By taking this simple pilot class, you are helping the Valanga di Vita learn how to conduct classes according to the standards of the Dept of Education.
There are three criteria: a regular schedule, students, and faculty.
This class runs from August 29 for 16 weeks
The text is provided here as well as audio readings of the text in case you are out walking etc
There are various videos of interest, such as a video of Tolkien discussing LOTR in the 1960s.
There is a simple quiz at the end of each week.
The class is intended to introduce people in an often cynical world to the possibility that believing in supernatural phenomena might not be contrary to rational thought at all, and that "fantasy" "faith" and phenomenology mightin fact be compatible and mutually beneficial.
It shouldn't require more than a couple hours a week to complete the work and you can talk about it with whomever you wish, the world is your classroom.
See if Tolkien's thesis is borne out by reality.
As far as possible the professor is Tolkien himself; the course simply hopes to introduce him to students as one friend will introduce another friend to a third friend in the hopes that all will get along famously.