THe Four Vs of the VANGELO.

Talk to the hand. It wasn't my idea. Its hard not to notice how shy Forgione is regarding his holiness. if you believe, of course.
The original name for the Valanga was w or double u as diehard stans will agree.
But God has a sense of humor and can be heard singing double of this, double of that. Just as in Man of the year, Williams was elected by a computer error, the Valanga di Vita was a name chosen by the Spirit in a moment of good humored crown doffing to Pier Paolo and Pier Giorgio.

Valanga is the public iteration of the Pancake and pizza Paradise project which we could call Pasch (after all Jesus called it that and he was talking about brotts.
It's interesting that Jesus in response to a question resembling How far is Heaven, once said not "I will show you the way" but "I am the way." SONO LA VIA LA VERITA AND THE VITA.". He also said Sono il PANE venuto da PARADISO. Its not that complicated, dont you wake up on a saturday and want pancakes hello. He didn't say "der wege ins blau" either.
But it is, if you consider that he ascended into the sky, which appears blue to our eyes when lit up by the fire of the sun. He didn't say VALANGA either but he said it later when Pier Giorgio erupted upon the scene as a valanga of vitality.
there would be no war between christians --how insane is that after all--, no economic exploitation if we all sat down to pancakes and pizza nad padano and pomodoro and pinot gringo in paradise. This whole nuclear thing, lets use fire as it is intended, to ripen the wheat and bake brotts.just saying.
In any event, its helpful to dud, who as mentioned find its difficult to abstract things, to imagine the rosary mysteries as four wooden poles that held up teh roof over the manger, and now, four legs of a table upon which rests the brott, dud being a small dog lally gagging under the table, hoping for scraps. The Four Vs could serve a siilar purpose the first V a volcano of Joy, teh second V, the light of truth in of luminous mysteries, the third V, the way of the cross and the fourth, BOOM the life of paraise.Neocities.

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