attempted sexual assault) and more recently, several laptops--originally the witnesses began to tell this tale on a laptop which had labored hard to earn, but three times, the computer was damaged during an attempted incestuous sexual assault."
The leopards effots to keep the family from complete ruin did not have their intended results; instead, the common treasure she trustingly helped to build to prevent suicides of relatives was plundered and the rest, seems to be now stolen by injustice and misfortune forever.
Over it all looms the threat that the loco will one day go off his tranqs despite the governments orders, and return to the pillaging and raping he was so wont to do once upon a time.
In the fact of this threat, estate lawyers, psychiatrists and police offers are cowed and bully the most vulnerable among us, while they themselves run the other way.
For in the end, their own safety is far more important than that of any bitchy little insouciant Jesus loving woman who refused to be bullied by anyone.

Any money placed into this fund belongs to all of us, who have suffered homelessness, theft and physical and sexual assault at the hands of their own blood kin. We know who we are and we know what's going on.
Justice for george was born on the exact weekend ten years earlier that the Puma, the beloved Nortenyo, jumped bail after his NYC arrest.
Memorials for those the rich go ostrich on...from the victims of war and holocaust, overwhelmingly te poor and dispossesed, to climate change, the "inconvenient truth" to the abandonment of the elderly and the sick, to covid 19 which trump said back in march we "had under control" to racism gender bias and economic injustice which --where do we even begin--to finally, the unsung scourge of mental illness.
WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS AND ITS REMEDIES. Yes, its scary. Yes, people get killed for talking about it.
But the true story wants to be told. Let's talk about Whats going on, and let's keep on talking about it, like we have been all summer..let's keep on talking and walking and squawking about any lack of love we see, together we can make it so that injustice doesnt' happen ever again.

