if this is the pizza of paradise
(in a manner of speaking)
then, it is is a pizza without price.
So take the philosopher's advice
and the proof of the pizza is in the slice
or sell not the farm for a plate of rice. or dice or nice or thin ice what should be the last stanza here

Note on the word Bible and internal coherence..the word BIBLE means "BOOK" in latin but we need to recall that the authors of the new testament were promoting what their teacher had propounded; namely, that "He was the book." He said this in church when he stood up to read from the scroll of Isaiah and said in no uncertain terms, "this prophesy is fulfilled, right here, right now.
Moreover, upon the eve of Passover, and of his execution he gave his friends not a book, but bread. Thus if the thesis holds together the bread IS the bible in some kind of phenomenological way.
This class will seek to answer the question: is the thesis of Jesus' spin on the Passover internally and externally coherent? But why so much insistence on Husserlian Phenomenology? Husserl stood against Orson Welles' Big Brother (ok it's George Orwell but there is a pun there for those who see it) who tried to create a world in which 2 plus 2 could equal five.
Uriel University could aptly be called the Borghetto University, or as we formerly styled it, "Gabuzzo University".
What does this mean?
Jesus was not a tenured docent. He went about to all the borghettos.
The song "all of the lights" makes reference to a "Ghetto University", and ghetto is short for "borgetto" an Italian diminutive of "borgo", town, which exists in English as Hamburger.
Ham burg, the city of Ham.
Who would eat bread without knowing what was in it?
The same goes for the Bread of Angels. What exactly is in it, or more precisely, who grows the grain, who stokes the fires at the ovens of eternity, and whose heart is in the recipe?
Why is this important for Uriel's University's Universal Unction... Three year probationary period (the same amount of time Engelkuchen spent with his bunch before they received the Baptism of fire and the Spirit of Unity) and Paradise Permanent Residency Green Cards)
Free Economic Education about Engelkuchen>As will all Uriel classes, it can be scaled for any level, from first grade to Post Graduate Divinity Doctorate.
This class is an open intellectual examination of the Catholic thesis, namely, the Engelbrott, to see if it holds up under inquiry especially as regards the "Acts 4:32" Paradise permanent resident card project.
Put another way, three questions exegesis hopes to answer through historical anthropological inquiry: what is the economy of Eden, what spirituality undergirds it, and is it tenable for human society or not?

readings are taken from the Catholic readings of the Roman Rite which were written down by scribes of the original hebrew scriptues and disciples of Jesus of Nazaret, subsequently translated from aramaic, hebrew and Greek to Latin and thence to various European languages during the period of the printing press.
Please note we will hopefully be having exegesis experts in future to form a crew. If you wish to participate, do not hesitate to communicate.
As far as the musical crew of Uriel U, check The LOT on Nassau at San Damiano.
You can always watch youtube channels to get advice and sermons on the bible from people who study it a lot, for exmaple, Padre Pio, brother andre, Juan Diego, Father Mark G. Father Manuel R. or whatever you wish.
If you want to see about Acts 4:32 communities you can check nomadelfia in Grosetto, there is one in Rome, there is also less radical ones, such as Saint Egidio, Shalom in Brazil, Heraldos in Spain, there are a lot of them. FAERIE FORGE: THE FOUNDATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF PHILOGICAL FANTASY

Exegesis has been absent for a while but we probably should resume it, as a perpetually free class offered at every church.
If you are part of another religion, by all means, enter the debate. This is an open, cordial inquiry.
We do repeat, did anyone ever hear of Jesus charging tuition for his classes? If so, please make this known.
Moreover, did anyone ever hear of a priest saying "engelbrott cookies, one dollar a pack" or, if on fifth avenue, five dollars?
Leaving aside the indulgence debate, that's for another page. The church did veer off in some weird directions at certain times in history.

One of the chief reasons the "Jesus as teacher" concept has been forgotten despite the fact that appeared in public as a teacher or "rabbi", is perhaps related to the reason the economic doctrine of Acts 4:32 has been forgotten.
people like the Medicis wanted to "rewrite economic and theological/philosophica history" so they could justify being rich and dominating other communities by exploitation.
During the "renaissance" (which was dubbed thusly by Medici supporters who perhaps thought they were smarter than God) but in reality Jesus was very intelligent and capable of debate with the foremost intellectuals of his day, as can be seen by any argument he had with the Pharisees and lawyers, professional intellectuals of the time.
At the age of 12, he was already well read enough to be a temple priest....which means his family was not abjectly poor...
Please note, anyone who wants to understand the Medici and the Pazzi, its worth reading Dante, who wrote his own version of the mountain adventure, except his guide was vergil, not gollum and it's written in the Florentine dialect, not the English of Tolkien.
We here at Uriel's do have an outline for that, if we can find it, this is not the one we will post it here. There is a common misconceptino that Dante was just a poet, a dilettante who mooned about missing Beatrice. this is one of those max weber things--Dante was a very involved in the society of his time. like Pasolini he was intensely involved in politics and was actually exiled from Florence for supporting the wrong party, the guelphs who were loyal to the pope. The medicis then threw out all the pazzi and the word Pazzo began to mean "crazy" just because the medicis wanted to "take over" the cathedrals. They also killed Savonarola HA stay on topic. it would be interesting to note though if the five people who own all the media in the world, what are they really doing behind their philanthropic ? Which is why Pasolini had orson welles say to the journalist "the same person who owns your paper owns my studio. Good day.
Ok basta.
The desultory, deprecatory moniker "Pazzi boombazzi" comes from this time.
We also have a similar outline for understanding Galileo and the whole "eppure si muove" controversy, which is based on astronomy but also concerns the veridical origins of the Engelbrott. We have an astronony course too, fortunately the night sky is not yet being sold with cryptotickets. not yet.


Like St Paul, we have had some adventures but we are resuming.

In keeping with this, the first reading for today seems to show just how communistic the early church was. Paul in first corinthians 11 todays reading, was irritated when he found that they had begun to be greedy about A. food B. wine C. both a and b What is this I hear, he writes in a huff, that among you there are A. dogs B. debts C.divisions And some of you get drunk while others A. go hungry B. get high C. both a and b It is abvious from the reading that in the early church, the Eucharist included A. free dinner for all B. soccer matches C. Roman chariot races Sadly however, the church forgot this over the centuries and we need to A. forget it even more B. remember it C. rely on others to do it for us, because let's face it its just too complicated and wearisome.

Today September 13, is the feast of John Chrysostom. It's worth noting too as we reflect this week on 9/11 that that date was the anniversary of the first ever Engelbrott Adoration in 1226 in Avignon, according to some sources. Perhaps Engelkuchen is worth its weight in world trade. An interesting economic question might be, as we have often said, is one engelkuchen worth more than a bottle of anti depressants, factoring in the cost of educating a priest of kuchen. Good question, and by the way the market was out of cookies.
Continuing on, St Paul again stresses the unity of A. the Indo-Persian empire of the late mesozoic era. B. the ten commandments or "ha tora" as the Jews call it. C. the entire human population.
Chrysostom is A. a Greek word meaning "golden tongue B. A persian word meaning hellwiddit. C. An aramaic word meaning, "the cows are dying."
As Jesus was rambling about teaching just about everybody for free, he came upon a dead man who had been the only economic support of his mother. because A. her husband was dead and women were not considered independent persons in those day B. she was a rather lazy sort who spent all day in the market gossiping about Athena and Cleopatra. C. she did have fifteen other kids but they were all in prison awaiting trial for short sheeting Herod's couch

Today is the feast of the exaltation of A. the shroud of Turin B. the face of Manoppolo C. the holy cross.
The people lost patience with Moses because A. it was too darn hot out there in the arabian desert or was it the Sahara B. they had nothing to eat but a bunch of lousy manna C. Both A and B.
Look here, Moshe, they griped, you think you're all that because A. you grew up in the castle B. you have those Ferragamo kicks C. Neither A nor B.
God told Moses to mount a serpent on A. the bridge B. A pole C. his rear end
Jesus said to Nicodemus, listen, God loves the world so much that he A. became hazed out, passed out and fell down the stairs of heaven, landing in the sea of Galilee where a pirana tried to eat him B. gave up his life so you people could live in Paradise forever C. baked a bunch of brotts in the community kitchen, created a lot of smoke and the fire department showed up

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2022. To be replaced.
We accidentally erased the sorrows quiz, but its time for the Friday Fellowship, the martyrdom of Popes and bishops Cornelio and Cipriani. How could popes be murdered?
A. the early church was a crazy place.
B. THey got caught in the Afghani Russo crossfire.
C. They double crossed Sacbatani, which is just plain dumb.
2.Who was paying for Jesus and the disclipes as they rambled about the countryside eating croissants and whatnot? A. Herod since he was attempting to bribe the disciples into telling him where Jesus was hid out. B. Herod's Steward but he never told Herod because he figured Herod was too mean anyways. C. the wife of Herod's Steward who said to her husband, "one word of this to Herod and I'll run off with that centurion who has a villa on the Iolian islands. HAHAHAHHAHHA

The disciple who noted this detail of funding is A. Luke Skywalker
B. George Lucas who wanted to be Luke Skywalker
C. Luke the physician, who was one of the richest and most savoire faire Friends Jesus had, and may have secretly been dumping tax free billions into the Cristo coffers so homeless patients could get a hospital bed. Juet speculating.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17th, 2022. Various saints are celebrated today, including the stigmata of St Francis, which means
A. The wounds of Christ appeared on his body without a "natural" cause.
B. He took a hammer and some nails and nailed himself to a cross to get more views on social media, saying he would use ad revenues to feed the hungry.
C.He was stigmatized for being too religious.
This bizarre event seems to have happened to a whole lot of loving people, which seems to validate the power of A. milk duds B. redemptive suffering C. neither a nor b.
St Paul gets irritated with people who ask: how are the dead raised, what kind of body will they have?
He says, A. you wacko! B. You fool! C. You pompous prig!
Jesus tells a parable about seeds, which would make sense to A. gardeners B. Farmers C. both a and b.


SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18 2022 everyone is probably buried under the blankets and not moving but the readings today are all about economics so at some point they need to be posted in here.
buy mount carmel milk duds one dollar a pack and help fund the east river ramble. lol six miles, six fruit tarts (gemmy: jesus, please help me.). security guard: excuse me, do you have a permit to hawk these bootleg duds on the greenway like this? I'm calling the town council. (dials) hello?

In proverbs, the writer exhorts the reader
Do not put off until tomorrow
the admissions process for paradise. B. washing your camel.C. the good you could do today.

If it is within your power to help someone, then A. Well, good for you. B. you should do it. C. its really up to you whatever you want to do, it's a free country, at least that's what people say.
The more one reads the bible and listens to the teachings therein, the more one realizes it is strikingly economic in nature. anecdotally, I just offered the remainder of my coffee to a panhandler, who said "thanks anyway, but I'm looking for money to get something to eat."

Three days ago we celebrated the stigmata of Saint Francesco of Assisi, --the namesake of Pope Frank--and now today the same thing happened to one of his spiritual children, Francesco Forgione (yes, the name does in fact mean Frank Big-Forge, although there is no reference to it being on fire.)
Jesus was teaching in a place and as usual the place was jammed with students, given the fact the classes were free for all.
Someone said, I surely wish I was A. a billionaire, so freaking bad because then I could buy Versace instead of Hollister.
B. Jewish because Jesus is the biggest celebrity aroun here right now and he's Jewish.
C. your mom (fringe bennies)
and he shot back "anyone who loves me and does my will is
A. probably going to be a bilionaire.
B. probably going to be tried by Pontius Pilate, or some similar judge of the Roman courts, and then given the death penalty for no reason at all
C.my family."
So what are we waiting for?

go celebrate, have some cake if you can. A noteable event, Jesus went to dinner with Matthew and the pharisees were complaining about the riff raff to which Jesus said A. yeah, it does kinda smell in here. B. don't worry, we disinfected the fry pan C. Go and learn the meaning of mercy, you bunch of bums.

Padre Pio is a saint celebrity though he surely never intended this, and in fact tried to hide the stigmata becuase he was embarrassed. Jesus agreed to hide them for a while but then said "Show Time, Sweet Prince" or something like that. It's worth noting that Pio knew when he was going to die, and stood at the window of his room waiting for the blessed bugatti of St Michael (poetic license, it may have been a Ferrari, or maybe a Mazerati) Anyway, the first reading seems to explain this process, by saying "there is an appointed time for everything, a time to A. hide the stigamata and a time to show it off. B. A time to plant and a time to harvest the watermelons and sell them on union square. C. and vanity of vanities, V is for vanity and vendetta and vaping and who knows what else.
In the second reading, the psalmist says "Lord," A. why do you bother with people at all? B. Why do you wear Jesus sandals and where did you get them? C. What is the meaning of haberdashery?
To echo these questions, Jesus asked his friendsA. about the meaning of life, the universe and everything, B. What the people were saying about him in the street. C. where was the place to get the best tacos in Beersheba.
They replied, A. the people think you are a prophet. B. The people would like to know when the next stimulus check is coming. C. The people speak Greek and we don't understand it.

John the apostle is not to be confused with John the Baptist. By the time John wrote the gospel he was chilling out in A. Bimini B. Patmos. C. Lampedusa.
He compared Jesus to A. the light. B. out of sight. C. the stars at night.
He remarked that the Baptist was not A. all right. B. outmatched in might. C. the light.
But he had come to testify to A. money laundering and corruption in Herod's palace. B. the light. C. in a sense, both A and B.
It was easy for the people to get Jesus and the Baptist mixed up, since they had a similar Modus Operandi. But John the Baptist came to testify to the light and camped out at the Jordan river eating locusts and preaching A. repentance. B. prosperity. C. lean in.
Whereas Jesus rambled about and preached a Baptism of A. the holy spirit and fire. B. gazpacho and corn chowder. C. Sea water and Fruit punch.


Rosh Hashana means, A. head of the country. B. head of the ram. C. head of the year.
quiz coming soon, sorry, Sunday snooze

The readings for today, New Years Eve in the Jewish year, depict the famous story of Lazarus and the A. whale. B. rich man. C. dishonest steward.
On earth, Lazarus was located where A. in the belly of the whale. B. at the rich mans' door. C. working for the steward as a bookkeeper.
When he died, Lazarus went A. to sea world. B. to heaven. C. to the bank.
What happened to him there? A. he learned to ride dolphins.B. He was feasting on good food wth Abraham when the rich man began to cry out from hell for a cup of water.C. He was awarded one hundred billion dollars for being cool.

Today, Rosh Hashana, the readings are about Job, the man of A. Apple Mac B. Suffering C. Bezos, who wants everyone to have a job except himself.
God said to the devil, A. where you been, son? B. Let's let bygones be bygones, old shoe.
Step into my office, Lucifer if you will.
Have you seen Job, God remarked, busting with pride. A. He is a grand freind of mine. B. He has the biggest house on the block. C. He moussed out his do this morning by golly.
The devil was roaming about the earth trying to hate people and sneered at God A. Job doesnt really love you. B. I don't really love you. C. Nobodoy loves you, you're just deluding yourself.
We can't forget COSMAS AND DAMIAN, though we let SAN GENNARO go by quietly this year, we might as well blow the shofar twice as loud for the free care martyrs of yore. What is "yore" exactly anyways.

his church on 23rd street was sold to a hotelier. yeah, maybe to pay off some scandal of the St Gallen greedy gluttons, (it was closed right before Ratzinger resigned, just saying) o no anyways, the homeless won't be snoozing there anymore so you'll have to step around them on your way to luckyburger.
continuning the saga of Job, God said to the devil, A. just split the take with Job, does that work for you? B. Ok, you can take away all of Job's stuff that I gave him, and you will see that he will still love me. C. why are you picking on Job? not jelly or anything, are you?
Thus the devil smote Job in all his riches, and he lost A. the diamond mine B. the oil wells. C. the herds and the flocks and his whole property and family.
Job then said, A. Why was I even born at all? B. Why don't I just slice my head off with a sawed off sword? C. Vanity of Vanities, and all is vanity and a chasing after the wind.
I wish I could die and then A. avoid all this suffering. B. haunt people in the graveyard. C. get reincarnated as God and make myself rich again.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2022.
Jesus is as usual being followed by a crowd of adoring fans, who all want to follow him.
One cries out, "I will follow you wherever you go! And Jesus says, well, thank you for your confidence in me but do you realize that A. "I am basically homeless." B. I am basically penniless. C. I have no offshore plan, and Judas is going to sell me for 30 bucks.
Another man, caught up in the general crowd madness, cries, Hey I will follow you too but first I have to go A. to my dad's funeral. B. To a Christmas Party. C. to the portapotty, can you hold on please.
To which Jesus replies, "Let the dead bury their dead come now with me and announce A. the flash sale at Hollister. B. the underground dance party in the subway station. C. the kingdom of heaven in which no one ever dies at all.
And a third guy, not wishing to get FOMO, yells, "Im coming too, I just have to go home and say goodbye, to which Jesus responds, He who puts his hand to the plow and looks back A. will never eat the raspberries. B You don't have to plant raspberries, they grow wild all over the place C. is not fit for the kingdom of heaven.

SEPTEMBER 29 2022. THURSDAY OF WEEK FIVE. On the feast of St Michael, we hear that the prophet Daniel beheld a beatific vision-- which Jesus referred to in the Gospels, to make a point that prophesy is peanuts compared with actual paradise.
He was eavesdropping on Nate who was snoozing under A. A fig tree. B. an olive tree. C. a Yew tree.
Nate said to his friend, how could the messiah be from A. Spanish Harlem? B. Nazaret? C. Karachi?
This is a similar reaction to Wojytla's friend potalska, who when she arrived at SGR to thank Pio for curing her cancer, took one look at the one donkey town and said A. this can't be the place. B. do they even have 5G wifi around here? C. Do they even speak Polish around here?
when Nate found out Jesus had eavesdropped mystically (not with a bug like the flatfoots but simply being God and everywhere everpresent) he said A. holy moly, are you mad at me? B. Holy cannoli, you really are the Son of God. C. thats just impolite, listening in like that on other people who are gossipping about you.
Jesus said, its really nbd, someday you will see heaven opened and A. Free doughnuts being showered down. B. The stars exploding C. the angels palling around with me, (though he did not mention bugattis nor choirs at that time.)
He was sort of implying that you better watch what you say because A. angels are always listening. B. Angels are always our friends and want us to get along with each other. C. Both a and B.

