As carnevale season is in full swing this weekend, here is a reflection on masks and disguises.

Leon Montana is the mentor in the professional, and Jean Reno gives the character a very strong presence.
but there is another very important function that he serves, and that is to demonstrate the value of anonymity when your life is in danger.


Most people l have heard of ANONYMOUS or some other group using the Guy Fawkes Mask as their graphic monniker.
After V for Vendetta, (a film which, like The Professional, is about rebelling against unjust authority and stars Natalie Portman)
The Guy Fawkes Mask has become a powerful symbol in our culture of a righteous cause cloaking itself for completely legitimate reasons.


Under the blessed veil of anonymity, Leon helped Matilda to achieve her vendetta--not for vengeance, but so she could survive and live life.
Leon in fact did not wear a disguise, but hid himself in plain view.
He conducted himself in such a way that he was unknown to and unnoticed by all but the most trusted friends.
Had Leon been a showman, he would have blown his money, his cover and his life long before Matilda needed him

We like to think of Leon as a guardian angel,
The concept of the guardian in the Bible is represented by Raphael who also conceals his identity by posing as a relative of the man he is sent to protect.
In this way, Raphael saves the man's life, his money and his future.


The name VALANGA DI VITA came to our company by pure chance, but it fits the transformation from Vendetta to Life.
At the Valanga di Vita, many of us need anonymity to survive.
We pass unknown and unnoticed, not for Vendetta, not to avenge,
but to carry out our work of mercy in safety.