DRAFT B The __________________________ Charitable Trust. Declaration of Trust made as of the _____ day of ______________________, 20______, by ________________________, of _____________________________, and ________________________________, of _______________________________________, who hereby declare and agree that they have received this day from ___________________________, as Donor, the sum of Ten Dollars ($10) and that they will hold and manage the same, and any additions to it, in trust, as follows: First: This trust shall be called "The _________________________ Charitable Trust." Second: The trustees may receive and accept property, whether real, personal, or mixed, by way of gift, bequest, or devise, from any person, firm, trust, or corporation, to be held, administered, and disposed of in accordance with and pursuant to the provisions of this Declaration of Trust; but no gift, bequest or devise of any such property shall be received and accepted if it is conditioned or limited in such manner as to require the disposition the income or its principal to any person or organization other than a "charitable organization" or for other than "charitable purposes" within the meaning of such terms as defined in Article Third of this Declaration of Trust, or as shall in the opinion of the trustees, jeopardize the federal income tax exemption of this trust pursuant to section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. Third: A. The principal and income of all property received and accepted by the trustees to be administered under this Declaration of Trust shall be held in trust by them, and the trustees may make payments or distributions from income or principal, or both, to or for the use of such charitable organizations, within the meaning of that term as defined in paragraph C, in such amounts and for such charitable purposes of the trust as the trustees shall from time to time select and determine; and the trustees may make payments or distributions from income or principal, or both, directly for such charitable purposes, within the meaning of that term as defined in paragraph D, in such amounts as the trustees shall from time to time select and determine without making use of any other charitable organization. The trustees may also make payments or distributions of all or any part of the income or principal to states, territories, or possessions of the United States, any political subdivision of any of the foregoing, or to the United States or the District of Columbia but only for charitable purposes within the meaning of that term as defined in paragraph D. Income or principal derived from contributions by corporations shall be distributed by the trustees for use solely within the United States or its possessions. No part of the net earnings of this trust shall inure or be payable to or for the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, and no substantial part of the activities of this trust shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting, to influence legislation. No part of the activities of this trust shall be the participation in, or intervention in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. B. The trust shall continue forever unless the trustees terminate it and distribute all of the principal and income, which action may be taken by the trustees in their discretion at any time. On such termination, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose. The donor authorizes and empowers the trustees to form and organize a nonprofit corporation limited to the uses and purposes provided for in this Declaration of Trust, such corporation to be organized under the laws of any state or under the laws of the United States as may be determined by the trustees; such corporation when organized to have power to administer and control the affairs and property and to carry out the uses, objects, and purposes of this trust. Upon the creation and organization of such corporation, the trustees are authorized and empowered to convey, transfer, and deliver to such corporation all the property and assets to which this trust may be or become entitled. The charter, bylaws, and other provisions for the organization and management of such corporation and its affairs and property shall be such as the trustees shall determine, consistent with the provisions of this paragraph. C. In this Declaration of Trust and in any amendments to it, references to "charitable organizations" or "charitable organization" mean corporations, trusts, funds, foundations, or community chests created or organized in the United States or in any of its possessions, whether under the laws of the United States, any state or territory, the District of Columbia, or any possession of the United States, organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures or is payable to or for the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, and no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and which do not participate in or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. It is intended that the organization described in this paragraph C shall be entitled to exemption from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. D. In this Declaration of Trust and in any amendments to it, the term "charitable purposes" shall be limited to and shall include only religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes within the meaning of those terms as used in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code, but only such purposes as also constitute public charitable purposes under the law of trusts of the State of _________________. Fourth: This Declaration of Trust may be amended at any time or times by written instrument or instruments signed and sealed by the trustees, and acknowledged by any of the trustees, provided that no amendment shall authorize the trustees to conduct the affairs of this trust in any manner or for any purpose contrary to the provisions of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code. An amendment of the provisions of this Article Fourth (or any amendment to it) shall be valid only if and to the extent that such amendment further restricts the trustees' amending power. All instruments amending this Declaration of Trust shall be noted upon or kept attached to the executed original of this Declaration of Trust held by the trustees. Fifth: Any trustee under this Declaration of Trust may, by written instrument, signed and acknowledged, resign his office. The number of trustees shall be at all times not less than two, and whenever for any reason the number is reduced to one, there shall be, and at any other time there may be, appointed one or more additional trustees. Appointments shall be made by the trustee or trustees for the time in office by written instruments signed and acknowledged. Any succeeding or additional trustee shall, upon his or her acceptance of the office by written instrument signed and acknowledged, have the same powers, rights and duties, and the same title to the trust estate jointly with the surviving or remaining trustee or trustees as if originally appointed. None of the trustees shall be required to furnish any bond or surety. None of them shall be responsible or liable for the acts or omissions of any other of the trustees or of any predecessor or of a custodian, agent, depositary or counsel selected with reasonable care. The one or more trustees, whether original or successor, for the time being in office, shall have full authority to act even though one or more vacancies may exist. A trustee may, by appropriate written instrument, delegate all or any part of his or her powers to another or others of the trustees for such periods and subject to such conditions as such delegating trustee may determine. The trustees serving under this Declaration of Trust are authorized to pay to themselves amounts for reasonable expenses incurred and reasonable compensation for services rendered in the administration of this trust, but in no event shall any trustee who has made a contribution to this trust ever receive any compensation thereafter. Sixth: In extension and not in limitation of the common law and statutory powers of trustees and other powers granted in this Declaration of Trust, the trustees shall have the following discretionary powers. a) To invest and reinvest the principal and income of the trust in such property, real, personal, or mixed, and in such manner as they shall deem proper, and from time to time to change investments as they shall deem advisable; to invest in or retain any stocks, shares, bonds, notes, obligations, or personal or real property (including without limitation any interests in or obligations of any corporation, association, business trust, investment trust, common trust fund, or investment company) although some or all of the property so acquired or retained is of a kind or size which but for this express authority would not be considered proper and although all of the trust funds are invested in the securities of one company. No principal or income, however, shall be loaned, directly or indirectly, to any trustee or to anyone else, corporate or otherwise, who has at any time made a contribution to this trust, nor to anyone except on the basis of an adequate interest charge and with adequate security. b) To sell, lease, or exchange any personal, mixed, or real property, at public auction or by private contract, for such consideration and on such terms as to credit or otherwise, and to make such contracts and enter into such undertakings relating to the trust property, as they consider advisable, whether or not such leases or contracts may extend beyond the duration of the trust. c) To borrow money for such periods, at such rates of interest, and upon such terms as the trustees consider advisable, and as security for such loans to mortgage or pledge any real or personal property with or without power of sale; to acquire or hold any real or personal property, subject to any mortgage or pledge on or of property acquired or held by this trust. d) To execute and deliver deeds, assignments, transfers, mortgages, pledges, leases, covenants, contracts, promissory notes, releases, and other instruments, sealed or unsealed, incident to any transaction in which they engage. e) To vote, to give proxies, to participate in the reorganization, merger or consolidation of any concern, or in the sale, lease, disposition, or distribution of its assets; to join with other security holders in acting through a committee, depositary, voting trustees, or otherwise, and in this connection to delegate authority to such committee, depositary, or trustees and to deposit securities with them or transfer securities to them; to pay assessments levied on securities or to exercise subscription rights in respect of securities. f) To employ a bank or trust company as custodian of any funds or securities and to delegate to it such powers as they deem appropriate; to hold trust property without indication of fiduciary capacity but only in the name of a registered nominee, provided the trust property is at all times identified as such on the books of the trust; to keep any or all of the trust property or funds in any place or places in the United States of America; to employ clerks, accountants, investment counsel, investment agents, and any special services, and to pay the reasonable compensation and expenses of all such services in addition to the compensation of the trustees. Seventh: The trustees' powers are exercisable solely in the fiduciary capacity consistent with and in furtherance of the charitable purposes of this trust as specified in Article Third and not otherwise. Eighth: In this Declaration of Trust and in any amendment to it, references to "trustees" mean the one or more trustees, whether original or successor, for the time being in office. Ninth: Any person may rely on a copy, certified by a notary public, of the executed original of this Declaration of Trust held by the trustees, and of any of the notations on it and writings attached to it, as fully as he might rely on the original documents themselves. Any such person may rely fully on any statements of fact certified by anyone who appears from such original documents or from such certified copy to be a trustee under this Declaration of Trust. No one dealing with the trustees need inquire concerning the validity of anything the trustees purport to do. No one dealing with the trustees need see to the application of anything paid or transferred to or upon the order of the trustees of the trust. Tenth: This Declaration of Trust is to be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of _____________________________________________. Trustee _________________________________________________ Trustee _________________________________________________

Charitable trusts that qualify under section 509(a)(3) (as supporting organizations of public charities) are not private foundations and, thus, are not subject to the taxes and restrictions that apply to private foundations. In determining if it qualifies under section 509(a)(3), a charitable trust will be treated as if organized on the day it first becomes subject to section 4947(a)(1). The previous relationship between the charitable trust and the organizations it benefits or supports may be considered. The charitable trust may obtain recognition of its status as a section 509(a)(3) organization by requesting a ruling from the Internal Revenue Service.