Look here, Job, said God, quit fatmouthing me (this is the vernacular propounded by St Jerome, but rather a gabuzzo like jargon. Plese excuse.)A. Did you invent the sun? B. Do you know where the gates of the ocean are? C. Both A and B.
Job answered, A. Ok, you are right. B. Ok I'll go ask the Parmahansa Yoginanda. C. Ok I'll ask for funding from Nat Geo and stuff.
Jesus advised his listeners, If you listen to me, you listen to God, but if you reject me A. that's your choice. B. Things could get ugly. C. both A and B.
St Jerome was famous for A. Translating the Bible from Greek into Latin known as the "vulgate" why? weird innit.
Selling bibles to hotels so they could put them in the drawer by the bed. C. Tacking scripture quotes on the Roman ruins inviting Pope Linus or Sixtus or whoever was pope that century to a bible revival at the pantheon.

The whole story of job is reminicent of the story of Satan and Pope Leo, where Leo overheard satan say to God "you are pathetic and ridiculous." B. Your puny little church isnt worth the contents of a crackerjack box" C basically both A and B.
To which God replied, "Fine, blow up my church with nuclear bombs, lock the pope in a belfry in siberia if you want, but you can't get rid of the Eucharist because its me and I dont die. B. Fine, go down to the burger joint and steal my order before I get there, that's so you. C. My socks need darning and I cant find a needle.

Job is also reminiscent of the story of Tobit, where both Job and Tobit learned that A. if you drop a watermelon from the vessel on 11th avenue you might hit a tourist on the head. B. women have a right to money too and if they earn it they should receive it. C. the Hebrew letter "gimel" is hard to write with the left hand.

In the Gospel, the disciples were dancing around because they defeated the devil (straight D's is good in this instance) but Jesus said, "sure, of course you can beat the devil if I'm on your side but the really good news is,..wait for it... you're going to PARADISE! WOOOOOOOOO and I solemnly assure you, many professors at the U of Athens and many kings on the throne of Caesar wish to hear that news themselves...suddenly the spirit came down upon Jesus in a shower of Joy and he started to dance around himself (poetic license, the verse says he exulted in the spirit) and cried "thanks, Dad!!! You are SOOOOO SUBLIMELY MAGNIFICENT!!!!


The prophet Habbakuk said to God A. how long before it rains? B. How long before this brood of vipers sells my cousin for a days wages?
C. How long will you endure this violence, O Lord? do something!
God responded, A. Write down the vision, and stand tall, for it will come to pass. B. Write down the vision and put the tablet in front of the Harry Styles Mag to make weinstein mad C. Write down the vision, and put it in a cave by the dead sea until Jerome gets born and finds it, and he will def. assign you a posthumous prophets copyright.
In today's gospel from Luke Jesus says, if you had faith you could A. move mulberry trees into the sea by your word alone. B. walk on water. C. defeat satan without the help of your guardian angel.
EXEGESIS WORD QUESTION FOR DISCUSSION: Is a mountain the same as. a mulberry? Do some research about today's Gospel from Luke, who was a doctor not a farmer nor a geologist, and perhaps got mountain and mulberry mixed up. Kind of like Marbury versus Madison for all you lawyers and pharisees out there. Kidding.

OCT 3, 2022
Paul says to the Galations, how could you toss out the doctrine of CHrist A. in the plastic recyble bin when its made of organics B. So quickly C. without hearing the B side.
If an angel were to appear and contradict what Jesus said, then A. he is lying. B. he is confused. C. Both A and B.
For, I did not invent this doctrine but Jesus A. knocked me off my horse. B. Blew me out of my bugatti. C. Hijacked my lear.
Jesus echos this sentiment when a lawyer asks him, "How can I get to paradise?"(obviously people were pretty interested in getting a paradise green card in those days.
he tells the fmaous story of the A. Grinch who stole Hannukah. B. Good Samaritan. C. Good thief.
The Pharisees and levites breezed by the poor traveller who had been bushwacked on his way to A. Nassau. B. Wall street. C. Jericho.

Today the Solemnity of Francis, the first reading is from Sirach 50 1-7, a little known but poetic prophet who describes a wise priest as A. the sun, the full moon, the rainbow B. This that and the other C. no mouse of the scrolls was our Goodly Fere, but a man o' men was he (cf Ezra Pound.)
Jesus again is seen in the scene where he is filled with A. wrath at the publicans. B. Joy in the spirit. C. weariness at this generation.
Jesus while in the Spirit, which is a state of ecstasy unlike any other that earth may give, cried, "I give thee thanks, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from all the PhD candidates and revealed them to A. illiterate bean farmers in Jerico. B. Illiterate fishermen in Galilee. C. the merest of children.
My yoke is easy he cried and my burden is A. worse than dragging a fifty pound sack of flour from Joe's on Carmine to Roberta's in Bushwick. B. good for training for the Navy Seals, Galilee division. C. light.
St Francis was famous for bisiting an Islamic leader on the pope's behalf to seek peace, and to tell him A. he loved him. B. he thought the azan was really cool and he was trying to imitate it as best he could. C. both A and B.
MEMORIAL OF FAUSTINA KOWALSKA, the home girl of Wojtyla, Kolbe, and Kasimierz.
Was bobola polish?
Today we reread the same story of Jesus exulting in the nofrills evangelium preached to Bernadette, Juan Diego, the three pastorelli, and various other unlettered saints.
Faustina was a A. nun. B. understudy to Edith Stein. C. both A and B.
She received messages from A. Edison. B. Graham Bell. C. Jesus.
Jesus said that the best quality He has is A. his moussed out do. B. His Freebird sandals. C. Hs mercy.
Who is excluded from this mercy? A. Anyone I don't like. B. The Al Quaida operatives. C. no one at all, actually.

today st paul continues to ask te Galations: a. what is your problem? b. are you talking to me? c. are you really that stupid?
In the Gospel Jesus says, suppose your friend came to you at midnight and says a. what time is it? B. my roommate is hungry. C. some ghosts came over from the graveyard and they're scaring me.

Even if you were piled under the blankets with the light out, you would probably get up and answer the door if A. he broke it down. B. he hired a brass band to play reveille for three hours outside your window. C. he just kept asking.

God is the same way, says Jesus, so ask and you shall receive A. the holy spirit. B. a few trillions. C. a smack in the head.

Participants in Exegesis many wish to consider the Existentialism of Engelbrotts: that is, if they are intellectually, or ontologically curious.
is there a connection between the Latin Mass, the trial and execution of Jesus, the culture of Europe, the italian language, the Last supper, the creation of the world, Tolkien's philosophy, John's Logos, evangelization, music, the holy spirit and so much else.
Think about it, more to come.


Also, how did El Chapo Guzman (Loera) end up with the same last name as Dominic?
Today's Feast concerns a victory at A. Lasalle B. Lyon C. Lepanto.
Where the forces of the pope were defending A. the league of Loschi. B. the league of laetare. C. the League of Christian Europe, essentially.
Why would the Ottomans want Europe? A. milk dud facories. B. Seaside sicilian chalets. C. its the economy, stupid. Or, why did the Turks and the Greeks hate each other so damn much. were they in a rap battle with the Hebrews/Arabs?
The question we need to understand is why Ishmael was excluded from the inheritance in teh first place, maybe if we figure that out all these wars will finally cease, and the st gallen mafia will sit down to eat with Bergoglio, Buela, and Benito in the kingdom of Buenos aires. Disrecard that, I need espresso. Just say the rosary and then get a 96 foot long rope like some folks do, and have a tug of war, one side is the League of Loschi and the other, the Longobardo Loonies.

as for the scriptures: Jesus cast out a demon and the people said "Satan helped him do it. B. He's a badass, fo sho. C. Is there a grimoire for that or did Gandalf know the code?
To which Jesus replied, A. A house divided cannot stand. B. If Satan helped me do it then perhpas he must have helped you too,C. Both a and b.
WHen a demon is cast out he roams about the earth looking for A. a casino . B. a castle C. another place to hang out.
But then he goes back to the first soul and find its A. all cleaned up and ready for open house. B. blocked to him due to rosary recitation. C. no, because they ddint have the rosary in those days, pick all that apply.

