september 20. 2020
It could be said that Uriel University is the thesis of the Leper turned Leopard, that thesis which she wrote herself, beginning at age 12 or so when she found the copy of the Hobbit on the floor of her middle school classroom.
Today is the feast of the Stigmata of Padre Pio, when the Padrino and his crew would be up and glued to Padre Pio TVU, but is faith the province only of backwoods illiterates and superstitious peasants desperate for a cure for poverty? That is what Sergio Luttazzo believes, and he has every right to be bitter about the role Christians played in not stopping world wars from happening. If you believe the Virgin of Fatima, we had the chance and we blew it, and that's a hard pill to swallow.
Marx had a right to be bitter too..since many Jews long before the wars, were obliged to convert or lose status in society. Not only in Egypt, but in many places.
It's worth noting that marx the messenger from Hell, as it were, is widely revered and respected, while the three shepherds and their messenger from heaven, are ridiculed and ignored.
There is a movie out about Fatima but the streaming series Lucifer will probably get more press from the world.
Some would say that mysticism is hard to grasp, while materialism is literally easy to grasp.
That is a good argument for studying mysticism, as the friars of San Giovanni began to do two years ago on the hundredth anniversary of Pio's wounds.
However, the stigmata of Padre Pio were actually materially present, shedding blood as surely as a dying soldier in Flanders field.
Some say that Pio made a deal with God, to save the world from total annihilation he would suffer whatever he possibly could.
Like a student correcting the errors of his less apt friends, he was saying to the world, well, you ddint say enough rosaries but "I GOT THIS." Pio's holiness was born precisely in the backwoods of piety so ridiculed by the world. Though we should remember, his father went to the USA to get money so he could go to school, so precious was literacy and knowledge.
Consider the incredible potential of the internet to bring school to every last person on earth...
we need to fuse the pursuit of truth with that kind of love once again. That is part of the thesis of the Leopard, the mission of THe Valanga.
THe wounds remind us of the everlasting hope in god's mercy..the javelin pierced heart of Jesus is the gateway to Paradise, and Padre Pio was so convinced that good would triumph that he promised Dolindo Ruotolo that he would WAIT AT THE GATES OF PARADISE until all of his children were inside. No greater love.., and "without love, there IS no truth." So, the truth of the leopard's thesis, which was forged all alone by a little girl in the middle of hell, is probably pretty trustworthy. When she called upon gandalf at the gates of hell to face down the balrog of her brohter's insanity, that's pretty real. More real anyway, than a comfortable university administrator snoozing away while renegging on contracts to save face. More later.

Pier Giorgio, the valanga's namesake, is a VALANGA OF VITA, but why a university?
What is the connection between VITA and VERITA?
The VALANGA existed before it was called that because truly, mental illness has been a reality for a long time.
The mission of the valanga is to mobilize the vitality of goodness, to prevent violence and insanity and to protect those who suffer from it,
Because of the fear and danger involved, it was never formed as a "company" and the truth was never articulated.
Pope John Paul wrote the Gospel of Life, but what if life sucks, and then you die, as happened in the gulag archipelago?
What then? It was hard enough for the author to tell the truth, but now what?
We need some kind of strong, rock like hope that will lift us from insanity in the face of such realities. otherwise, the contagion of insanity sets in and we ruin everything.
Is there such a hope?
Should we not investigate this question like phenomenologists, instead of sitting around debating?
If Jesus is the word of God made into reality, then reality should be enough to teach us about God, but somehow, reality without eucatastrophe is too harsh to bear.
We need to understand, and that's where education comes in.
As for the name, URIEL, these names appear to be given us....Valanga...engelblau..uriel..none of htese were names we thought up on our own.
They seem to have "been given" as it were, and they seem to fit.
The reader is free to research the archangel Uriel, the blessed Pier Giorgio and the Engel Lauschens of Klee for more information.

The three elements of the cor curriculum, for those who think "all of God's Lights" is not sufficiently academic, may be explained in terms of the University Experience, certainly they may.
University is a place where truth is pursued, otherwise it is a waste of money, time and energy.
What is the point of pursuing truth if it doesnt help us get back to heaven?
Talk about a waste of resources!
It seesm that in our times, a persistent and prolonged rejection of reality has led to a persistent and prolonged inability to engage with reality. We call that insanity. In fact, it is simply logic. If you eat poison you will vomit, and if your mind eats garbage it too will rebel.
(see for example Frankfurt's essay on Bullshit theory, where he proposes that our civilization is at risk due to excess bullshit. Excuse the vulgar verbum, vut v is also vor vulgar.)
Bologna, claiming on Wikipedia to be the oldest university in the world, whose motto references St. Peter. This could represent phenomenology, or our search for truth.
Oxford, where Tolkien Taught, is a bridge between the old roman/christian world and the new converted barbarian and hope, the lure of the heart. The heart is a much stronger draw than the mind, which lovers can all tell you. Or as Pascal says, "the heart has its reasons which reason knows not.
Finally, Wellesley, Like Walden, is a garden-focused reaction to the VERITAS of Harvard which in turn was an attempt to hijack VERITAS from the pope, who perhaps had hijacked it a bit from Jesus with all his fancy furs and feudal ferraris.
Now it is true that Tolkien, Thoreau and Hunnewell, and Pasolini and Frankfurt, are all priviledged people, just as tech titans, drug lords and warmongers are. All of this requires leisure time and unusual access to freedom.
The key is, do they use their position to enable freedom of thought and action for everyone by shining light on God in a humble, honest fashion (behold I am the handmaid of the lord), or do they fancy themselves christ like messiahs, and proceed to strangle the world with materialism and greed?
Remember what Jesus said to the young man who said, "good teacher what must I do to enter Eternal Life?
And Jesus, Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.