This is a history of the nomenclature, which is really time consuming but also is really necessary to explain everything.
That said, there is no reason to read it unless you are curious about where all these names come from.

The Double U Companies--which predates the valanga di Vita in time--came to be when a Salvadoran refugee was trying to get political asylum to stay in this country legally and came into contact with a lawyer who was secretly trying to find a safe place to live due to domestic violence and had taken refuge in the hidden ghettos of the world.

The salvadoran had been working for many years for an evangelical church, trying to keep middle school kids out of the Mara Salvatruchas and other similar gangs.
In order to interview members of the gang anonymously, the lawyer called the HQ of the church, which was in the united states, and asked if the refugee could use their status as a charity to solicit free phones and ipads to interview gang members with the aid of Spanish priest Father Antonio Rodriguez.
The church said NO, since they were understandably afraid, so the lawyer said thats ok I'll do it myself, and attempted to form a charity sole proprietorship, which is not possible.
She called it the Double U companies, which could be written as W for short and sounded like take my yoke upon you, the CHristian symbol of working together with Jesus.
Since she was not an expert in charity law, she did not know that charities could not be sole proprietorships.

The lawyer also wished to anonymously share not only evidence of the injustice and anger in El Salvador, but also in her own experience, and propose possible solutions to the undiscussed violence and economic injustice that affected so many, especially women, children, poor people and other traditionally vulnerable voiceless populations.
(see for example, @metoo, @BLM, Hervey Kleckely, or, Obama's mental health awareness proclamation of May, 2016.)

In collaboration with others who remain anonymous, a website was created for anyone who wished to use it.
The school was called Wildwood high after the school in the movie Leon: the professional, but was eventaully changed to Hollywood high, (and then Holywood high to avoid disambiguity problems), presenting for English speakers the pedagogical curriculum of a controversial film director, Paolo Pasolini.
.Pasolini was most definitely NOT anonymous; he was also most definitely dead.