COLUMBUS DAY WEEKEND, and we might want to peek at the papal bull "Inter caetera" (bull here is not short for bull hooey, but instead, bollare or to stamp an official document. popes had become administrators of huge patrimonies by the middle ages. It was a far cry from a few fishing boats on Genessarets' shores, thats' for SHORE HAHAHHAHAHAH I can't stand it. I just can't stand it.
Also peek at Grotius and the whole fight over the lands of guadalupe, venerable maria agreda was she the flying blue nun research this. Anyway in the gospel a woman says something very similar to what Elizabeth says to Mary and Jesus responds with the word of God, just as Mary did. Like Mother, like Son, in the most ontological sense.
In those days a woman could only wield power through a male relative, be it a son, brother, husband what have you but never in her own right.
compare what Paul says to the Galatians about the discipline of the law versus the new civilization of love. Check Harold Berman and Owen Barfield on this too if you wish


Today we see Namaan the Syrian offer Elijah's understudy some A. Kabuli palau. B. Shekels. C. gratitude.
Elisha, the holy man of Carmel, graciously A. runs from Haran to horeb, knowing Jezzebell will get Jelly and try to steal the stash. B. declaims widda devilishly deft declarationfrom Don Ri but dont get things twisted if you aint studied theology lolC. simply says, no, because God is enough.
Namaan then takes two loads of earth back so he can pray to the God of Abraham on holy ground, which is emphasized by Paul's "maybe I'm in jail but the word of God cannot be chained. and Jesus, noting that the Samaritan was probably about to go back and evangelize the living lights out of Samaria, because he was more grateful like Elisha.


As still more people gathered around Jesus, he said "upload this huge crowd to my Ginsta (Ginsta is Gesu insta and he's the only one who ever had one.)B. We need to get out of hear before Herod Shows up. C. This is an evil generation.
He went on to say A. you seek a sign for directions to paradise. B. You seek a sign because its showy and snazzy and big time, C. What do you want me to do, turn the full moon into a pizza pie because thats aomre?
Please know next week are midterms, so review the material and don't cheat. HAHAAHA.Love, your guardian angel.

Also, if you botched up the quiz, consider the gospel from the Pope John memorial readings, where Jesus makes it clear to Peter that the only question worth answering in the end is, Simon son of John, A. do you love me? B. where's my camel saddle C. how far is it to Jerusalem




Jesus if speaking to the US congress about the death of Rutilio, Sure, Barry builds basilicas for the prophets after Carter A. can't stop the hitmen from killing him? Hold on back later Just a bit of phiosophy here. Husserl focused on the phenomena because they are here for us all, we all can understand that if we run a red light its dangerous, that's not a matter for argument. That's at the animal level. As we move into the self reflective realm of consciousness (Barfield is good on this point.) we become aware of ourselves as existing. We use spoken language to communicate, we turn it from wind to words.
The language of the redemption of creation (assuming that the thesis of Jesus is correct) was Aramaic, the language of the last supper, but also Latin, because that was the language the judge used to condemn Christ. Thus, the Latin Mass contains words which in and of themselves, are holy, they carry the memory of the death of Jesus which is why "do this in memory of me" has to include the words, its a collective memory (Jung.)
thats why its dangerous not to know Latin, the common language...the language of the earthly government that killed the messiah...its an ontological thing, just like "Logos" is the incarnation of Love, as it were.
Furthermore, sound preceded light according to Genesis, since "the spirit of God was brooding over the dark waters" and then God said "let there be light", and there was light.
So listening precedes understanding, as Tillich says "the first duty of love is to listen. That said, the Engelblau College, the first year of the three year "discipleship wtih engelz" should be where we all learn to listen--and then we are old enough to drink the wine of the spirits--even if people hear us babbling and think "they are drunk on de niros finest"--because wine flows where God the Father goes...so hold my beer. lol

QUIZ FOR OCT 13sorry its late, forgot the lynx--

Midterm question, for next week: Luke ch. 12 verses 1-7. Prepare a presentation on this teaching based on a personal experience in your own life, and compare it to a martyr such as Romero or Pope Saint Callistus (heard of it?), and be prepared to give the presentation in a large ampitheater in case people trample each other underfoot to hear it as they did with Jesus.HERES AN EXAMPLEis the verb to prune related to prune juice? it came up in the gospels during the vine and branches discourse...read the reading for teresa of avila to get some insights.
OCTOBER 17, 2022

OCTOBER 18 2022. We can get a window into St Paul's Valanga Vangelo world by his letter to Timothy, for example he left behind which stuff which he asks Timothy to get for him: A. the lion, the witch and the wardrobe, B. the hook, the line and the sinker, C. No, he wasn't a fisherman he was a preacher, wait, isnt that the same thing though,hey, stay on topic! He wanted his cloak, his scrolls and his parchments.
Paul was irritated at someone who had tried to wreck his evangelization, namely: Salami Simon the pizza pieman. B. ALexander the copper smith. C. Smith of Wooten Major.
He warns Timothy to do what in this regard? A. brain Alex with a baseball bat. B. appoint Alex as a bishop of a warring church, and then stone him to death. C. Be on his guard against ALex.
He also lists a number of deserters but happily, who stuck by him. A. Luke. B. Bo. C. Jesse.
And when we say Luke we are referring to: Luke Coombs the redneck crooner who sings "when it rains it pours.
B. Luke Skywalker who defeated the Darth Vader. C. Luke the doctor who was a famous friend of Paul, wrote the Acts of the Apostles and whose feast is today. Learn more Later (get it, L is for Luke and Later and learn, and so much more. DO NOT FORGET TO BE WORKING ON YOUR MIDTERMS PRESENTATION! if struggling for a topic, read the poesie in forma di rosa, where Pasolini is trying to figure out how to make the cinema of poetry. and writing about "Peter II." who is Peter II anyways.

L is for Lot, and that's where we start, because music is medicine, good for the heart. L is for Lava, that blows up so bright, impressing the eye iike. a star in the night.
L is for Leon, Matildas main man, who got wacked and who wacked a big phony named Stan.
L is for lost, which is easy to do, it could happen to me, it could happen to you.
L is for listen, which I forget what goes here, but quiet your heart so the message is clear.
L is for Liede, a german art song, which is (verse added later)Love and we all know how it goes,


As often happened with missionaries, Isaac and his friends were embroiled in political battles and understandably often hated and suspected by A. the Iroquois B. The Mohawk C. Both a and b.
According to wikipedia, he wrote to his mother that while he had never been to heaven, he felt as if he had when he set foot in the new world on the feast of the visitation and here's a Bach cantata in case you missed music classof A. The conductor to the symphony B. Elijah to Ahab C.Mary to Elizabeth.
St Peter says to Jesus, Jesus are you telling this story for us only or for A. the Samaritans and the half tribe of Manassah as well. B.everyone C.The Pharisees and the Sadduccees as well.
Jesus replied, look, Peter, the guy who is in charge of distributing the food better not A. eat it all himself. B. fall asleep in the wine cellar. C. both a and b.
Was this a preamble to Peter's Papacy? A. possibly. B. Probably.C. Pick your own pumpkins.


Todays Gospel is the famous "a man's enemies will be" A. Caesar and Herod. B. the people on the other side of the war. C. those in his own household.
Did you think I came to bring peace? Said Jesus. A. from now on a family will be divided three against two.B.I do but not everyone will want my form of peace. C. Peace. leave you, my peace I give you, I do not give as the world gives.
How could this be, that the prince of Peace will engender squabbles? A. scandal must come, (because we are all sinners) but woe to him by whom it comes. B. "The world" hated Jesus, and also hates his friends. C. Both A and B.
St Paul of the Cross founded an order known as A. the cross ones. B. The Passionists C. the Passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson. He was from Monte Argentario in Grosseto, the area which now is home to the cooperative community A. Focolare Frundlach. B. Nomadelfia of Don Zeno. C. Barbiani of Lorenzo Milani.
Since Passion starts with P, the seven Ps which was a prologue to the seven Ls of Baby Leo, started with Puma, who prowls in the night and lives by the doctrine of "fuerza makes right."
P for Padrino, whose might he conceals, he's the duke of diplomacy, master of deals. the third P is Pio, since the Padrino and his crew used to gleefully watch Rai, Vatican tv and Teleradio, and shout loudly about "modern machines." such as electric lights, telephones and cars, which never ceased to astound him.

OCTOBER 21, 2022. Stay tuned for quiz-if someone wants to upload a quiz, just upload it to the angelic cloud.
Jesus was a faithful Jew and thus, would have known A.the price of a bottle of Manichewitz. B. The story of the prophet Elijah and the rain cloud. C. the story of Hurricane Henri.
He said to the people, You know that when you see a cloud rising over the sea, there will soon be A. a volcanic eruption. B. a full moon. C. a rain shower.
You know that when a wind blows from the south A. you are all full of hot air. B. it is going to be hot. C.the Sicilian scirocco produces abundant figs.
How is it then that you cannot interpret A. the signs of heaven. B. the dialect of the Ashkenazis. C. Zuckerberg's bizarre tax return and Sanders' wife's baptismal certificate.
He likens the day of rendiconto like a courtroom proceeding which is best avoided by A. Mediation. B. extrapolation. C. witness tampering.
Why do you not judge for youselves A. whether Gravano's testimony is legit. B. Whether the feds stole Trump's diamond encrusted bidet from Mar al Lago. C. what is right.
.Because if you go to trial with your neighbor, you will owe for all your sins and both of you will end up A. in debtors' prison, aka purgatory. B. fighting forever until Herod steps in and you sure don't want that. C. lost in the arabian desert with only Frank hopkins to come by and give you water. OCTOBER 22, 2022 WOJTYLA THE BABKA (kidding.) Jesus didn't give Peter his make up quiz until after breakfast, so -go have breakfast first. And if the bakery is out of choco frosted coffee roll doughnuts, raise some hizzle.

