GHETTO university was the original title of the song ALL OF THE LIGHTS, featuring Kanye and Rihanna.
URIEL UNIVERSITY is the fruit of the true Ghetto University, because not only black girls end up in the "ghetto University" but we all do when violence and injustice are hidden and not exposed.
Uriel University began many years ago when a student at a prestigious women's college was denied a degree because the school could not come to grips with the reality of how many people in our world are mentally ill.
She was not mentally ill but her brother was, and he forced her to take care of him at the expense of her studies, career and love life, by causing a situation which no one could remedy.

2020 has exposed the fragility of life in our civil society across the earth, and given an opportunity for us to address this problem together with mutual love. Varoufakis, Sanders and others have responded to this and founded progressives international. They are correct, we must respond by shining all of God's lights on our human experience. At times this is difficult, but necessary.