We have here Matilda, who instead of quitting school to become a rock star, like Pinocchio basically did, quit school to become an assassin out of pure unadulterated necessity.
It's a scandal yes we make no attempt to deny that, the stumbling block however is the foundation stone of the world of love.
So while the world may reject the castle quality bricks of our castle, which is US, the living stones, its not about the world. It's about love. Everyone associated with the founding of this company is educated, and that will be obvious to anyone who reviews the material.
However we need to be certified as a school and then accredited. Certification costs $500 and requires regularly scheduled classes.

The class for this fall, the pilot is going to be the Tolkien class on fairy stories.
This was put together rather hastily in order to send to the Federal government so if it's a bit messy, that is nothing compared to the stress of trying to figure out how to be diplomats of heaven when we aren't even holy hello.
We dont have time to get all the stuff together, so we're going to start with that class.
It's a good solid class, running for 16 weeks. Today September 7 is the start of week two but obviously you can study whenever you want.


Forgoing doughnuts, dud will now attempt to explain the origins of Engelblau College and its connection to Cupid, angels, and indeed to Faerie.
This will serve as proof that people who belive in angels and the world of the supernatural aren't just dumbells who would believe in anything.

The Lance of Longinus is a legendary relic that even the likes of Hitler, who reportedly was the subject of much mistreatment h himself, sought to possess.
Far from being merely an erotic amorous arrow on steriods tossed at your unexpecting soul, while it is this, it is so much more.

It is the arrow of Agape thrust so deeply into the heart of God, that God's essence of Blood and Water, that is, Life and Love, was revealed.

Why did we come to understand this? Upon the aforementioned Arpil 2018 graudtion of Holywood high, fka Wildwood high, the spirit said, the Holy wood is more everlasting and evergreen than holly, it is the Star of david, more so than the stars on Hollywood boulevard.
the wood of the cross and indeed the Lance of Longinus which resulted in a Eucharistic Miracle at Lanciano.

THe only requirement for those looking for college credit, is to take the tests on Pinocchio, The Lord of the Rings, Pasolini and Pier Giorgio those exams will be posted here soon.



P is for crushable puppets of haze
Who walk around in a love struck daze
but who exactly is pulling the strings?
Is it Jimmy and bobbyor Bennato who sings?
If you want to be free, so does everyone
We want to be real and rejoice in the sun.

Read on and explore how this might be done.
The story has already begun.

Pedagogy part one. A brief apology for including Pinocchio.

Please know that like St Paul, we are including this as a justification of spending time on Piniocchio because according to the thesis of Uriel University, it is a very inexpensive way to understand the existential crisis of our world.

Without launching into a full blown peer review journal study of Pinocchio, there is a reason it is widely discussed in academic circles as well as widely loved by a lot of poeple.

Pinocchio, so goes one argument, is a huge defense of progress in education and literacy programs, and portrays both agriculture and the arts as lesser, even coopting the elements of faerie , the fata, into the grillo of the inerior conscience. Is the grillo simply Godot, the God we imagine, the one who never comes?
It incorporates a lot of elements of what Tolkien calls the cauldron of Faerie, which means, Collodi wasn't so much concerned as we are today with every little iota of copyright law.
Did he have his own private fortune?
That investigation is not the subject of this entrance exam either, although "leisure is the basis of culture" so he probably had some free time and was not out in the bean field from dawn to dusk, one may assume.
Which brings us to the point. How does pinocchio fit into the educationa program of beatitude?

Collodi was coming from the Christian context--Jesus is the word made flesh, because neither the sacrifice of Abraham nor the Logos of the Greeks could solve the problem of death and tragedy.

The tribes of Abraham could offer a milion sacrifices and still not find heaven, while the comedies of Athens could distract us and their philosophers ended up like QUoeleth vanity of Vanities and all is a chasing of the wind.
Jesus did not stress unviersity knowledge as the way to salvation.
However, in the story of Pinocchio we find schoolbooks beign presented as the prize.
Pinocchio wants to experience reality and he gets burned in a big way because he is not ready.
THis is the opposite of Jesus, who at age 12 went to the temple and was sent home to work at manual labor.

Pasolini also presents reality as the first and most powerful teacher, far more powerful than school, and in Tolkiens' middle earth, literacy and written books are rarely mentioned but considered as resositories of memory,