Unlike Uriel, Raphael never ran a foul of the authorities, and is famous for the book of Tobit in which he serves as a guide, matchmaker, exorcist and debt collector (angel of many hats as it were) all while masquerading as a mortal man. He probably didn't have to wear a mask either because angels are capable of appearing in the guise of people when they wish. He, defeats Asmodeus with a fish ( no need for complicated rocket drones here) and sends him into the deserts of Egypt. At the end of the story, he says "it is good to keep the king's secrets" but then reveals that he is an angel, who merely pretended to eat.
The witness story is written by a Latin Mass Fan which happened to coincide with what dud had been thinking: Music in the mass is just very beautiful.
It would seem to dud, that the point of the Latin mass is to remember the trial of Jesus and the subsequent conversion of the Roman empire through millions of martyrs-which is difficult to explain from a merely historical perspective. It's a theater of sorts-- "the play's the thing, in which we catch the conscience of the king (in this case, Caesar Augustus or Tiberius or Valerian or whatever.).
Today Jesus heals a woman who had been sick for 18 A. minutes B. months. C. Millenia.
The temple authorities objected because the healing A. was satanic, B. broke the Sabbath C. was sloppy and done without proper medical supervision.
What we call miracles are often simply something that A. transcends what we call the law of nature. B. we are not capable of doing ourselves. C. Both a and b.
The people who couldnt afford millenia and millions of dollars of medical bills were understandable A Grateful B. Glad. C. both A and B.
Over and over again Jesus offends the religious authorities by being too A. practical and realistic. B. musical and walking around with a big brass band playing the saints are marching in.C obsessed with manichewitz vinyards in the southern district of Nephtali. Extra credit, why did Asmodeus flee Tobit's fish? A. It smelled funky. b. It prayed the following prayer: vade retro, Asmodeus you weasel. C. It challenged asmodeus to an oddly kamikaze all you can eat fish fry.
OCTOBER 25, 2022.
This is the famous quote from Paul which causes so much kerfuffling, about wives being submissive to their husbands, we have to go deep into the context and compare Paul to Jesus on this..and that's for another day.
Jesus himself was trying to explain the kingdom and he used two analogies, A. seeds and yeast. B. seedy bread. C. Seedy J.
A man plants a mustard seed and it grows up to be A. a huge tree B. condiments for hot dogs. C. both A and B.
A woman mixes yeast in with flour and A. the dough rises. B. the sun also rises. C. the price of flour rises.
One might argue Jesus was simply using images that the people would be familiar with, whereas now, we are no longer familiar with breadmaking and gardening so he might use USB cables and online marketing software.

This morning amid heavy questions about the vatican and the papacy, the Eucharist, the nature of the highway to heaven and what sort of tire are appropriate, the spirit was insisting on a discussion of phenomenolgy and focusing on Martin Luther
Aaron Swartz said Ideas don't die, they multiply and Jesus is the Idea of God, so if He is true, the idea of God is not about life but rather IS life.
This reading is key, though it was presente in an unexpected fashion and is not the same as the Catholic reading for today.
What is the narrow gate Jesus speaks of that leads to asylum and permanent residence in paradise?
The last shall be first, and the first shall A. be last. B. inherit the earth. C. sit outside the confessional gate waiting for the customs official, St. Peter, to show up with the keys.


Jesus went up on the mountain to A. pray B. play. C. stay.
When he came down he chose 12 A. bandos for condominium redevelopment. B. rivers to border paradise. C. friends to stick with him and carry on his mission.
For the most part, they were A. quite wealthy and socially at the top of the chart. B. Not particularly outstanding in terms of politics or economics. C. the worst crowd ever, composed of thieves, murderers and swindlers.
One of them sadly was A. unwilling to follow Jesus B. unable to follow Jesus. C. A traitor.
WE NEED TO REMEMBER THAT THE MONEY BAG CORRUPTED JUDAS to the point he betrayed his friend. Like the ring of power, it would eventually corrupt anyone becuase the temptation is just too great. For more on this see the transcript later when we get to it.
Simon the zealot was the subject of a poem by Ezra Pound called the ballad of A. a plea for Captain John brown. B. the wreck of the edward Pitzgerald. C. The ballad of our goodly Fere.
Jude became famous for carrying around A. a portait of Jesus. B. A machete. C. a dead sea scroll.
Let's not get him mixed up with A. Iscariot. B. Ishmael. C. Isaacar.
Let's also ot get simon sealotes mixed up with A. Simon Peter. B. Simon Mago. C. Either one.
ANd let's to get Uriel mixed up with A. Barzebabs. B. Barbara Corcoran. C.Uriah the soldier.
Because if theres one thing ole sneaky satanas likes its A. confusion. B. Pie. C. versace bags.
The first reading says we are all being built into a castle and Jesus is the ctone of the cap, and after all in the father's house are many mansions, so let's do like the congos and build on a solid foundation but if you are too inebriated or addlepated or confusticated, you might fall off the roof and hurt yourself. So we need to be clear-headed about this.
Today Jesus was invited to dinner at the home of a leading A. centurian. B. Temple prostitute. C. pharisee.
Everyone was watching to see if he would . eat all the ribs. B. dont be ridiculous that's not kosher. C. Yeah but he was hassidic wasn't he. D. Stay on topic.
Jesus took the opportunity to say "don't get too big for your britches. B. Don't burn the beans. C. Don't make me sit near the window, I've been sneezing lately.
Those who are humble will be A. exalted. B. Excoriated. C. expelled.


Before the Lord, the universe is as A. a dewdrop B.a milk dud. C. both a and b, really.
God made things and wishes A. to have mercy upon them all. B. To blast them all with lightning and volcanoes until they are destroyed. C. To forget about it and take a vacation for several million light years which is why benjamin Franklin called him a cosmic clockmaker.
Usually the new testmametn says nothing a bout peoples physical appearance but Zaccaeus had to A. trim his beard becuase there was cream cheese in there and it was attracting mice.B. Climb a tree because he was hoping Jesus would forgive his rampant embezzlement. C. wear a lot of Angelo Litrico clothing in order to blend in at the Milan Runsawy.
JEsus stopped at the sycamore and sad, Zach, A. will you get down out of there, what are you a baboom? B. Come down, becuase I want you to take me to dinner at Balastreros.
Come down and Im gonna thrash the greedies out of ye by gor.
The whole point is, Zacchaes A. gave back what he stole, andmore. B. went to prison for larceny by a false trick. C. blamed it on midnight and shame on the moon.
And Jesus said haters gonna hate, Zach but God loves you anyways. TIME FOR DINNNER

LUKE 12:12-14.

Jesus continued his lecture to the self-important pharisees by saying, if you throw a party don't invite A. babs corcoran. B. Mark Cuban. C. Damon Fubu or Kevin Mr Wonderful O'Leary. D. Any of these.
Also, don't invite: A. billionaires who will fund your yacht cruises. B. fancy politicians who will pass laws you like.C. Emperors who will appoint you to cool places like Bimini. D. Any of these.
Instead, invite A. homeless people. B. People who need a shower. C. People who slept in the sewer. D. All of these and while you are at it, invite anybody else who can't possibly pay you back, becuase then God will pay you back later in paradise.
ALL SAINTS is supposed to be a holiday but like so many other things the powers that be turned it into Patriotism or nohting. (sigh) Go ahead and sleep in and haf pancakes and engelbrotts in your dreams anyways.
St Francis is famous for saying "I wnat to send you all to paradise" and the strongest objection to the notion that God loves all of us is why do we suffer?
Padre Pio perhaps is the saint for that problem. He answered, dont ask why, ask what can I do, and so, when people were suffering he didnt say why he just said I'll do it, Let me do it. THis inspired reciprocal charity to the point that when he said to a woman afraid of an ear operation "I"ll take the pain upon myself"she said back to him, "that's not fair either, just ask God for a miracle" prompting God to heal her ears without Pio suffering extra. Pio went so far as to agree with God, that he would not go to heaven until all his children were inside. This means, he will be waiting untl the end of time. Think about it, let that "sink in" for a minute.
IS IT HARD waiting for a flapjack to fry? Or to get a piece of the Paradise Pie? Forgione is waiting for us all to die, and he just keeps saying "by and by."


