HTML (hyper text markup) CODING 101


Here we participate in the development of web pages.
QUESTION: Why would I want to take a class in this if I can just copy code from open source?
whether you use a boring and/or expensive old pre fab web page design or lift scripts off Codepen like some of us OGs do, if you know what you are doing, your code doesn't slide into disorganization.
If you just boost code from the labors of others, you might not realize the important foundations of this language, and later on down the line, your code will most likely get messy.
Plus, you might want to remember that disorganized knowledge is called chaos, and that other people who post to Code Pen probably studied code carefully.
Besides, you should give everyone credit for the work they did, or they might not like it.
Not everybody is Aaron Swartz, after all.
So, do the work, though tedious it may seem, and you will be proud of the results.

This course was originally developed as a Wildwood/Lanciano course before we started using online interactive quizzes, so tweak it as needed.
The material includes

  • WEEK ONE: html.
    HTML is as much the foundation of code as bricks and mortar help you to build a house.
    The first thing you need to learn is that everything goes between the two little side arrows, < and >, which is not true if you are writing in pencil on a paper, or even in a word processing program.
  • WEEK TWO: css,
  • WEEK THREE: images,
  • WEEK FOUR: Borders and margins
  • quizzes
  • links,
  • colors,
  • divisions,
  • lists,
  • navigation bars,
  • sliders,
  • audio,
  • video,



    To learn more HTML/CSS, check out these tutorials!