benvenuti al curriculum "cor"

These classes which are not per se the cor curriculum but rather an introduction to it for the curious, were designed to be short and sweet, and run at Christmas/holiday season, summer vacation and spring break.
However, they were publicized to the Dept of Ed, as a public service (designed to make the public more aware of existential angst, aka the mental health crisis, and more able to discuss it) and are now for anyone at all.
The time investment is about eight-ten hours per class.
The texts are: Tolkien's "smith of wooten major" and "on fairy stories"; (end of August) Frankfurt's "On Bullshit" and related texts,(Dec/Jan break) and something from Thoreau such as "wild apples" and related texts.(end of april, right after graduation).
Because christmas break sometimes is two weeks at universities, but people are still in "school mode" the BS class allowed for a bit more study of Wittgenstein, Augustine, Aristotle and others.

rivelato ai rifugiati Neocities.

The mission of Uriel University is to again elevate to its proper honors the well-informed fusion of faith and reason.
For, the bias against this is founded in a politics that went astray and a religion that followed suit, and both are the poorer for it.
The original plan was hatched by a group of individuals who had all suffered violence and/or death threats at the hands of some mentally ill relative or significant other-someone who had lost right reason.
Desiring to be safe and free was their hope and their dream
The academics who helped justify the idea that "there's no way the engelbrott could be real" were supporting a distinctive political agenda whether they were conscious of it or not.
Church and state, reason and faith, popcorn and milk duds--separate perhaps, unrelated, never.

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