might as well memorize them, because they are Dominic Dimaggios' Dionisian descendants of the decalogue (shoot me now.) Dominic di maggio simply means, a Sunday in May, which...is Pentecost Sunday when we all receive the inheritance and inherit the castle. Lets just hope Vlads greedy ghost is not still in the wine cave. Take ye and drink for this is the cup of my blood. No wonder the vampires got confused. On a purely speculative note read the first reading and imagine padre pio saying to the angel, don't damage the earth yet, until all my kids are inside. And just went the angel is about to flood the universe to clean it up. Pio goes "but wait! There's more." until the angel got so frustrated he went off to play bocce with Michael or whatever.
ALL SOULS, I COME NOT OF MY SELF a faous line from Dante, comes from this gospel here. Jesus is basically saying that The father's will is to let EVERYBODY into heaven. Even the embezzlers tricksters theives hucksters and fraudulent IRS ZACHASESU of the world.. More later.
NOVEMBER 3,2022. GOOD SHEP. STROY in luke.
In one of the most amazing forgiveness stories of all time, Jesus forgives Paul who was slaughtering christians right and left. WHy was Paul Killing Christians? A. He believed God wished him to do so. B. He was trying to justify the Pharisees' military budget which was paid for by the temple tax. C. He was trying to placate the Romans who thought the Christians were causing plagues.
when Speaking to the Jews in Caesaria PHilipi he had to insist on his Jewish credentials because A. they thought he was just a Roman shill B. They thought he had had a mnetal breakdown after he saw Zacchaeus eating with Jesus or something, C. He needed a passport to get out of Dodge on a thoroughBREAD donkey before Herod wised up.
he insisted, I am more Jewish than anyone, after all I was A. circumcized on the eighth day B. as faithful to the Torah as any pharisee. C. Both A and B.
As to his lineage so important to the law, he was a A. Hebrew of the tribe of Benjamin. B. Lebanese of the tribe of Amin. C. Syrian of the tribe of Ur. For those who believe, and have five minutes to meditate, meditate on the Verbo Fatto Carne for five minutes, while heading for the bakery or the breadbox..
FIRST FRIDAY, is it venerdi vocazione or vacazione or both?
take a vacation and listen to your vocation.
this is also a good reading for anonymous members of the Valanga.
this is the parable of the dishonet steward who much like Zaccaaus fiddled with the books to make things right
Somebody, actually the master, found out he was skimming the till, and said A. I want to see you in my office immeidately sactabani and bring the books please and bring chickabidee the fake philanthopist iwth you..
B. Where did you get that $500,000 ferrari anyways? The least you could do is hide it in Bimini,C. you're making me look bad in front of the people
and he said to himself A. now I can get elected president or whatnot. B. now Im going to be cellies with all the other baloney billionaires in purgatorial prison. C. Holy Moly I better give back what I stole becuase I'm not strong enough to be a bricklayer and I can't stand out on fifth avenue and ask for brotts.
but in this case, it was just becuase he was scared of being homeless.
Meditate upon this fact, that Jesus praised the dishonest steward for making things right even for a selfish reason.
Could Sacbatani get converted and stop forging finanical instruments, even if for a selfish reason, and restore the money to its rightful owners? Today is the east of Borromeo who was a bishop.

Make friends for yourself with dishonest wealth, said jsus, prompting Chicakbiddy to buy a fleet of lambos with taxpaer money and open up a warehouse in the midwest to distribute htem clandestinly to Besos, billy barry bush and biden. thats not what I meant said Jesus. Yeah said HCickabiddy but I"m not christian, so let me go speak a moment tot he parmagiano yoghurt nanda. Ok I need to stay ontopic. Breakfast first. a Dud in the crowd kicked the pharisee in the behoola and said Hey dont sneer at the savior. He's only saving for his own self, sneered the sadduccee. Not so, quoth dud, the devil is no slouch in the smarts department, and once we smartened up a bit, and got the printing press and the internal combustion engine, he quit doing GMO research on the tree of death upped the paradise ante, and started to mess around in universities factories and companies. Where the carbonari (see Rick Ross's Free Mason) who were jealous of the cathedrals dedicated to angels said Why can't we dedicate one to garibaldi, so what if he's bald?
And they disseminated lies like "the church has nothing to do with dishonest mammon." it has EVERYTHING to do with it, we are supposed to USE dishonest mammon to bring about the kingdom of Heaven. which is why the pharisees were sneering. They knew Jesus had unmasked their greed and hypocrisy and fake philanthropy.
Jesus said "make friends for yourself with dishonest A. mafia godfathers. B. news reporters being paid by lobbyists to spread propaganda.

Today in the first reading seven brothers are martyred rather than eat pork, which is incidentally connected to how anthony gignal went to prison for impersonating Sacbatani. Anyway.
Jesus brings this into the present moment, and links marriage to A. death. B. wine. C. divorce.
In the kingdom of heaven people do not marry for they are like A. baboons, B. atheists C. angels.
This brings up an ancient idea that the angels used to bring the Spirit of life to people until Satanas fell down to earth and got Eve to somehow believe his fatal foolery by A. talking sweetly with great grace. B. he wasn't ugly in those days because he still had the semblance of an angel of paradise. C. both A and B.
Ths incidentally is wehre Tolkien got the idea that Aragorn could marry A. Eowyn when Arwen wasn't looking. B. Eowyn because Arwen didnt want to marry a mortal and then die. C. Arwen, because millenia ago, fearies roamed about on earth in visible form


This is a very important set of readings, given the whole Mccarrick mess which we won't get into I mean the report just goes on and on.
Suffice it to say, that while V is not for vendetta but for vangelo della valanga, being an evengelist is not easy. You have to be very virtuous.
today St Paul writes to Titus about the ideal behavior of A. bishops. B. Presbyters. C. both A and B.
this is because Paul had been tasked by Jesus with A. evangelization. B. hazmat dumping. C. if you look at sin as Hazmat you really could justify choosing either A or B.
The reason the harvest is huge and the laborers are few is because A. the laborers often get martyred. B. The laborers have to be very virtuous so as not to cause scandal. C. Both A and B.
If you rebuke your brother for sinning, A. Herod might behead you. B. Your brother might bash you into a wall with a baseball bat. C. Both A and B.
Still, Jesus says in order to encourage a would-be evangelist, if you have but a seed of faith, you could command a mulberry tree to A. produce five million mulberries a month. B. move itself form the mountagna to the mare. C. explain the difference between mulberries and lingonberries.


A note about voting: Vote if you are a citizen.
Vote so that the government will eventually become unnecessary, since the Spirit will guide us all in unity. Or as Thoreau said "I ask for at once, not no goverment but a better goverment."
St Paul says wives need to be under the control of their husbands so that the word of God may not be discredited. This is part of a larger question about Paul, Greek Philosophy, angelic "marriage" with humans, and the Roman empire which milk dud is not prepared to address in this moment.
Moving on, Jesus says if you do what God wants don't expect A. a bonanza of billions. B. a castle belonging to Tiberius. C. either one, frankly.
Instead, you should say, I am a servant of God and A. that's enough for me.

NOVEMBER 9, 2022

Today is A. election day B. The dedication of the Lateran Basilica. C. Guy Fawkes Day.
WHere did the celebration come from? A. Constantine wrote voting for plebians into the codes of Justinian. B. Constantine built the basilica on land donated by a Roman aristocrats. C. Constantine was mugged, stabbed and tossed in the Tiber for daring to be Christian.
Jesus got himself in hot water with the government by A. wrecking wall street. B. wrecking the newly minted Indian Billionaire Gamrat Anananda. C. Neither A nor B.
for it is written, Zeal for God's house will A. blow up the twin towers. B. start world war three. C. consume me.
Shortly after tossing out the marketters, Jesus leapt onto a table and cried: Come to me! B. I'm doomed! C. Occupy the tiber!


. not the same as Leon Montagna, but did battle with Barzebabs using the Rosary.
Jesus said, the kingdom of God will light up the sky like A. lighting. B. a volcano. C. Area 51.
So do not run off and A. Drink weird coladas. B. Its not coladas its koolaid.C. attempt to hail a ride share chariot before the hour has come.
I tell you when my kingdom comes it will light up the sky from A. Dan to Beersheba. B. the east to the west. C. one side of the sky to teh other.
Pope Leo was saying mass when he heard satan A. choking on a Eucharist because it went down the wrong pipe. B. Laughing at Jesus because his hair was messy. C. Laughing at the church which he called pathetic and silly.
Pope Leo quickly told everyone to ask Michael for protection but Bugnini conveniently A. forgot, since satan paid him a huge kickbac,. B. Im high o maple syrup from an ill advised flapjack. back later.
Extra credit: why is there a Lyric Benson Memorial at the Pope Leo House on west 23rd?
A. Her boyfriend masqueraded as a cool DJ, then did away with her later. B. Her boyfriend threw her off the roof of balthazars when she spilled coffee on his tie. C. no one knows why exactly he killed her but potato potahto, she's dead all the same so let's pray to the saints for the holy souls and for an end to violence against family and friends.


this is interesting. THe kingdome of heaven will be like two women grinding meal, one will A. get sucked up into the starship. B. get a stomachache from moldy bread. C. be taken into heaven.
Two sans papiers will be out in a field picking grapes for the prime minister of the UN council on prime ministers, and one will A quit and die from fatigue. B. secretly develop a better strain of grape for his own vinyard. C. God only knows.
the yesterday quiz is on a separate page for organizational purpoes.


