St martin of tours
Veterna's Day was a way to "restyle" St Martin's day (named for Mars, the God of War and also, Mars Bars, (disambiguity with Bruno Marz) which are not actaully not as good as milk duds, just an opinion) which was named for St Martin of Tours in France, long before the bicycle race of the same name.
St Martin, a veteran, is the st of Soldiers and also pruning and also wine which is why traditionally the agricultural culture of Europe celebrated their hard won wine harvest then did st Martin's lent, the third lent after The easter one, which followed the feast of Candles, (Hi father Benito)and the St Michaels one which followed the assumption.
Milk dud always wondered if Elijah got a carmel mountain lent after celebrating with milk duds, but there is no record of that in scripture nor tradition, except privately. HEHE.Neocities.
this is not a recommendation to get drunk-- but merely an informational squib to shed a bit of light on popular engelbrot legends