A PATH TO PARADISE but can't find the lava P so the neon P will have to do.

From within the rockaway ortaotty,
barlzeebeebbi tooted firmly and decisively. He had attempted to consume all the milk duds, thus making it impossible for Elijay to climb the uscious ava and hail the riel ber.
However, abriel's uardians had locked him in and foiled the plot.
Elijah meanwhile was arguing with Eli jelbow about whose SEO was more powerful.
Get real, said the prophet. I'm in the bible ok. So what retorted the other. Im on RA.
The short order cook was in a foul temper becuase he felt his importance was not being recognized. Im the one keeps this damn party going, he shouted. A burger here, a home slice there, nobodoy even gives me the time of the harmonic convergence. Suddenly a moonbeam sucked him up into a confessinoal to clean out his closet, lets just leave it at that. unluckily it happened to be the same closet where beezosbazzy was stuck.
The sicilian appeared. Who fugazzi broke my dxs toilet? Show up at my choich ask for woik and eat at my table every day then ask me to put in water pipes and then break the toilet? MA SCHERZATE VOI ALTRI!!!
barista another round of milkshakes, said John the Baptist. I've been living on wild honey for way too long. Anyways, (and he elbowed jelbow) you can't compare RA to the NT or even the OT, for that matter.
And why not? Jelbow said indignantly.
well was it ever stored in a cave by the dead sea?
No, but I found it in a dead cell phone in the east river.Neocities.

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