Today we also have the whole moon thing on a separate valangapedia thing. The day will come for all evildoers, blazing like A. an oven B. a star C. a volcano.
But for those who fear the name of the ElElyon, the sun will rise with A. a death ray. B. a healing ray. C. ray charles, singing "busted" in honor of stracci from the orson welles movie Ricotta.
Ok stay on topic. the important thing here is the fire of love is both heaven and hell--heaven to those who love jesus and hell to those who wish to be somewhere else than where he is--because he is all in all.
Should I get a flapjack? I have to heat up the pan and all this with a blazing burner. Just saying, but todays readings are so key to the whole escatological bent of the bible.
The passover was held during Aries the Ram and the ram's horn was the one people blew in the shofar is this not right?
Anways St Paul got irritated with those who thought the end was nigh so they hung around acting fanatical and didnt do anything to help bring about the kingdom.
Jesus also says, no need to prepare lenghtly testimonies at your apital evangelist trial, the spirit will testify on your behalf and give you the words you need to explain paradise.
St John was exiled on the isle of A. Manhattan. Sardegna. Patmos. Bimini.
Why didnt he get executed like all the other apostles? A. he was too cool. B. He was too scary. B. He bribed Herod into a life sentence rather than teh death penalty. D. None of these.
John says, blessed is he who reads this revelation A. in the library. B.at a500 decibels C. on the road to Mandalay. D In LatinGreek and Hebrew at the same time.
and blessed is he who A. listens, B. leaves. C. Laughs. D. Laetare, Turba caelitum.
the Revelation of John is often considered to be A. terrifying. B. impossible. C. unexplainable. D. all of these.
But Jesus says the kingdome of heaven is A. good. B. Bad. C. ugly. D. a fairy tale.


John's letters to the Seven churches starts with Ephesus which is known as the A. Milk of Magnesia. B. Door of Magnesia. C. Magnetic chip.
of this area of the world, we might say V is for A. Volos. B. Virginia. C. the upper Volta.
Zacchaeus the tax man from Jericho was skimming huge takes from the tax coffers, so consider that human nature is A. greedy for wealth. B. Greedy for chocolate. C. Both of these.
the government is no more moral than the A. people in it. B. system that runs it. C. both A and B.
Up Nomadelfia nad the ANgelic Embassy of Eden. Espresso all around. on a serious note, the on'ly reason barseebabbs is trying to have a new world order of his own is becuase he knows the kingdom of Love is inevitable and he is just jelly, he thinks God dont love him but its not true, God does love him. He got things twisted. the Spirit and the Bride say "come! espresso all around!"
Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh, Kaitlin, Kim, Kanye Kendall and kylie Kranium circle K is somebody trying to shut the door of heaven again by hiding the entrace with an inaccurate map? Just saying.
Meditate a bit on John's vision to see what the spirit is saying to your heart.
John sees the gate of heaven A. being painted. B. open, so that he is able to see inside. C. chained up illegally by Lucifer, with the same chains used to restrain the geresene demoniac becuase he said he was "upcycling".
God was sitting on A. a throne. B. a swingswet. C. a bench at the sweet chariot ride share company for the ninth circle of heaven where his house is.
The throne was surrounded by A. volcanoes. Bl Lighting blasts. C. earthquakes. D. all of the above.
This is reminiscent of A. the hour jesus died. B. the hour Moses receved the commandments. C. the mountain hurling rocks before the lord when Elijah almost got scared shizziless. D. all of these.
The parable of the talents comports with all this, As St paul mentioned, we are not supposed to get scared of the apocalyse and eat weird milk duds laced with cyanide to ascend too soon before the war, but instead, help to bring heaven about using dishonest A. mammon. B. vanilla visa cards. C. Seats in the senate. D. This is a tough one.
AS THE ANGELS queued up at the engelblau espresso bar for their morning joy, and plugged into the paradise USB jack at the bar on the corner of bleeker and carmine discussing johns' eavesdropping. A bit of theology, Jesus doenst just open the scroll, he IS the scroll Verbo carne factum est or whatever---and he knew that at his barmitzvah but not in an ontological way. He had to labor in the vinyard to be the plug to know it like he knew it when he went to the synagogue. HOw does milk dud know this? eavesdropping at engelblau's espresso bar . And Plug is a better analogy for our times in ways than I am the vine, because the first thing we do is not go out to milk the camel in the vinyard where he might already be stuffing himself with grapes, but go into the kitchen, or the Starbucks to plug in the macbook so Jesus wants to meet us where we are, (think Hey zach, come down out of there what are you stuck in the matrix
Engelblau TM espresso bar, trademarked to Michael
today is the feast of the dedication of the basilicas of A. Peter and Paul. B. Moses and Aaaron. C. Simon and Jude. D. Billy and Barry.
john ate the sweet scroll and it turned sour because A. nobody folloed the law. B. nobody followed the prophets. C. Jesus got crucifiled. D. it might be any or All of these.
AFter Jesus was teaching in the temple and threw out the greedies, the pharisees wanted to A. kill him. B. Crown him king C. throw him into the sea. D. it's not clear what exactly they wanted to do with him.
he said to them, why are you trying to kill me? And they replied, A. you are paranoid. B. You are full of yourself. C. You smelly like fish. D. who is trying to kill you?
In fact the people preferred Jesus to A. the temple priests. B. Caesar Agustus. C. Kanye and Kim. D. everybody else, because he is just that way. extra credit, when Peter and Paul were squabblng about kosher kraut dogs, what did god do? A. knocked over the wagon. B. showed peter some non kosher dogs, and said to Peter "dont worry its all good." C. said to paul, what IS your problem, perfesser? D. none of these.
I john saw A. two olive trees. B. two fig trees. C. two cherry trees. C. no trees, becasue they all got cut down to make a condominium for angels.
These two trees were envisioned by Tolkien as the two trees of A. valanga. B. Volcano. C. Valinor. C. Valhalla.
The two lamps Tolkien envisioned as the A. fruit of the trees. B. candles in bag end. C. Fireworks of gandalf. D. Silmarils of Feanor..
in the kingdom of heaven, the people do not marry for they are like. A. Gabriel. B. Michael. C. Uriel. D. Rafael and or all of these.
The angel gabriel proposed what to the Maddona? A. marriage wtih God. B. Marriage with Kim Kardashian. C. Married to the money I aint never lettin go. D. did fetty open for the angelic choirs in the apocalypse causing bars to get jelly and blow up the travis scott concert venue ok stay on topic


King David was the shepherd king but lets not talk about what he did to A. Uriah. B. Mariah. C. I dont know her.
He then caused civil war to break out when his son Absalom A. was just as promiscuous as David.B. well that would be hard, I mean five hundred concubines and 2 million wives? C. yeah but then again look at Clinton. D. Clinton just wanted to be cool, hello?
as the heir to Davids throne, (not by rape and murder, but by the holy spirit which is somehow better), Jesus is ushered into Jerusalem by people shouting A. up the rebels. B. Hosannah to the son of david! C. The donkey heeds a bath. D. all of these.
Jesus has no kingly trappings except a small sign above his dying thorn crowned head, reading A."king of the jews".B. he siad he was the king of the jews.C. this is what happens to the king of the Jews. D. who would ever want to be king?
Pasolini's famous portrayl of the good thief indicates Pasolini believed that A. hungry thieves go to heaven. B. This day you will be wtih me in Paradise. C. Boy am I hungry. Please note, that the pharisees asked Jesus who gaev him the authority to teach in teh temple, which is kind of like saying "do you have a rabbinical Phd and or a teaching certificate from Ishbosheth who the heck is that.
Jesus replied, was the baptist an illiterate weirdo if so why was his father a priest? Ok stay on topic.

Presenttion of Maria.

This is Saint Martin's Lent according to the old agrarian brott-based liturgy, and a good time to start reviewing this material and preparing your angelic dissertation learning the hymn that no one can learn but the rightous, which sound like A. a tidal wave. B. a volcano. C. harps. D. all of these.
The widow gave a measley donation of cabbages to the temple priests and they said A. Forget you. B. I ordered the filet mignon. C. Ok see this means you need to go get breakfast with Jesus and Peter on the shores of Galilee.
Tuesday nov 22, the angels are A. too sleepy to harvest the grapes. B. Uriel tells gabriel to get off his behooleh. C. Michael is wrapped in a down quilt by the winepress and cannot be roused. D. angels don't sleep, silly. Next? In all gravity we have to count up the questions to make sure there are 300 or more by this point. Extra credit for greek speaking pharisees. the word sickle as seen in the Revelation of john, is a translation of which Greek word (hint, check strongs concordance dont be a foo.) A. dromedary. B. San Damiano. C. Sammy the bull gravano. D. none of these. Why was john writing greek/ A. he was stuck on patmos. B. He was stuck on Cyprus. C. He was stuck on the isle of wight with a bunch of greek expats. D. once again, get out from under the blanets and throw the grapes of wrath in the winepress of God's hipster vinyard in Benicia california.
NOV 23 VIVA CRISTO REY, the feast of Blessed Miguel pro. Unfortuntely the masons blew him away with A. the holy spirit. B. A firing squad. C. Maybe it was both in a weird biblical sense.
It's important to consider that the play Hamlet depicts a ghost asking for vendetta to get out of purgatory? this is so anti Jesus that it boggles the mind. However, the point is, was the Earl of oxford a secret carbonarato and if so was he responsible for getting Uriel kicked out of oxford in favor of some bizarre anti brott doctrine. Dont mind me I need flapjacks.
John was living on Patmos where the Greeks were, htey had developed this abstract notion of God, which was in contrast the revelation to Abram as "I am who am" in no uncertain terms.
Thus John was quite careful to explicitly synthesize the angelic activity of the apocalypse in accordance with intellectual philosophy, much as Aquinas did later in the "middle" ages.
The angel showed John the river of A. Euphrates and tigris, on the borders of Eden. B. the Jordan where the Baptist used to hang out. C. Life.D. rio grande, which is rather polluted we might add and needs to be cleaned up a bit.
The tree of life was growing A. on the roof. B. On the angel's head. C. on either side of the street. D. on top of the valanga di volcano.
There is no more A. Night. B. need. C. no se D. naragannsett bay.
This is the paradise which we were tricked out of by A. Asmodeus. B. Baal. C. Lucifer the "light bearer" who was pretending to be our buddy at the time HA. D. Paradise does not exist! didnt you ever read waiting for Godot?
Today is saturday by the way so if you wanted to test out of this class at the uni level, you could just take the Exegesis Aptitude test. That's why we need 400 questions by the end of the class to prove the intellectual worthiness and rigor of these materials. Princeton may refer to an earthly ruler but the Prince of Paradise Pizza is somehow better.

