There's an M in Magma Made of Molten Milk duds but there is no M in plug.

See, at pinocchio primary you learn the abbecedario. Its' a key to being literate. Howeer the spirit speaks all languages and never seems to need to write them down if he doesn't feel like it. "cool."those who know the story of the padrino exulting while shouting "G" will understand this joy in speech and communication, which is unique to the Holy spirit who "understands all things."
This by the way is the same spirit who married the Madonna, (and was all over John the Baptist)which also begins with M.

Not having the correct plug to plug a wide screen tv into the phone to watch the final of the world cup makes you think about another question: how does one plug into the Spirit of Life, the Spirit that descended upon Elisha after it took Elijah up to heaven in a gold bugatti powered by the magma of molten milk duds (ok poetic license.)
Elisha asked for a "double scoop" as it were and if you've ever been to venchis you know thats a bonanza, no matter what flavor you get.
The same spirit descended upon Jesus as he explained after reading the Scroll of the prophet Isaiah. "the spirit of the Lord is upon me. because the Lord, has annointed me."
So, if the spirit is the Paradise Plug, where's the Paradise port?

Here's how to make a list:

The first plug was the seven Ps the Seven Ls and then Uriel showed up. The second plug is below.