TIME INVESTMENT: 4 hours a week
If music is the universal language, it should be the most economical and effective and expedient way to bring about universal love. for, remember, the first duty of love is to listen.
The first song is so universal that all living creatures understand it: the rain, which we all experience, even if we are blind, as Bocelli is.
No one would argue, italian is a musical language, since most of the words end in vowels which do not require the singer to shut their mouth and pause. Which could be why some cultures naturally yak more than others.
so learn to sing the song, even if badly, and even if you understand none of it beyond the title, chiove, it rains.

SONG NUMBER TWO: VENTO. Then imagine that the wind comes, and blows away the rainclouds, opeining a possibility to Bocelli's dream of going where the sky "is never dark".
Again the wind, a universal experience, and if interested, DADRAS has released a "Holy wind" album.

What are these songs about?