The centurion was obviously a roman A. ruin. B. Solider. C. prime minister. D. barbarian from the tribe of charlesmagne.
He got that name because A. there were a nundred cavalry. B. There were a hundred infantry. C. He got a hundred questions correct on the Roman Centurion flog dangerous upstarts like Jesus over the head with a whip quiz.D. Its obvious from your joking that you need to pray more about this question. Now, go eat a flapjack and make sure you know whats in it. ALso, whoever put the 9 hundred and 11 views don't think Sacbatani isn't going to carpet bomb your front yard hi jersey. Anyway what has always bothered me about this story is where the fugabazzo was this centurion exactly when jesus was on trial? HELLO?!!!! HELLO!! maybe a bible expert could tell me where exactly he was and why didnt he stand up in the defense dock and clock pilate in the behoole.
It leads dud to imagine scenarios such as this one: Undercover herod police show up at centurion's favorite espresso bar and say Hey, whatever happened ot your sick butler. Centurion: oh, Jesus, that rabbi guy? he just healed him from a far, without even bilocating like PIo. (oos, anachronistic). Herodian police: oh, do tell. Next day, solider gets a letter delivered via phidippides: Hello, private fanatic firs class you are hereby deported to siberia. "CLICK."
Ok pnnza full of pancakes. Please note, if you enjoy this sort of course, Uriel's Univeristy of Universal Unction has many such classes designed to make the acquisition of wisdom as divertente as watching Gennaro Gattuso shout cusses in a foreign language.

HERE IS SOME EXEGESIS FROM THE SPRING RIGHT BEFORE THE FLIM FLAM. TO understand the birth of Jesus we should look closely at todays gospel for the first Friday of Advent, where Jesus heals the blind men and then tells them not to say anything abuot it.
Jesus was a marked man from his birth, when Herod called a census to see who was going to be born in the city of David. ALl of this information is right in the gosepels, there is no need for advanced studies. The police had been looking for Jesus since before he was born, and only an angel saved him by telling his dad to leave the country. So, when he heale the blind men and they blab it everywhere against his specific request, we can only imagine what was going through his mind. for the curious, take a look at the Chaldeans in Daniel Cahpter two, the men from Chaldee had been regarded as super astronomers since the days of Abraham. THis is hwy the three kings of Iraq or whatnot were so credible. The angel told them to avoid Herod on their way home as well.

Dec 5, 2022 the gospel is from LUke who is known as a good A. doctor. B. story teller C. let Madge live in his house. D. Pick all that apply HAHAH.
The paralytic was probably too heavy to keep hauling over to qatar to blow a vuvuzela so his friends said let's just take him to A. a fancy pharisee hospital in D.C. and then bill the people. B. Jesus and bill God. C. Jesus and bill Luke hell he's a doctor. D. Stop cussing, you're high on maple sciroppo.
Practicum: take a friend up on the roof of a building and let him down in a hammock to simulate yesterdays gospel. Just don't drop the hammock though.
Feast of St Ambrose, the bishop of A. Bling. B. Milan. C. Hippo. D. All of these, and so much more.
Ambrose wrote a few hymns including A. erse in the hearse which was covered by some rappers many millenia hence, but which originally referred to the large number of Christian Martyrs in the time of Nero, when Hearses where horse drawn chariots.
Stay on topic. OK so Jesus says come to me all of you who A. labor. B. Join labor unions. C. Break strikes by whacking hoffa or whatever. D. Im out. Hello, air yemen?
Earse in the hearse might also refer to a song composed for the Baptist after he referred to the pharisees as A. a brood of vipers. B. a gaggle of hens. C. a sleigh full of reindeer. D. A gang of gabuzzos.
The legend of Aurelius ambrosius made its way northwards to the Breton Isles where it became entangled with the legend of King A. Arthur. B. Said Al Abbabarabanza C. Wenceslaus D. Not sure.
Yesterday the people of Jesus commemorated the holy house of A.Manoppolo. B. Turin C.Loreto. D. King David.
the legend says the house was transported out of a war zone by A. knights of malta. B.angels.C. the apostles. D. Jesus.
THe house was originally left with some brothers who tried to A. make money from it. B. burn it down for the insurance proceeds. C. Burn it dow for fuel. D. make a tiny Loreto house video and upload it to Jerusalemtube.
Today in the gospels people are wondering what: A. if Jesus is the one. B. if Jesus is going to take over the levant and throw out the centurions C. if milk duds are really that good. D. If John the baptist is really Elijah.
Jesus said in reply, you have seen the signs I have performed, and A. blessed ye who does not take scandal at me. B. is persecuted for the kingdom of Heaven. C. have not seen, yet still believe. D. blessed art thou then Simon Bar Jonah for thy fish fry is the best in the land
DECEMBER !2! Happy feast day!!!! Those who have prepared the final project please pass it in before you go on break!
DECEMBER 13, in the first reading God mentions the rivers of A. Chicago. B. los Angeles. C. Adis Abbaba. D. Ethiopia.
In the Gospel, there were two sons of God, one represented A. the Pharisees. B. the Sadduccees. C. the lawyers and the scribes. D. ALl of these.
The other son represented A. the bushwackas. B. the publicans and the hookers. C. the petty thieves and racketeering sheisters. D. all of these.
Jesus noted that the second group somehow A. was more apt to the kingdom for some bizarre reason. B. Was more hungry thus more humble. C. Both. D. Neither.
The second group was accustomed to being A. spat on. B. Sat on. C. Shat on. D. all of these.
DECEMBER 14 today is the feast of A.Juan de la Cruz, priest and doctor of the church. B. Ted Cruz, politician. C. Penelope Cruz.actress. D.La Vera Cruz. Still looking for a final project topic? You could always go with JF Fray Juan de A. La Cruz. B. Zumarraga. C. Bautista. D. Patmos.HERE
In Isaiahs proclamaton today, God says, I am the Lord who A. creates the world. B. Destroys the world. C. Does not care about the world because its polluted and messed up. D. None of these.
All who vent their anger against me shall A. be turned into volcanoes. B. Be turned into garden snakes. C. need to see me in my office, pronto, please. D. be ashamed when they realize they were wrong to be mad at me.
the pharisees were skeptical of John the Baptist, so Jesus says he is not A. a reed in the wind. B. a snowball in the desert. C. a burning bush. D. a prophet.
in other words, he is not swayed by A. political opinion. B. religious controversey. C. peer pressure. D. all of these are correct.
what did you go out to the desert to see, jesus continues, A. a man in a $5000 valentino suit? B. someone with a vacation home on Capri? C. the guy with the latest bling? D. all of these answers are essentially correct.
DECEMBER 17, Saturday.
the gospel for today does give pause, because it clearly states that Jesus is from a line on his foster father's side that does include A. the rape of Bathsheba B. The murder of Uriah. C. Absalom's subsequent "you did it first" rape, incest and attepted patricide. D. all of the above.
As this is the last day of this class, note that the poem of the seven Ps, the early history of the Valanga, includes saints like Pio and sinners like Puma as well.
The poetry was private, but this was submitted to the Dept of Ed.

P is for Padrino,

There's an M in Magma Made of Molten Milk duds but there is no M in plug. See, at pinocchio primary you learn the abbecedario. Its' a key to being literate. Howeer the spirit speaks all languages and never seems to need to write them down if he doesn't feel like it. "cool."those who know the story of the padrino exulting while shouting "G" will understand this joy in speech and communication, which is unique to the Holy spirit who "understands all things."
This by the way is the same spirit who married the Madonna, (and was all over John the Baptist)which also begins with M.

Not having the correct plug to plug a wide screen tv into the phone to watch the final of the world cup makes you think about another question: how does one plug into the Spirit of Life, the Spirit that descended upon Elisha after it took Elijah up to heaven in a gold bugatti powered by the magma of molten milk duds (ok poetic license.)
Elisha asked for a "double scoop" as it were and if you've ever been to venchis you know thats a bonanza, no matter what flavor you get.
The same spirit descended upon Jesus as he explained after reading the Scroll of the prophet Isaiah. "the spirit of the Lord is upon me. because the Lord, has annointed me."
So, if the spirit is the Paradise Plug, where's the Paradise port?

Here's how to make a list:

The first plug was the seven Ps the Seven Ls and then Uriel showed up. The second plug is below.