The Vaccine of Veritas against the Virus of Vendetta

How do we shine the light of joy on sorrow?
V is not for vendetta, we here at valanga do not blow up the world like Toto Riina in response to the destruction of our family...Vendetta is a virus far worse than corona, because there is no earthly cure for all the hatred nad vengeance in our lives.
V is for valanga...mobilizing the vitality of goodness. This idea of vitality did indeed come consciously from Pasolini and unconsciously from Pier giorgio, the volcano of life, that joy that wells up in the heart from God and urges the soul to the heights of love.
It also came from Tolkien who believed we must cast the fire of vendetta back into the volcano forever, the burning furnace of Hell which is none other than Gods love, perceived by a heart full of vendetta..for all fire, all energy comes from love.
It also came from Thoreau, whose civil disobedience inspired Dr King to understand, that Hate cannot create energy, only misdirect and waste it.
Here at valanga, we know too well the familiar story of Boston City councilwoman Andrea Campbell whose brother responded to her initiative against sexual violence by PERPETRATING sexual violence...we need to stop this once and for all.
Today the priest commenting on the sorrows of the madonna, cited the Dead poets society, it seems the soul of Robin williams is speaking to the churches..that sad soul who wished to console people...O captain my captain siad the student, as the teacher was sent away for encouraging people to articulate their hearts.
the professor was like Jesus, siad the priest and the student, like Mary, saying to Jesus as he died..O captain, my captain, I understand your mission and it is mine too.

So now to our heal mental illness, which kills a lot of people, both the ill and others...the volcano of our hearts needs to be expressed, or we will become ill..but how to express our vitality without violence? Romero, the slain archbishop, said, the violence of love is the answer to the violence of vendetta.

The corona virus began on the eve of 2020, but for a while, understandably, no one wanted to talk about how dangerous it was. It's scary and what can we do? And who may we blame?.
If a vaccine could be found, however, how much money would that research hospital get from the government? There were rumors that a Chinese doctor had been killed over this.
Mental illness is responsible for far more destruction in our world than the corona virus. In 2016, Obama allocated X from the budget to deal with it, but this is only the beginning of acknowledging a decades long history that was hidden and explained away.
Mental illness, it is a lot scarier to talk about even than corona virus, not only because it is more deadly, but because it is not scientifically understandable. As Yanis says, the economy is not a hard science, and neither is mental health. It falls into the category of sociology, psychology, etc... that is, not simply the natural world itself, but humans interacting with each other in that world.
Thus, any remedy to this vicious virus of mental disease, will also not be a hard remedy, not simply biological, but a combination of many things.
ONe of the most popular majors at the garden school was psychobio, but this too is inadequate. We need something inexpensive and loving and permanent,something accessible to everyone...a universal vaccine of love, not something that divides doctor from patient.

The cor curriculum of this college was developed by a person who when she began to do it, was a child of 12 or 13, similar to the character of Matilda in the movie Leon..except stansfield, the deranged power to ruin everything and dictate how things were to be, was in her home, not outside of it.
Thus, the cor curriculum and the rationale behind it is only explicable if people are willing to discuss mental illness and its effects on the lives of human beings.
The curriculum therefore, began when the sister was in middle school, and the brother was already a heavy drug user and a violent, angry young man.
Her friend Karen, a transfer from Philips Exeter, sat next to her constantly and said, why r you always so unhappy?
When you are happy, your smile is my favorite thing to see.
Why indeed. In fact, even in elementary school, the psychologists had asked the sister if something was wrong at home, at the same time they administered tests and sent the results to an outside agency, believing the girl to be a child prodigy.
It was merely the mental muscle of the child, developed beyond the usual by her constant effort to figure out what in Gods name was wrong between her father and her brother.

To return to middle school, The unhappy sibling one day found a copy of the hobbit on the floor of a classroom. Her English class was not reading it, but the other one was.
No one was there, so She took the book and read it and began to believe that if angels like Gandalf existed, if there were angels that intelligent, that loving, and that powerful in the universe, these could surely solve the evil of her brother who was already begnining to exhibit the illness he would later fall prey to one hundred percent.

Later, in high school, when he had been expelled from college in california (no one wanted to say why but drugs, sex and violence were clearly reasons) and returned to torment her, she quit going to class every day and devoured the book WALDEN, in which was written the phrase she never forgot: WHAT IS THE PILL? this is what would save her life...this is what she needed above all else to know.
Though still in high school she wrote a nearly thesis sized paper on Thoreau. but it doesnt stop there.

Notice how the brothers illness consumed the sisters surely as the corona virus would do...determining all her choices and how she spent her time and energy..and how her family spent their time, energy and money....and without any way of discussing it. After all if a wealthy college like Claremont can't deal with it, how can a 13 year old girl deal with it? Hello?

Here we will pause for a moment, since Pasolini is controversial, scandalous and offensive. but then is what happened in this story because of mental illness. So it fits. It's appropriate. It works.