SOUNDS is a very important chapter in the book and it is a good idea for your spirit to try to keep a diary of sounds for the rest of the summer trimester.
We need to listen to the sounds of nature, or we won't be able to hear our own spirits, --or the voice of God for those of us who believe.
This day the axe made so much noise chopping up the maple tree that it made a dog start barking,
but it was nothing compared to the whine of the neighbor's tractor or the revving of the local motorcyles.
There are quite a few different birds that have their own songs but there are so many cars and trucks and even sirens going by all time that it's hard to hear them.

It's Memorial Day Weekend, we're three weeks into the summer trimester, and these are the animals and birds we've seen and heard so far: woodchuck, squirrel, rabbit, chipmunk, raccoon, possum, skunk (saw raccoon, possum and skunk in winter)wild turkey, river hawk, blue jay, cardinal, mourning dove, chickadee, woodpecker, blackbird, robin.