True mission

Amendment to the original bylaws: The true name of Leons' Landslide is the Valanga di Vita, and the true mission is completely in line with the Spirit of God, to foster the people who are associated with it. Sometimes the mission is delicate, and the specifics of this will be made available upon request--not only to governing bureaucrats but to anyone who wishes it.

This isn't aobut politics: we got involved in politics out of necessity not desire. They asked us to explain. We didnt volunteer anythign: quite the contrary.
This is about life. it makes you think, the past few republican Presidents have not been the type to have their speechwriters quote famous authors...they are businessmen more than scholars...its'a a mark of extra time to be able to read at all, as those who have to work from childhood will tell you.
so Democrats like Biden whose speechwriters quote Hemmingway are just revealing their "limosine liberality" yet they would criticize the Latin Liturgy for the same reason. But we digress.
A true story like the Leopards tale, wants to be told, and indeed the government demanded that it be told--and will also be hunted down to the ends of the earth for some baffling reason. Because the accuser of the people has been thrown down.
Then there are those like Pilate who are just tired of the question
This edition of Vanity Plate Fabuzzo, Christ the King of the Universe and hence of the Valangaverse which is the realm of the Valanga.
THe title Vanity Plate Fabuzzo is partly taken from a book of the Hebrew Bible, The famous existential query: The Sun Also Rises .
Hemmingway killed himself....But the moon also rises, and this particular full moon was special, because of the one in a 1000 year eclipse: but it rained here and that make yuo say, Vanity of Vanities, said Queholeth, and all is vanity and a chasing after the wind.
Is it? is he correct, after all?
Is the truth nothing more than a fabuzzo, that is a Fiabba or a fable, and does this word originate with the fava bean?--but we digress.
That begs another question, why do we think fables and fairy tales are false?
For, this is a trick to make us sad: that the ultimate faeirie tale, that of resurrection and eternity, is not true.
But supposing it is? (did your heart not leap in your chest when you read that, as if to say that it knows?