Uriel University is brought to you by The Landslide of Life (Italian: La Valanga di Vita).
The University cannot be built by just a few people. It is built by all of us and is meant to be available to all. At this point it is simply an early iteration, nothing more.
To attain a degree, find someone who has a degree and present your thesis to that person.
That should be sufficient qualification for our purposes at this point, since we don't have a billion dollar endowment.
The leopard followed all the rules and was betrayed because the ivy league culture couldnt face reality, so why shoulndt Uriel's be a bit different?
Of course your thesis could be a film, a painting, a garden, a drone, or any other sort of project.
As we build this project, consider these points
Pinocchio has a choice, be good, be real and be free, or be a puppet.
The middle schooler Matilda who was actually the basis of the Pasolini program is a real life version of the kind of adolescent angst, frustration and rebellion that we all experience, and not only at that age.
(Jesus even experienced this angst, when he asked his folks why they had been looking for him? he wasn't "lost" but "doing his own thing".)
Pippin was introduced because he is more palatable to the public.
He also has a choice and he chooses freedom... and his "disastrous" pranks actually benefit the fellowship in mysterious ways, according to "engelblau" and "eucatastrophe."
Pier Giorgio is a potential answer to Pier Paolo's quest for happiness.
Frankly,the prep school Pier Giorgio sort of entered the project without being invited, so we're still trying to figure that out
If you get to the university this all translates into the cor curriculum, based on the heart.
For "the heart has reasons which reason knows not.
If we put the human heart back into center stage of education, we hopefully will heal all this depression, violence, and related issues.
For more on cooperative universities, the New School in NYC is considering reviving this model which was suppressed during the Cold War; also, there is a coop university in Africa.
for more on the particular focus of Uriels to those whose education was affected by certain societal phenomena, see for example the story of Marilyn Van derBer. Miss American By Day.
We will refrain from discussing it here.

The University's Patron is Uriel the Archangel, also the patron of Oxford in England,( which is one of the oldest still functional universities in the world,) and sometimes known as the angel of summer, of light and of fire.
He is sometimes believed to be the angel at the gates of paradise.
Those who are interested may research further on Uriel at the youtube channel of Attorney Carmine Alvino,
Uriel was seen in a vision by the Sicilian friar Lo Duca, resulting in a church being built near what is now the stazione termini in Rome, he is widely revered in the Ethiopian church and may be referred to in the song "Bodyguard" by Paul Simon, in the lyric "I see angels in the architecture."